Dmitry (16) from kyiv lives in a cellar: Russian rockets fly overhead. Even if the children don’t die…

The day before the invasion began, on February 23, Dmitry returned from a downtown gymnasium. Then he had dinner with mom, dad and siblings. He went to bed early, had to go to school in the morning.

“During the night, the worst thing that could happen happened – Russian missiles began to fly over our cities, at five o’clock in the morning, the first shots sounded extremely loud. I woke up my mother, my father and my brothers. My aunt told us on the phone that the war had just started. We packed our bags and went with our relatives to our grandmother’s house in the village 120 kilometers from the capital,Described by Bleska Dmitry A.

Mileage queues

Along the way, a traffic jam occurred. “Scared people were trying to get out of the huge city, a mile-long queue was forming at gas stations and there were a bunch of military vehicles everywhere. We arrived at my grandmother’s, who prepared a shelter in the cellar with her grandfather,” he says.

Although he was a minor, he joined the defense. “My grandfather, my father and my uncle and I joined the militia. We set up checkpoints at the entrances and exits of the village, rockets flew overhead. People from different cities helped us, brought us food,He continued.

Children make Molotov

The whole family got involved in the defense. “At home, we have created camouflage nets for soldiers and uniforms for civilian militiamen from old clothes. The children made Molotov cocktails so we could throw them at the Russian soldiers,Said Dmitry, who he said was a pacifist and did not want to participate in the fights of his life.

nights in the basement

We spend every night in a damp and cold cellar, hoping that the Russian rockets will not hit our house. In the morning, we go out in terror and fear. We hear dogfights, shots and falls from planes or helicopters. We always watch the news and we pray for dead children and adults,He described.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Truth website, warns that The Russians prepare for a naval attack on Mariupol. “Units from the 810th and 155th Independent Marine Brigades are preparing for the Naval Landing Operation. The information is being updated,” the staff said in a statement on social media.

“The transfer of Russian troops to Ukrainian territory from the Kursk, Bryansk and Voronezh regions continues. Units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation deployed on Ukrainian territory are experiencing significant supply problems. At the same time, they were able to accumulate large stocks of ammunition. In the units of the Russian occupiers in the direct line of fire, personnel discontent is growing, morale and mental state remain low. The Russian army constantly suffers from a lack of rotation, constantly failing equipment, the quality of fuel and the food supplied.

In the direction of Volyn and Polis, the enemy did not actively intervene. Some units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus continue to perform tasks to cover the Ukrainian-Belarusian border in the Brest and Gomel regions.

The Russian occupiers continue to partially blockade the city of Kharkov and shelter its residential areas, continue their airstrikes on Mariupol and carry out offensive operations near the port. In the territories temporarily occupied by the Russian occupiers, looting and violence by the Russian army against the civilian population continues. These actions are supported by their military command.

In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, ten enemy attacks have been repelled in the past 24 hours, fifteen tanks, twenty-four armored units and ten vehicles, as well as three enemy artillery systems, have been destroyed. The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine yesterday hit 13 air targets: one plane, one helicopter, five drones and six missiles,” the report said.

Russia gave beleaguered Mariupol an ultimatum that the defense, which protects the city and its 100,000 inhabitants, who still remain in the city in insane conditions, surrender by Sunday and lay down their arms. Ukrainian President Zelensky called the situation in Mariupol inhumane and said his administration had been trying to end the weeks-long siege of the city by the Russian military through both diplomatic and military means. Russian state newspaper Rio, referring to the Russian Defense Ministry, said that “Ukrainian armed units, their foreign comrades in arms must leave it before one hour between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. must leave the city without weapons and ammunition. »

The supply of military equipment from the United States has begun to flow to Ukraine, referring to a White House spokesperson, US CNN said. President Joe Biden this week approved additional aid worth $800 million (about 1.6 billion crowns), in total the United States will help Ukraine with equipment worth $3 billion ( about 60 billion crowns).

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Terror in Kyiv

He and his father went to kyiv to get things from their apartment. “When we arrived in the city, the streets were completely empty and there was a terrifying silence everywhere, only occasionally sirens would sound. We got to the apartment anyway, but we didn’t have time to come back, another shelling started. We quickly hid in the cellar and waited for the horror to end. Then we came back and on the way we saw fire trucks, burning buildings and destroyed houses,” Dmitry said.

The Russians also demolished the shopping center, where we met every weekend with friends, we went there to rest. What my eyes saw, the brain didn’t want to understand, you wouldn’t even want the worst enemy. We couldn’t believe such a thing could happen in the 21st century. In shock and horror, we returned to the family and stood up to defend the village,” he added.

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rocket above the house

Although Dmitry A.’s family is in a much safer place than Kyiv, he is constantly worried about his loved ones and his life while serving at checkpoints.

A rocket just flew over our house last night. But my parents, my brothers, my cousin, my grandmother, my grandfather, my aunt and my uncle are in a relatively safe place. Electricity is good, mobile services are not working very well, food and water are always available. We want eternal peace on our entire planet, that mainly innocent people or young children die,“Again repeats Dmitry A. Blesk regarding the safety of the family does not specify the full name and place where they are staying.

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