Ukraine? Again, everything in our country is taken to extremes. Purple’s advice … Ivan Vyskočil described the experience when buying Russian ice cream

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SUNDAY MORNING WITH IVAN JUMPED “Why didn’t Millionaire speak out against the closure of the sites, that is to say against the absolutely undemocratic and illegal censorship? Where is Mr. Svěrák, Ivan Trojan, Aňa Geislerová all of a sudden?” asks Ivan Vyskočil. Sunday morning, he tells how he went to buy “Russian” ice cream, marvels at the “cause” of sandwiches with the letter Z, and thinks about renaming streets and squares. “The foolish intentions of Mayor Mushroom-Satan,” he shakes his head. He did not even miss “the advice of Mr. Fial”. Ultimately, he expressed a desire to look forward to a government that, he said, “won’t be stuck in a foreign country and think primarily of this country.”

Photo: Hans Stembera
The description: Ivan Vyskocil

“A joke is circulating in the Czech Republic which, as usual, reflects the true situation. It reads: “We can envy the Hungarians Orbán here and we have to envy the Ukrainians Violet.” Yes yes. As usual, our rulers take everything to an unbearable extreme. Again, we are more papal than the pope and the wretches of the worst Turk. As if they don’t know the real popular sayings that everything is too bad and what is too much is too much, ”says Ivan Vyskočil early in the morning on Sunday.

Russian ice cream covered with the Ukrainian flag and “Mushroom-Satan”

“It’s hard for me to put the dog’s head on a refusal to help when traveling for Ukrainian refugees. But if I’m on the highway with two yellow-blue flags hanging from every lamp post, I wonder How much does it cost? To manufacture, to send a truck with a forklift, to pay workers? At the same time, I immediately wonder how long people have been contributing to mothers who do not have time to pay for school meals for children? Every farmer who runs his own has to think about whether to buy hay for the cows for the winter, or rather decorate the farm with flags?”, the actor asks and continues.

“I wanted to buy Russian ice cream, and the lady at the pump laughed at me saying that Russian ice cream was not Russian anymore, and I found ice cream with the Ukrainian flag. So I better d ‘buy Misha. At the same time, I read the absurd intentions of Mayor Hřib-Satan, which the streets and squares want to rename again. These are such empty and unnecessary gestures that arouse aversion rather than a feeling of solidarity, and the money will in turn cost us, ordinary citizens. I just hope that at least we won’t see Banderova Street either”, “Ivan Vyskočil looks up at the sky.

Violation of the Constitution like a pig! Where are Mr. Svěrák, Ivan Trojan, Aňa Geislerová…

“We make a deal with Z-cheese sandwiches, Michprdi is able to demonstrate against the pardon granted by the President. But the President has a right to this, which is not yet repealed by any law. Why does Milionchvil not Isn’t he raised against shutting down websites, that is, against absolutely undemocratic and illegal censorship? It’s a violation of the Constitution with freedom of speech ingrained like a pig! And suddenly , they don’t mind? Where are suddenly Mr. Svěrák, Ivan Trojan, Aňa Geislerová and others?” he asks and adds. “Can’t they think that good, or am I stupid? Probably yes. I will therefore wait for Mr. Fiala to explain it to me again. When he analyzes and remakes his predictions, “but we will find globally spherical!”, Launches Ivan Vyskočil angrily.

“And in the meantime, I’ll be wondering if I can buy another butter and if I can drive my sister to visit my Easter. Mr. Fiala’s advice, don’t fill up, and with every liter you support Putin, they “As valid for me as a parachute. Hide! Especially since they don’t have to hide up there. On the contrary! After all, they didn’t cause any state problems. That’s all Babis!” And now again, the war in which we have not yet paid. I am just amazed that such a Pekari-Adamová, in his hateful rhetoric, has not yet discovered that Babiš also caused the war in Ukraine “, takes the head of the actor.

At the end, he expressed a wish. “I wish I could see that there would be a government in Strakovka that wasn’t stuck in some foreign ass and thought primarily about this country and the people who live there. When that happens, then maybe you’ll stop wondering why Mr. Orbán won the elections in Hungary with such a superiority!”, he explains and reports.

“And because I know we will be waiting a long time for such a government. ‘Purple’s poverty’ is coming, so let’s enjoy Easter while it still lasts.”

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author: David Hora

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