Marcel Ihnačák: My daughter still doesn’t understand that she won’t be pretty without vegetables. But I’m patient For woman

When you think of a cook, who do you do it for? To me?

It’s a tough question, I’m not doing it for the money or for me, I’m doing it for the general public and I want to motivate people who love to cook and are out of ideas. I want them to have a taste when they read the recipe and want to cook it at home. They will feel good because they may have used completely new ingredient combinations and it was delicious.

Ingredients are sometimes something that can put you off, especially when they are hard to find. Do you mean that too?

Sure! The recipes in this cookbook are almost mostly made from ingredients that I grew myself in the garden. And in fact, the whole cookbook was created in the garden. If you don’t have a garden, you can buy them in any store, it doesn’t have to be a specialty store.

What style of cooking do you prefer: complex recipes that feel like alchemy, or one-pot foods?

I hate complicated recipes or speed technology, I prefer the traditional and proven, according to which our ancestors have already followed. At home, I cook often, even daily, foods that don’t last long but are good for your health.

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So it’s not your blacksmith’s mare walking barefoot?

I think it also makes my relationship with my wife and family work because we agreed that we would all do what we love. I love to cook and I currently cook more often at home than at work, because fortunately I already have enough competent chefs. What could be more enjoyable than entertaining your family and teaching them to recognize new tastes that they may have rejected all along? Young children don’t eat anything which bothers me a lot, but it’s a matter of patience and it doesn’t stress me out. I set myself progressive goals, and if I can’t motivate them this year, it will come next year. I don’t push the saw, and that’s, I think, a good tactic. I will never give up on teaching my children to eat healthy.

Do you think one of the children will be your successor?

Every child of mine is different. Her son has a relationship with food, he likes to eat and can enjoy food, but he is not obese, he has the figure he should have at his age. He’s a short man who likes food divided and can’t mix it like my wife on a plate. So I would say he’s a bit pedantic. The girl is seven years old, of course, she loves sweets like any other child and has a huge problem with vegetables. And I try to motivate her to make a difference. To understand that she must be beautiful and healthy, without eating vegetables and salads she will not go. A lot of people aren’t persistent and consistent enough, and just to keep them calm, they give the kids what they want. Childhood obesity is a big problem now. It is unacceptable to let seven-year-olds and younger children choose what they want to eat. Children would live on chocolate and they wouldn’t care.

You called the cook. What do you think a good party can’t be without?

Of course without a good drink. Every feast should start with a good toast that delights the taste buds. The atmosphere at the table is also better with a drink. Good food must follow. A feast does not always have to be for a large number of people, it can be a feast for a few guests. The main thing is that they sit down, talk and do not rush anywhere. They will appreciate more dishes on nice plates and everyone will appreciate the general atmosphere.

What do you really have here in the south?

We have a restaurant in Lednice, and we still have a Marcel Bistro food truck, I couldn’t think of a better name. I like diversity in the kitchen and in business. There is something different happening in each establishment, there is a slightly different system everywhere, and I like it, it is creative and there is still something to invent and improve.

Do you think it’s harder to get caught in a village than in Prague or a big city?

I never thought of it like that, but I think the most important thing is to find a good idea and no matter where it is. For example, when I started at Mikulov, they told me that if I didn’t have fried cheese, I wouldn’t miss anyone. I didn’t want to accept it, and I have something other than a competition that stinks of oil.

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Fried foods will therefore not be your domain. What type of cuisine do you personally prefer?

I don’t divide it into specific cuisines, I stay true to European cuisine because I find it the most varied in the world.

Ayurveda says we should eat what grows where we live. You cook from the things you grow. Even the suppliers are local?

I’ve never studied it, but I think it makes sense. I don’t think we need to eat the things that have to be brought to us from other continents. It’s mostly immature, it tastes different and I’m loyal to Europe. When I was in China for a month, I was bothered by the smell, it’s uncomfortable for me.

Did you choose Mikulov because he is close to Slovakia?

I chose it completely by chance, but I enjoy the whole environment, the nature and the smell of the air. You also enjoy the commute to work because you can enjoy the scenery.

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