We must save, shine less. Now! These high prices are a whip. Fiala’s adviser sent a clear message to the Czechs

“We are going through the worst economic crisis since World War II. I have to agree with this pointed statement. Covid was a shock, but after this shock there could be a recovery,” the Mountain Sister began.

But then Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine and, instead of recovering, another blow was dealt to the economy.

“We’re facing a so-called drop in inflation. … This increase in our cost of living is in double digits and it’s something we haven’t struggled with in decades. And now , it is irresponsible to say when it will end, because none of us know when and how the conflict in Ukraine will end, nor do we know what will happen to energy prices. , don’t be afraid. We can’t paint demons on the wall, because we really don’t know what’s going to happen,” Horská remarked.

Spidla warned that even if the Russian invasion of Ukraine ended quickly, Europe and Czechia would face the consequences of war for many years.

“We have to respond to this inflation as a household with savings. So yes, the government has a duty to help those in need, but it cannot help everyone. Let’s be honest, the prices are going to force us to change our behavior. Because when do you start saving, you shine less and so on? These prices are a kind of whipping,” Horská stressed, adding that Czechs, Moravians and Silesians just have to save now .

“It is characteristic of wars that they escalate, and because they cross all borders, once the war is officially over, it usually takes several years before it really ends,” said the former Prime Minister.

But when it comes to helping the Czechs, Špidla offered a completely different view from Horská. “The support must cover absolutely everyone without any difference,” he called in the studio, adding that thousands of people in the Czech Republic are experiencing execution and other problems. And these people just need help.

You have signed a contract with the devil, warns the ODS Mountain

But Horská insisted. Aid to the region, she said, would keep the wheels of inflation turning if it provided people with more and more financial aid.

“This year we only have to pay 50 billion crowns in interest, for which a hundred luxury kindergartens, which are missing here, could be built. The highways which are missing here could be completed. It not suitable for everyone to receive a little, which would be the impact of the VAT reduction. It is better to give more to those who really need it. If you give everyone 200 crowns, it will be small. If you give those who need the truth 500 crowns, you will help them more,” Horská stressed.

Helena Horská and Vladimír Špidla in Partia. 4:30 a.m. Screen: CNN Prima News

Spidla again offered a slightly different view.


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“This government is going to have to rethink its tax policy. In the concept it has today, it’s an insurmountable task. Frankly, the current tax system is totally outdated and needs a major overhaul. But at least the tax on income for both natural and legal persons is expected to increase,” Špidla said in the study, noting that the Czech state does not pay interest on tax increases.

Horská opposed the previous government of Andrej Babiš to the supposed solution to the covid crisis, but the Supreme Audit Office said they were far from just covid.

She then criticized the government of ODS, People’s Party, TOP 09, Pirates and STAN for reducing fuel excise tax by CZK 1.50. “In my opinion, she signed a contract with the devil, which she shouldn’t have done. Because the tax cuts will also help me, who should rather think about how to save now. But that doesn’t will not help the poorest, who often do not have a car, so it will not help them. So I respect this political decision, but as an economist, I would like to spend this money, 4.5 billion, more for people who are in financial difficulty,” stressed Horská.

Špidla described the fuel tax reduction as a good step. He also welcomed some of the proposals of the leader of the ANO movement, Andrej Babiš. For example, a contribution of 6,000 to pensions, suggested by Babiš, is a good idea, according to Špidla. It is also a good idea to again increase the fare reductions for students and the elderly. In the same way, Špidla would increase his parenthood, which the coalition government of Petr Fiala is also talking about.

Here, Horská said setting discounts for public transport correctly would be a good way. But overall, she described Andrej Babiš’s twelve-point plan as a journey to new debt, where the state would have to borrow and pay more and more billions of dollars in debt repayment. At the same time, this money could be used, for example, for the construction of the kindergartens already mentioned.

“Some of the ideas put forward by Mr. Babiš could be used after some adjustments, but overall they would mean another big debt for the Czech Republic,” warned Horská.

Vladimir Spidla. 4:30 a.m. Screen: CNN Prima News

Spidla: Putin is a criminal. And another thing, whoever has no money must not freeze

The former CSSD prime minister said that the economic situation for Czech citizens is no longer easy, but especially in the winter months of 2022-2023 it will be difficult if a war criminal and Russian president in one person , Vladimir Putin, turns off the gas for the European Union.


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“War is not a sport. It is the most brutal human activity and whoever started it is simply a criminal. The Russian Federation will use gas as a weapon, and I have no idea whether it will turn it off for the winter. We have to realize that there is a second (Russian) party who will use all the tools available. And the ability to turn off the gas is theirs. They turn the tap…’

Here, Horská proved him right. The biggest gas supply problems will occur in the fall of this year and in the winter of 2022/2023. Therefore, he hopes that the EU, together with the Czech government, will prepare for the upcoming crisis situation. In the long term, according to Horská, it would be good to focus on more heat sources for households, but this is something that cannot be fixed in six months. “We need to prepare a campaign for people who can try to reduce their consumption,” Horská said.

And according to Horská, the state must help those who cannot afford it.

And here Špidla closed the whole debate. “The EU must buy gas if possible together this summer and fill its gas tanks as soon as possible, because when this situation occurs, the temptation for Russia to turn off the taps will be less. And another thing, whoever does not “A no money mustn’t freeze. And it’s not beyond the capabilities of this state. We have the regulatory tools, but we just don’t use them. So now is the time to use them.” .”

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