Inflation in politics too? The Czech Republic may emerge other strange political parties

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Who knows, even such indicators will help people better understand the stupidity and obscurity not only of various statements, but also of the functioning of a country’s human society. You can also agree with me that such articles could possibly enlighten people in a dark information corridor.

Of course, you can argue that there are already similar indicators in other names, so why introduce something new. Agreed, but even if they exist, little is known or written about them. And what brings me to such a thought? I am going to tell you. For example, two reports from last week will be cut short. Apparently unrelated. One of them is how a group of opponents, that is, sworn opponents of all anti-crime measures (and maybe not only them), discovered that they could warming up to the fact that local people did not like the European Union in the long term and that Now was the best time to roll over the opposition to “Brussels”. And then a report on record domestic inflation. And how are they related to each other? Maybe a lot.

Not only from the analyzes of economists and financiers, but also from the statements of government officials, it follows that the competition of all kinds of crises, from prices to energy to war, it must be clear for the next text that all strata of society in this country. And that, according to some voices, the current government of this country is doing almost nothing for all of us in this regard. And that’s why – people’s anger will grow, so why not use it and get part of the “millions” from the state budget for yourself as a movement or a political party, isn’t it? it not? At the same time, with an exaggeration, they still rid themselves of everything Western and snuggle up nicely, for example, with the Eastern totalitarians. After all, more money will flow into the coffers of the movement (and its boss, after all) and there will be peace. Why really take care of it and somewhere else with someone when I can take care of it myself, huh? And where to find inspiration?

The current increasingly coarse opposition, which, on the other hand, like any political formation, wants to come to power, cash in the pipelines and control the finances of the state again, so that it can probably send reviews of accounts not only to friends but also to other friendly businesses and people, or The number of such references in this commentary may be politically understandable, but more than inspiring for new developments on the political scene. Inflation, not inflation. War, non-war. Damn it. But proposed solutions (if available from these identities), such as inflation, are not really a mere reason to think about why people still believe in it. After all, the high inflation figures, as has been said from many mouths, are now rotten fruit grown mainly by the wasteful spending of those who have recently been in power and have done nothing at all to avoid to have to deal with the consequences of the country’s over-indebtedness.

Of course, this is not only a waste of Czech tax money, the result of eight years of work by Andrej Babiš and Alena Schillerová of the YES movement, but it is one of the main reasons for the increase in consumer prices in the Czech Republic. year on year in March of this year, by 12.7% after growth of 11.1% in February. Inflation in March was the highest since May 1998, when it reached 13%. Month-over-month prices rose 1.7% last month, mainly due to higher transport and housing prices. And now comes the link with all these strange movements opposed to everything, everything Western. You can say that in a democracy everyone can say whatever they want when it’s not against the law and you can’t even say “ň” against it. So nothing to complain about. But really wants Czech society to run the state, just because we didn’t cap gasoline and food prices as a solution to the inflation crisis, people of all kinds of pins, dogs, and I don’t know where else?

Do they have a vision? Maybe to solve this inflation? Or a long-term, systemic solution so that the state is not betrayed by debt experts like Alena Schillerová of the YES movement? That is to say, in addition to the fact that the leaders of these groups, who are inspired by the richly state-subsidized example of the marketing parties of one leader, abundantly represented in the Czech parliament, benefit from the so-called “popular” resistance. And not only towards the EU. The idea is very business: it will continue to be true that, according to these self-proclaimed leaders, Brussels is responsible for all the problems of prices, energy, dependencies, etc., and therefore the only way out is to leave the EU. And still nab a few million crowns for the leader. What about the fact that leaders of such “darkness” are usually a problem with their constituency. After all, they will make it clear to everyone on TV.

Do we really want to be outside of all European structures, as proposed by the last movement of the PES, which was originally just a party of opponents of restrictions on coid, with the end of the measures anti-coronavirus, and get out of them? Because only a referendum on the exit of the Czech Republic from the European Union is supposed to show what the people want. Now? And now what? Will inflation be lower? The purchase price of gas for an independent but supposedly independent state from Russia lower? Or will we be more friendly with the war criminals because, according to Jiří Janeček, one of the representatives of the PSA, “the European Union has lost its meaning for us today”? And now what? Will obvious lovers of Vladimir Putin, like Jakub Olbert and others like him, write to Moscow for the army to come to a special operation in the Czech Republic, to solve high inflation by shooting people, because we do we need protection against the West, at least the EU and its Nazis? Or will we all take pictures with American Harley-Davidson motorcycles in leather overalls and with other real reality experts to solve important world problems with Night Wolves?

I believe that these people’s ideas, not only to solve domestic inflation, are really not enough and are insignificant. Because not only will inflation, according to analysts, accelerate in the coming months, because new pro-inflationary effects associated with the Russian attack on Ukraine will shamefully affect prices. Unfortunately, everyone who likes the characters above often realistically rejects posts and comments. He believes in something else. It is therefore almost impossible not only to estimate what peak inflation will reach this year, but we believe that lovers of totalitarianism will really forget over time like – sorry for the harsh word – a greedy dog.

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