Your savings will go up the chimney. Okamura Nation unites to push government to resign

Mr. President, what do you say to the idea of ​​Defense Minister Jana Černochová of the ODS to fight for the establishment of an American military base in the Czech Republic?

The SPD is against the presence of any foreign army on our territory. We are pushing for the modernization and change of the concept of building our army to defend the territory of our state and our citizens instead of the existing expeditionary force for foreign missions. I would like to remind you that, for example, neighboring Austria is not in NATO and will be able to ensure its security with its military concept in combination with an intelligent foreign policy. I was surprised that the construction of the American base on our territory was supported by the YES movement, as ANO vice-president Ivo Vondrák said. The SPD movement is therefore the only party in parliament that opposes the US military base in the Czech Republic. We have created a petition against the location of a US military base in the Czech Republic, which can be found on the SPD website and which our citizens can sign so that the Assembly can discuss it in public.

It is unacceptable that the first round of negotiations on the presence of American soldiers in the Czech Republic has already taken place behind the House. Unbeknownst to the Chamber, the government of Petr Fiala (ODS), represented by the Ministry of Defense under the leadership of Minister Černochová (ODS), has already discussed this with the American side. And the negotiations must continue after Easter directly in the USA, where the minister is going. I am not surprised that, after several months of work, the minister soon received the unflattering nickname of ‘minister of war’ from the people, because the citizens have the legitimate feeling that Mrs Černochová wants to drag us into any cost in a war.

It really strikes me as very wrong when supporters of the US military presence in the Czech Republic label those who do not want foreign soldiers as supporters of Russia. After all, it has nothing to do. I fully understand people who, after the experience of 1968 or the Protectorate, no longer want foreign soldiers on our territory.


Are you in favor of building a NATO base on Czech territory?

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The SPD movement has long advocated the adoption of a functional referendum law, in which citizens would have the opportunity to decide fundamental socio-political and security issues of our country, such as EU membership, the abolition of Senate or the creation of troops on our territory. The current government coalition ODS, TOP 09, STAN, KDU-ČSL and Pirates, as well as the YES movement, reject the referendum law. It’s clear from this that they don’t want the citizens to decide anything important while the government takes the crucial steps it has kept secret from the election.

You also said that the government of Petr Fiala helps the Ukrainians more than the citizens of the Czech Republic…

Yes, that is unfortunately true. More than six months after the election, the government of Petr Fiala has clearly not passed a single law that would fundamentally improve the lives of our citizens. The statutory revaluation of pensions due to inflation is mandatory, so it is not a government decision. The Czech Republic currently has the third highest inflation in Europe at 12.7%, prices are rising sharply, but the government is doing nothing about it. I will give an example. The Czech Republic has the highest food VAT among neighboring countries – in Poland it is temporarily 0%, in Germany 7%, in Slovakia and Austria 10%, but in our country it is by 15%… The SPD movement is pushing for a reduction in taxes on food, energy and fuels, which would lead to an immediate reduction.

Already 30% of households are in danger because of the failure of the Fiala government and the number of new executions has increased by 40%. The current government bears full responsibility for the entire situation in which our fellow citizens find themselves. On the other hand, the government has already spent more than 50 billion crowns for Ukrainian refugees and will now give them apartments, while many of our fellow citizens do not have the necessities of life. Fiala’s government is undoubtedly the worst for ordinary citizens of the independent Czech Republic. Nor does it surprise me that people say of Prime Minister Peter Fial that he is not the Czech Prime Minister, but the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

According to available information, more than 340,000 refugees have come to us in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. According to Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurečka, only 10,000 of them apply for a job. This represents only 3% of the total. It is about our words that the Ukrainians came to us, who mainly draw solidarity and humanitarian contributions from our budget. In addition, coordination between regions still does not work, and many Ukrainians also remain here outside the registration system.

We have repeatedly asked the government to present a clear strategy to deal with this refugee crisis, when major problems of the sustainability of our social, health and school system and social tensions in our society are already beginning. We understand the concerns and complaints of our fellow citizens and consider these concerns to be justified. People complain that Ukrainians are preferred in health facilities, and parents of Czech children write to us about the situation in schools. The SPD believes that the aid to Ukrainian refugees must be adequate, limited in time and that after the end of the conflict, the refugees must return to Ukraine to build their country, and we can help them in this.

The government of Petr Fiala really helps the Ukrainians more than the citizens of the Czech Republic. This does not help our fellow citizens at all. The government has only proposed a totally insufficient reduction in excise duty on petrol and diesel of CZK 1.50 per litre, and this will only apply in June and the end of September. The government of Petr Fiala (ODS) proves in practice that it has no intention of “taking care of people”, as the President of the Chamber of Deputies Markéta Pekarová Adamová of the TOP arrogantly declared 09 of the government to push the government to resign.

Czech MEPs report that the EU plans to further strengthen the Green Deal and accelerate the transition to “renewable energy” following events in Ukraine and ambitions to cut off Russian gas. What perspective do you see this idea?

The Czech Republic is currently entirely dependent on gas imports from Russia, and we do not yet have an alternative to Russian gas, so cutting off Russian gas would mean an immediate increase in energy prices and hyperinflation. Our citizens and businesses would find themselves in an insoluble situation. Tankers from the United States or elsewhere cannot replace this possible breakdown. The SPD is the only party in parliament that has been promoting the energy and food security of our republic for years. The other parties laughed at us and now, unfortunately, we see how it affects our fellow citizens. The current governments have not solved this problem, and the Fail government has not even ensured the filling of the natural gas storage facilities, so we have supplies even for a month…


Are you cutting off Russian gas and oil supplies?

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And the Green Deal is harmful nonsense. The problem is that renewable energy sources (RES) are actually occasional energy sources. Sometimes it blows lightly, sometimes too much, sometimes the sun shines, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes there is a lot of water and sometimes little water. Moreover, RES may be acceptable, but the entire energy industry cannot stick to them precisely because of their instability, which can cause breakdowns – both because of too low a voltage , but also because of too much. RES can only contribute to energy security as a complement to the energy mix. If they win, they threaten energy security.

The SPD makes it clear that the systemic solution for our republic and our citizens is to withdraw from the EU Green Deal and the EU Emissions Trading System and stop exporting our electricity to the transnational exchanges. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the energy and food self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic, to complete the new units of the nuclear power plants in Dukovany and Temelín and to secure the strategic gas reserves. And it will also be necessary to extend the period of coal mining.

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What do you think of the result of the first round of the presidential election in France?

Marine Le Pen is known to be my long-time friend and SPD colleague from a common European patriotic faction. If Marine Le Pen, who is a harsh critic of Macron’s pro-immigration policies, wins the second round of the presidential election, it will be another blow for the unelected elites of the European Union after Brexit and the elections in Hungary and in Serbia.

But it will be very difficult for Marine, because the vast majority of media, corporations, non-profits, corporate globalists, and indeed the entire establishment are against it. On the other hand, there is growing dissatisfaction with Macron, so even liberal commentators say Marine has a much better chance than last time. Fingers crossed!

We have Easter again here after a year. What would you wish for the citizens?

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you a beautiful, peaceful, joyful and blessed Easter with your loved ones. The current economic and political situation is very difficult. Let’s try to find the right thing between us. Enjoy a beautiful smile, nature in bloom, spring sunshine or a good sip of beer, wine or cider. And also from pomlázka! (laughs) Our families and our nation have to stick together. This is the only way to manage the current crisis.

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