The mute person, Černochová wrote about the teacher. He deliberately circumvents the laws, tames Minister Vondráček

17.04.2022 14:59 | From the nets

The suspected wartime downpour in Ukraine is likely to be fatal for teacher Martina Bednářová of Na Dlouhém Lánu primary school in Prague. As confirmed by the director of this school, Renata Riedlová, she wants to end her employment with this teacher after Easter. It was interrupted by an hour-long recording, which was reported by reporters from the News List. The teacher’s behavior was condemned by both Education Minister Petr Gazdík and, for example, Defense Minister Jana Černochová. However, Libor Vondráček, president of Svobodné, opposed such circumvention of labor law.

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The description: Libor Vondráček, President of Svobodné

“I was shocked by the content of the recording, I could not at all imagine that such an educated person could give such a lecture full of hatred, untruths in front of children and introduce such things to children. J “I immediately ordered the teacher to prevent the employer from going to class among the children. After Easter, I will end my employment with her,” said Renata Riedlová, principal of the Prague 6 school.

“The teacher should honor the facts, not make propaganda contrary to the obvious facts. Yes, everyone has the right to have an opinion, but they don’t have the right to lie. That’s why I appreciates the approach of the school principal, who immediately put the teacher in trouble and terminated her employment,” praised the school’s management procedure, Minister of Education Petr Gazdík.

Defense Minister Jana Černochová went even further. “Basically, I was taught chemistry by a professor (no comrade) fired for political reasons from the university, then from the gymnasium. She was great. She never lied to the students, it’s crucial. The stupid person who reports lies about Ukraine, spoils the reputation of all decent teachers, and it’s good that he has to leave, he lied to the children, “said the former mayor of Prague 2 and now Minister Jana Černochová.


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However, Libor Vondráček, lawyer and chairman of Svobodný, strongly disagrees. “As a lawyer, I reject deliberate circumvention of regulations. I understand that after two years of ignoring the rule of law, some people consider this normal, but I, as a lawyer, do not I will never be able to do it. In recent months, many ministers have ignored the anti-discrimination law when it suits them. Today, Ms Černochová gives legitimacy to ignore labor law when it suits her,” says Libor Vondráček, which isn’t going to examine exactly what the Prague 6 teacher said, but insists that the rules should apply equally everywhere.

“So either the grounds for dismissal will be strictly defined in labor law, or we will allow employers to dismiss employees on other grounds as well. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it is not possible for him to pay double standards. For some teachers to be protected by labor law and others to be ignored, “Vondráček is convinced, who in this context recalled the times of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Some teachers regularly insulted the unvaccinated and sometimes pointed their insults directly at the unvaccinated students present, but labor law protected them from dismissal. Labor law has not changed in recent months, its difference in interpretation is therefore purely intentional. If the court also sanctifies such a deliberate interpretation of labor law, then it is a clear argument for those of us who consider protectionist labor law to be harmful and alibi,” Vondráček added.

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author: Karel Vyborny

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