What races await you in the 2022 season?

🇲🇨 Monte Carlo Rally 2022

The 2022 season has started at Monaco. The 90s of the Monte-Carlo Rally were exceptional, and not only thanks new automotive philosophythat the teams had to put in place before the start of the season, but also return Sebastiana Loeba and Sebastien Ogier. This year, we were able to witness a duel between two WRC titans who have an account together 17 world titles. The special stages have been moved from the alpine environment of Gap directly to the heart of Monaco. And that was narrowly dominated by Sébastien Loeb, who set out to conquer the podium shortly after winning Dakar Rally.
The stages of this rally combine different conditions and we were able to observe the symphony of engines on dry or wet asphalt and even snow. The talented Czech driver also shuffled the final standings Erik Caiswho proudly captured 9th place. Great success for Czech motorsport!

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Embark with Séb Ogier and Séb Loeb on the Rallye Monte-Carlo

Feel the speed of night driving by taking a spin with French drivers Sébastien Ogier and Sébastien Loeb.

Ally Rally Sweden 2022

The WRC calendar in 2022 took us into the wintry landscapes for the second leg. swedish rally returns after a one-year hiatus. On 273 kilometers of route 17 special stages awaited the competitors, which definitely did not spare snow or ice. After years dominated by Sébastien Loeb and Ogier, the victory goes to the Scandinavians. On the trail north of Umeå dominated by a finnish rider Kalle Rovanpera.

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Back to Rally Sweden

Take a look at this year’s event, where snow and ice conditions took their toll on the forest terrain.

Ally Rally Croatia 2022

After a successful debut in the 2021 season, Croatia also returns to the WRC track directory this year. The race is characterized by its bare asphalt surface and its venue – the capital Zagreb. The erzety are generally considered to be very fast, but there are also quite narrow places that carefully test the driver’s driving precision. A year ago, Sebastian Ogier won herewhen at the very end of the Power Stage defeated Elfyna Evans in just six tenths of a second! This year you can expect Czech rider Erik Caise’s race and a detailed report.

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Top 5 moments in Croatia

Rally fans were treated to an incredible event as the WRC visited Croatia for the first time.

Ally Rally Portugal 2022

The rally in Portugal is a phenomenon of this sport and has been declared 5 times as the best rally in the world. This is a very classic gravel race, scheduled for the weekend of May 19-22. If you’re watching the WRC, you must be looking forward to it now fafe legendary jump, where tens of thousands of fans still gather, expecting not only long flights but also violent shocks. He won here a year ago Elfyn Evans.

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Highlights – Portugal

A look back at the biggest moments and biggest incidents in the history of Rally Portugal.

🇮🇹 Rally Sardinia – Italy 2022

Sardinia has been on the WRC calendar since 2004, with a slight break in the 2010 season. Now Italy will welcome fans and drivers on the first weekend of June. What can competitors expect on the course? The special stages will take place on narrow, winding and winding roads around Alghero, which can really take the tires and the chassis from the racing stages. Previous years have been the best on these tracks Dani Sordo (won the 2019 and 2020 seasons) and Sebastien Ogier, who triumphed here in 2021.

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Keeping Up: Italy

Since 2004, Rally Italia Sardegna has been one of the most prominent players in the WRC.

🇰🇪 Safari Rally Kenya 2022

The great return of Safari Rally last year to the WRC calendar was a success! The Kenya Rally was first held in 2002 and it was already exceptional at that time – for example, Colin McRae won his 25th and last WRC victory there. This year the rally will again take place in Nairobi, with special stages planned in the area known as the Great African Rifts near Lake Naivasha and Elmenteita. The race will be on gravel and rocky roads, which turn into unpredictable, muddy slush after rain. The Safari Rally is considered one of the toughest races on the WRC calendar. Last year, this treacherous rally was dominated by Sebastian Ogier, who rushed to the next championship title with erzets.

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Safari Rally Kenya from the air

If you want dust, we have it. Follow the world’s rallying elite from the air at breakneck speeds in Kenya.

Ally Rally Estonia 2022

The Estonian Rally takes place in Estonia’s second largest city – Tartu – a is considered a very technical matter. It is characterized by gravel and extremely fast roads with narrow spaces that will test the driver. This rally does not offer many jumps, but the famous one – Alakula – allows forty meters. Estonian routes they are specific to local favorite Otto Tänak and it was he who took victory on home soil in 2020. Last season, Kalle Rövanper blew his top spot, claiming his maiden WRC triumph at Tartu.

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Kalle Rovanperä is located at Rally Estonia

Ally Rally Finland 2022

The Finnish rally is a true classic and the WRC calendar would be incomplete without this stop. Finland is the fastest rally of the season and it’s called that Grand Prix rally. Gravel paths in the woods and jumps that catapult cars for tens of meters. In Finland, the winners are those who brake the latest and keep the gas on the ground the longest. A year ago, Otto Tänak’s winning streak was interrupted by Elfyn Evans and he won. It is clear that this year they will try again and you can expect a good fight.

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Watch the best aerial shots from the 2016 Finnish Rally.

🇧🇪 Rally Belgium 2022

The narrow and winding asphalt roads will challenge the driving team to precision and careful preparation. Trenches the track surface recently turned out to be an underestimated part of the track and caused devastating accidents for multiple teams. sharp turns they cause heavy off-road contact, which then spreads mud over the asphalt. The track can be very slippery in some places. It’s a compact rally he dominated last season Thierry Neuville and where the teams don’t even breathe sometimes.

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Top 5 moments in Belgium

The Renties Ypres Rally delivered everything it promised. Take a look at the top five moments here.

Ally Rally Greece 2022

The history of Greek racing began in 1953, when 20 years later Greek rallying became part of the World Rally Championship. In 2021, after 8 years, the iconic race returns to the WRC calendar with great grandeur. The gravel roads were full of emotions and twists. The victory was won by the young Kalle Rövanperfor whom it was the second career victory in the WRC.

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On the electrician’s plane in Pali Akropolis

On the electrician’s plane in Pali Akropolis

Ally Rally New Zealand 2022

Rally New Zealand returns to the scene for the first time since 2012 Sébastien Loeb triumphed. The first rally in New Zealand took place in 1969 and less than ten years later the competition entered the World Rally Championship series. The plant is known for its gravel erzets in picturesque forests. This rally is memorable the nearest victory in 2007. After more than 350 km of racing, Marcus Grönholm beat Sébastien Loeb only three tenths of a second!

Sébastien Loeb at Rally New Zealand 2012

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🇪🇸 Rally of Catalonia – Spain 2022

The Catalan rally, which will be the penultimate race of the season, has also returned to the calendar. This race is such a chameleon, because it has always been held on a completely different surface. In 2021, however, it was a fully asphalted classic rally, which suits the Czech driver Erik Cais perfectly. He managed (from his first race at the World Championships) to take 13th place and set the time just 34 seconds behind his idol Sébastien Loeb.

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Highlights of Rally Spain

The unique mixed-surface rally returns to demand every ounce of focus drivers can muster.

Ally Rally Japan 2022

The 2022 Japanese Rally is novelty and the last race this season. The crews return to the scene for the first time since 2010. The entire event will take place on the island of Honshu and the epicenter of events will be the city of Nagoya. The Japanese rally is pure asphalt and the roads will be twisty mountain roads. The last winner of the Japanese rally was Sebastian Ogier, who had only been on top of the world for two years.

Daniel Sordo in action at the 2010 Rally Japan

Daniel Sordo in action at the 2010 Rally Japan

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