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Czech esotericists and deviants of all kinds of darkness have come together to defend Russian aggression against Ukraine. When these people talk nonsense about chemtrails and dust the population, they are harmless. The moment they started defending Putin’s war – in good opposition – the security forces should remind them that they can fantasize and post nonsense about chemtrails, but they really can’t do Russian propaganda. ‘after war.

You will find them easily. All you have to do is visit the profile of a well-known disinformator who praises Putin and open the accounts of the juiciest defenders of the occupation of Ukraine. I have described several in this way.

Petr Hecko

April 14: “Chemtrails call for cooperation and initiating a solution. » In the video, he says that images of contrails in the sky come to him from all over the country. “Our boy has been coughing for a month now.” explains in the video. And half of the kindergarteners who go to the son also cough. “And here is the cause,” shows lines of condensation in the sky.

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New FORUM Weekly greenlights US base in Czech Republic and reports to previous government

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“I want to challenge people who are upset and want a solution. I offer to take a water sample and have a chemical analysis done. If you want to know the truth and are ready to invest something in it, write to me , and as soon as I have the money, I will have the chemical analysis done.” After a while he adds that the Americans changed the composition of the chemtrails and let it be known, there is a letter about this to Prague Castle. “Let’s do something about it,” ends with optimism.

On the same day, Kss Ján Simonics shared a post: “What the world has not noticed in 8 years! Describes the facts about the crimes of the Upronists against the civilian population of Donbass. Shooting in the city, death of children and mourning of parents these are the consequences of the current Ukrainian government. Sincerely, John Simonics.”

Kss Jan Simonics

The profile of Kss Ján Simonics, which Petr Hečko shares, has the emblem of the Slovak communists as an introductory photo on Facebook. It states in the information about itself: “I fight capitalism. Citizen our godfather.” The profile says he works for ÚV KSS Komárno. And what does he write?

“Many of you write to me. What happened in Buč? Nothing new is happening!!! Information warfare will now play a big role. OSU (Ukrainian Armed Forces) has professional trainers, right? You know it, and you can admire the piles of excrement every day in our (uncensored) media: Putin is bombing civilians! Putin killed a journalist! (via Pavel Šafr of daily Hovna24) and Ukraine wins and expels the Russians victory is at hand. In this video, Gerashchenko once again reveals the whole informational and psychological operation in kyiv to Bucha. In front of dozens of foreign journalists who surround him, he presents a body with a white bandeau on the sleeve. I wonder if any of the dozens and dozens of journalists were interested in what the tape on the cover means and symbolizes. The symbolism is clear and distinctive. The man was probably lynched and then killed by the Ukrainian security forces themselves for this armband, characteristic of the Russian armed forces. Sincerely, Jan Simonics.”

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What frees us from our dependence on Putin’s bloody resources? There are several variants

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Another post: “Any judicial person with common sense knows what crimes NATO has committed in the world, violent infiltrations in foreign countries, looting. The EU relies on these crimes, so it is not our partner. SAY THAT IT’S OPEN, IT’S TIME: THE US GOVERNMENT OF TRAITORS AND TRAINERS AND TREATY MUST BE SENT NO – GET OUT OF THE NATO CRIMINAL PACT! END OUR KILLING IN THE EUROPEAN UNION! Sincerely, John Simonics. “

And then finally the beauty of the spirit of Kss Ján Simonics identity is fully manifested: “Heger and Caputova Jewish fraud, supporting fascism in Ukraine is disgusting, I ask: is fascism the reality of the world? Yes, the whole world is involved in the war they started, along with all the other satanic children in the US and EU. And we all decide whether Slovan Rus or a manipulated Slavic Ukraine under the leadership will win Jewish Zelensky? And, of course, Satan’s children from the US and the EU, this is how the rest of the world acts against Russia. And, of course, they sent the B9 states into the war, so not all of the Slavic nations? Divide and conquer, right? And shouldn’t we focus more on Satan’s children? And give them something? Sign up here and start taking action. Only together can we do this. Sincerely, John Simonics.”

Hečko keeps fighting!

The 15th. April, Good Friday, Mr. Hečko posts a photo of three glasses (they look like jars) and credits: “As I promised, we take a sample of raindrops for analysis, all documented on camera.” Jiří Chowaniec’s account adds in the discussion: “I’ve been into chemtrails for a long time, no need to describe the kind of crap they spray at us. They always do it the day before it rains. I’ve been feeling weird in chemtrails lately. Son has also coughed I was running errands today and I was weak and sick I don’t know if we’ll stop this shit I’m afraid not We are ruled by psychopaths who have to obey other psychopaths who order it.” After reviewing Jiří Chowaniec’s account, I am concerned that Mr. Heček is not encouraged by a Facebook bot – bot. There is nothing publicly visible on the account – messages, photos, user information, just nothing.

Next, Hečko shares a video from Bubák František’s account. He added to the video: “Chemtrails are real! Clear proof of the stealth war that is taking place in the skies! For all the naive people who still believe it’s Saharan dust, Foehn veils, condensation pipes or exhaust gases. Sulfur (very toxic), aluminum (very toxic, destroys the brain, damages the nerves), arsenic (extremely toxic), barium (very toxic), lead (extremely toxic), cadmium (very toxic), chromium (the oxide of chromium is very toxic), copper (copper poisoning can occur with large amounts of copper). Lithium (very toxic, triggers psychoses), nickel (very toxic), mercury (extremely toxic), strontium (very toxic), thallium, etc. » In the profile picture, Mr. Bubák is carrying the Russian flag. I look at other photos where it is marked. It’s written on a I can’t get vaccinated“, on the other in Cyrillic Rosa in the heart“.

And the photos of Mr. Heček himself are just as instructive: you can find frames “I choose the Free Block” (in two versions) and once “I vote for free”. And in his photos, I find dozens of misinformation memes against vaccination and epidemic discipline. As if covid deniers have a particularly warm relationship with chemtrails and Putin.

opponents attack

The information society, the world of social networks that stupidly made it clear that they were in the majority, created a specific group of adversaries. People who seduce their frustrated lives into “them”, “those above”, or even “conspirators”. It was “they” who assured that the common conspirator was stupid, lazy and incompetent. And so you have to defend yourself against them. Best for an asshole I dare there.

If the poor thus affected defended themselves against menthol candies or potato beetles, they would have no social danger. These “counter-professionals However, they have begun to oppose the voice of reason in two areas where it is extremely dangerous. The boys, who believe the conspirators who dusted them off their planes are responsible for their completely scorched lives, first turned their global hatred towards covid vaccination and now towards aggressive war-torn Ukraine. So the funny fools who think the water vapor contrails behind the plane are mind-altering powder have become public health-threatening maggots, and with Russia’s attack on Ukraine they have also become tireless defenders of Putin and his war.

Supporting the Russian invasion is just another area for the have-nots where they can slap each other’s nonsense and then slap each other on the back for slapping their nonsense. As long as these patients were chatting about the chemtrails, everything was fine. But now that these people are beginning to pour in to support Putin and his war of aggression, the system of repression should caress them. For their ******* ý lives Ukrainians really can not.

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