Biohacking: Give children a soft and heavy duvet

Why do children need sweets? What vitamins and supplements should they have? And how do you support brain development? You will read in the next sequel to the hit Biohacking series.

Even biohackers are parents. He tries to use biohacking to optimize or at least improve the lives of children and to influence the factors that affect their physical, mental and mental development and health.

Food is the basis. As adults and children they benefit as much as possible from a natural diet – as close as possible to how it would be found in nature. On the other hand, children have a higher threshold of the so-called sweet spot. It means that the food should be sweeterso that the child can enjoy it as much as the adult. This explains why children often ate sweets from morning to night. But banning junk food might not be the best idea. From a physical point of view, the child will start on the right path, but then can compensate in adulthoodwhich was denied to him in his childhood.

Even if one wants to give the child the healthiest food possible, it is possible to taste it in such a way that it satisfies the child’s desire for sweetness. Healthy muesli bars can be prepared from oatmeal, dried fruits and nuts. There are many recipes on the Internet, for example for desserts, where the body is made of nuts and seeds, and for healthy low-sweetened desserts and puddings with lots of fruit.

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Just like adults, children can benefit from food supplements, especially during periods of reduced immunity or in the presence of health problems. In his book Disease-proof Your Child, Joel Fuhrman recommends only two dietary supplements for children when eating a balanced diet (ie, with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables). Accessories recommended by the Fuhrman are quality children’s multivitamins and DHA, which is a type of fat that belongs to the Omega 3 fatty acid category. The brain and eyes are made up of about sixty percent fat, and most of that is DHA. It is therefore irreplaceable in the development of the brain from the embryonic stage.

The main food sources of omega 3 are walnuts, flax seeds, leafy vegetables and oily fish. However, it is recommended to eat fish no more than twice a week. due to the content of mercury and other substances present in the meat. Plant sources of DHA may not be absorbed by the body as well, so DHA supplements may be a solution to support the developing brain and improve or prevent problems such as ADHD, dyslexia or reduced intelligence. Fuhrman recommends 100 to 600 mg of DHA per day.

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For the correct mental and physical development of the child is the necessary concept of the game, at every stage of development. According to the Montessori method, the most beneficial is so-called meaningful play. It should be spontaneous, safe, fun and child-led. Spending enough time playing as a child in adulthood can help with aspects of behavior such as organization, self-control, understanding differences, and the ability to adapt to sudden changes and situations. . One possible explanation for how play helps enhance cognitive function is that activates cell growth in the brain. One study found that mice that played more had increased levels of brain neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is necessary for brain development but also for maintaining optimal brain function and good mental health.

Another essential aspect of children’s brain development form a deep and long sleep. This is even more important in children, precisely because of the growth and development of the brain. There are several ways to make it easier for a child to fall asleep and improve the quality of their sleep. No artificial light should be visible in the nursery, even from the street. Blackout curtains can be used and if the child is afraid of the dark, the light will turn off as soon as he falls asleep.

Artificial light present regularly at bedtime and during the night disrupts the circadian rhythm and this can lead to systemic health problems. The so-called can also become an interesting tool for peaceful sleep heavy duvet. This is a blanket filled with a heavier material – miniature plastic or glass balls. Its main benefit is to calm the nervous system by more effectively removing neurotransmitters from the brain, thereby improving and deepening sleep. It also helps children with ADHD or on the autism spectrum to sensory calm.

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