Exuberance and submission. The reality with this government will overcome the worst nightmares, fears Kobza

Defense Secretary Jana Černochová said she wanted to start negotiations on a US military base in the Czech Republic, then she corrected that the topic was not on the table, but she would like it. Is it really necessary that the personal will of the minister becomes the agenda of international negotiations?

This concrete case of the establishment of an American military base in the Czech Republic would, if it were not for such a serious question of national and state sovereignty and security, be a typical example of the dilettantism and ridicule of the current Viola government and the incompetent Secretary of State for Defense Chernochova in particular. And a demonstration of governmental and ministerial humiliation towards the United States.

So it would be good to know if this really is utterly unbelievable fervor and submission to the Secretary of Defense, or an attempt to open that famous Overton window. A kind of recognition through struggle, a decisive test in the sense that the political scene – and in particular the Czech citizens – will respond to the idea of ​​a foreign military base on our territory.

It is completely unthinkable for a minister to go beyond the Atlantic to negotiate a basis without government decision and without discussion in the House and the Senate. The expressions of surprise on the American side are therefore perfectly understandable.

What do you personally say about the idea of ​​an American military base on our territory?


Are you in favor of building a NATO base on Czech territory?

vote: 64857 people

I reject it in its entirety. It is unacceptable to me the idea of ​​the presence of a foreign army on our territory, outside our jurisdiction, without even knowing what it is doing there, what weapons it has brought there, be it weapons of mass destruction , nuclear or biological weapons.

I also disagree on formal, factual and substantive grounds.

It is also true that no political party had this idea in its electoral platform, nor in the government’s program statement. Therefore, Fial’s government has absolutely no electoral mandate to negotiate a foreign military base on our territory.

If the government takes it seriously, the consent of Czech citizens in a binding national referendum is absolutely necessary and necessary. In the event of such a referendum, the SPD would recommend that citizens vote against the establishment of such a foreign military base. And any, not just American.

Such a base could, among other things, make us the main target of a nuclear strike in the event of an unconventional war, so it would be a huge risk to the security of our country and our citizens. This would mean a loss of much sovereignty, because in similar cases, American bases on foreign territory are subject to American law and the host state has virtually no access to them and no power over them, nor nor legal control – for example, in the case of criminal offences.

It is completely pointless to compare such a base with bases in Germany or Japan, since these bases occupy after the defeat of Germany and Japan in World War II.

Do you think, based on what you know as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, that the United States is interested in such a base in the Czech Republic?

Representatives of the US government administration have been told publicly several times in recent days that they are not interested in or are not considering such a base at this time.

Do you consider it fair for the Czech Republic to supply its weapons to Ukraine?

I really don’t think that’s fair. Arms deliveries to Ukraine, where the civil war has been going on for eight years, deepen the conflict, causing more deaths, including Ukrainian civilians, often falling prey to bandits, distributed unregistered, coming to neo- Nazis or as prey itself Russian army. Arms deliveries draw us directly into this war, which poses a major security risk to the Czech Republic and its citizens.

What about the initiative of Poland and Ukraine to form an “anti-Russian” alliance that would be activated by a Russian attack and would operate on the principle of mutual assistance outside NATO structures ? Should the Czech Republic possibly participate in such an enterprise?

I consider it further proof of the political dilettantism and very dangerous hunger of our government that it even discussed such possibilities. We are members of NATO and we are also constantly reassured that it is a collective defense organization, where the parties come to the army in the event of an attack, not only from Russia.

So it makes no sense to create some kind of parallel or new structures that would overlap and cost us billions of crowns more. And I would like to remind you that it is not the Czech Republic, but other NATO member states, which have repeatedly opposed Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

We have seen more and more recently that SPD politicians (even on unrelated issues) are erased by the words: “you are the ones who encouraged Putin”. Do you have personal experience of this mode of debate?

Yes, this demagogy, this increasing aggressiveness and these personal attacks become part of our work. Personally, I am – to use the terms you use – the target of constant and very vulgar verbal attacks from the supporters of the coalition of five, especially on social networks and also in the form of e-mails.

Several times my family and I have even been threatened with death, I take these cases seriously and hand them over to the police of the Czech Republic for examination.

As a result of Russian aggression, a number of changes are underway. Sweden and Finland are looking to join NATO, Germany is fundamentally rethinking its relationship with defense and wants to start building an army and focus more on security issues. What consequences will these changes in the European security architecture have for the Czech Republic?

Yes, there are geopolitical and power shifts in the world and in Europe, including shifts in military affairs. Sweden’s approach to NATO has long been a problem, the Swedish military, especially the air force, for example, participated in the attack on Libya, etc. .

Here is a comparison of our army with the Swedish or the Finnish, and above all a comparison of these three defense doctrines.

For the Czech Republic, this situation should be the signal for a drastic reinforcement of its own army. We therefore believe that the increase in the defense budget should be spent primarily on building up its own defense capabilities, so that it will ultimately be able to defend the territory and people of the Czech Republic. We therefore want our own modern army, which is not simply a pocket expeditionary force or an agency for the purchase of surplus American weapons technology.

Under these circumstances, what do you expect from the Czech EU Presidency under the leadership of Petr Fiala and Jan Lipavský?

I’m afraid the reality is beyond even our worst fears and nightmares. My growing belief is that our government will not care at all about the consequences of its actions. The statements of the two politicians suggest that they plan to stop all oil and gas supplies from Russia, no matter how catastrophic the consequences of this madness will be for Czech citizens and Czech businesses – and calmly for all of Europe and its people.

In my opinion, Fial’s government, with its warlike stance, mainly masks its inability to solve the real problems of the people of the Czech Republic, both current and future. So I’m afraid that the tax the whole nation will pay for this government is very high.

We have increasing poverty of the population, high inflation, which was no longer the case since the beginning of the 1990s, energy costs due to emission permits, overpriced fuels, problems with the gas supply , oil and food…

These are supposed to be things that the government has and must fix.

The headless reception of Ukrainians, including unregistered ones, of which our security authorities know nothing, threatens the security of our people. The ideas of some politicians that these people will enter the assembly plants for minimum wage are completely wrong.

It is therefore reasonable to expect an escalation in their combat rhetoric, the main objective of which is to wage war on Russia through foreigners. Using a certain parable, to wage this war to the last Ukrainian member of the Azov battalion with Nazi insignia on the uniform.

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author: Jakub Vosahlo

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