Truth and love? A renowned scientist breaks the stick: the forces of force risk sanctions for a different opinion. Only the president and the opposition can criticize…

Hello Associate Professor, I know times are tough and you can’t know everything and there can’t be an answer to everything, but in our country’s past it was like this…

Editor, I don’t quite understand you, because our constitution guarantees freedom of thought and speech, but so be it. Do you want to ask me questions about nature, philately or other matters? But I already see it, and other questions, and I see that it is very difficult to find the ones that are answered. So let’s go.

It’s spring, there are storks, but starlings are invisible, but other birds are in no hurry to return to their native nests. What is the cause?

People often think it was too late for the birds to come back. But this is not true. There is still time for the birds to return in time, for their good nesting and for their young to come out, but there are many obstacles in the way. The first of these is the deep decline of cold arctic air from our vantage point from northwestern locations in the arctic region to southern Europe, whether at the western end of Europe or at its eastern end, including Turkey. That we didn’t have such frosts this year that there wasn’t much snow? It was all caused by the nearly constant level of pressure over Scandinavia, although its fluctuations in, say, February have brought us a bit this winter.


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Between us, it was not so bad with the arrival of migratory birds. I heard Skřivánka sing in February, lapwings appeared at the end of February, and there were storks around March 13. At least on the chimney of the old distillery near Tomice, which is near Olbramovice in the Benešov region. Soon after, the weather in our country “cleared up”, although the night was cold. Unfortunately, late March and so far April are not very fond of insect-dependent birds. Few bugs, almost none, cold weather, but not really rainy – it’s dry, we’re not going to lie – and it won’t bring the bugs out of their hiding places. But stay. Swallows have appeared in recent days. Starlings are obviously in decline in our country. Seeing a starling is a miracle today, so we should leave them a few cherries here and there. At least out of the set.

However, we must think about the decline of birds in our country. We have changed our landscape to the point of being unrecognizable, monotonous, large fields with monotonous crops, moreover those not suited to our natural conditions, still monotonous meadows – where are the beautiful flower meadows of my youth, I often ask!, forests plundered by bark beetles and people, the trees were healthy – and there were – so that the foresters could heal a little when the bark beetles were sold abroad well in below cost. And then the quantity of constructions in open natural areas in the name of the smooth running of our constructions. In this I see the loss of birds in our landscape, so we disappear from our homes, as well as from our fields, gardens, meadows and forests. When will we finally learn? Or do we want to experience the sixth great extinction? But let’s not be one of them, I’m afraid. Not for us, but for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

Is nature as surprised as we are by war?

They taught us one day that war is only a continuation of politics by other means. It was cynical! I do not like and do not condemn war, I condemn all violence, because violence only begets violence. And the violence is not only physical, as we have occasion to see on our television screens today and every day, but it is also psychological – for example bullying – ethnic violence – when you repress another nation’s languages, customs, culture and freely and freely deny our violence, sympathy and affiliation to members of another nation. Violence is also the pollution of the human environment, which is only part of the natural environment, which is intrinsically independent of human consciousness, but which nevertheless strongly perceives our physical behaviors. But he is not surprised. It develops slowly, but very effectively, tools back to balance. No, nature is not affected by human warfare, which is very cruel, but nature can deal with this cruelty. Take, for example, II. World War II, which was fought in many parts of the planet by very cruel and indiscriminate means. As the turmoil of war erupted as the guns fell silent, in no time a singing bird sat on the head of the broken cannon and sang its love song to define its living space and attract the female to preserve the species. No, nature does not depend on human behavior, but human behavior depends on nature. This is why cooperation between states and nations has been so painstakingly built.

It is said that it is time to return to the idea of ​​an American military base in our country…

I don’t think that’s a good idea. We have a lot of experience with foreign military bases on our territory. We should rather go back to the idea of ​​the First Republic and President Masaryk to have our own strong and confident army, which would have respect and respect among the people, so that we could defend ourselves in case of attack. Too bad this idea is not discussed.

School children are said to be mentally unstable and frustrated. Covid and war. Isn’t there a simpler recipe for this than psychological help? I mean going out into nature…

No wonder children today are mentally ill. After all, many adults are wrong. And it’s not just covid and war. It’s not because children hear different things at school, the official opinions, and something else at home, the unofficial opinions, but it’s because people speak and behave differently in society. It’s because kids have a lot of free time, and because they’re kids brought up the way they are, they don’t know how to manage that time. They don’t know what work is, what value it has – not economic, but social, what value it has for the second, the third, for all of us, and they don’t know what work is. They have never read poems by Neruda or Svatopluk Čech, who do not talk about work but sing, and they know from Czech history, and even more miserably, what the Holocaust is, what was III. resistance and who Vaclav Havel was. Maybe something about the Habsburgs and the Schwarzenbergs. A bit of famous Czech history! But over the past seventy years, we have stopped presenting him to children and grandchildren as famous, and we are trying to convince those who still read Neruda’s and Chekhov’s poems at school that they are not not true. It was said that truth and love prevailed over lies and hatred. Unfortunately, they didn’t win. Lying is almost common in our society and hatred divides society to shame! And not just with us. It would suffice to mention just a few movie titles that have been and are running in our cinemas. We hate the old and slander the young, we hate the members of other nations and make fun of them in a filthy way. Just look at the cover pages of some magazines! Today, it is only permissible to criticize the President or the opposition and the nations and their statesmen who have a different opinion from ours and from the so-called European leaders. Even state forces threaten to punish other views. Where is the freedom of thought and expression that some of us were cut off by the police at the time and that we enshrined in the constitution?

And go to nature? It’s not sufficient! But do something for nature, whether it’s harvesting what the rich have thrown away or planting trees, so that in fifty years the forest will grow back and know we’re not doing it for ourselves. That children not only have their rights but also their responsibilities. I know I often invoke the First Republic, but the ideas enshrined in its laws were there – and many invoke it and even sing our anthem at the tomb of its founder – and those duties were enforceable and not in a way that we know of some other states. And talk to children directly and directly, without avoiding the unpleasant truth. Soon the instability and frustration would disappear.

And how are you?

If I tell you I’m having abdominal surgery soon, and my psyche isn’t at its best, you probably won’t believe it. But I try to be mentally balanced and reconciled. My family, my real friends and the animal and the bloom and the reflection on the stones and the marks help me, as well as the fact that I am a great-grandfather and I still have a lot to do for this little being. All of this strengthens me, for the sun is still shining, the rain is still raining and the snow is still falling, and the wind is blowing and the leaves of the tree are pouring down and growing. And so, even if no one teaches me and pays me today, I am happy and worried about life!

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author: Vaclav Fiala

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