Wealthy Ukrainians also arrived in expensive cars. And they take advantage of it. Filtered! Grandmother snatched the avalanche with her words. Very large

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In Saturday’s interview with Právo, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) said wealthy Ukrainians coming to the Czech Republic and receiving benefits “should be filtered out”. And came Šídl on Twitter that Babiš is also a wealthy migrant who has attracted considerable controversial grants. Patrik Nacher (YES) MEP cut that.

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The description: Andrej Babiš delivers a speech at the electoral assembly of the YES movement.

Fial’s cabinet evokes the security risk linked to the wave of migration from Ukraine. Babiš told Právo that the Czech government should take inspiration from the German government. “There, when registering, they find out what the profession of refugees is. The rich in expensive cars are also from Ukraine, who also benefit from it, this should be filtered. I was at the labor office in Teplice , where there were cases when Ukrainians who worked here illegally wanted to get a subsidy, but they managed to find out and did not receive it, ”he describes in an interview on Saturday.

With his statement, he lifted his opponents from his chair. According to them, he should sweep outside his own door, they say on Twitter.

“Rich people in expensive cars also come from Ukraine, who also benefit from it, this should be filtered out,” commentator Jindřich Šídlo quotes in his Babiš tweet and adds in his tweet and grant files: “I sign fully, I know migrants in expensive countries cars cars they had subsidized for their cottage with public money.”

“Fortunately, it went well here. They said they wanted the subsidy for the innovative toast. “I was at the employment office in Teplice, where there were cases where Ukrainians who worked here illegally wanted to receive a grant, but they managed to find out and did not receive it”, he recalled of the controversial grant, where the European Commission holding Agrofert from the trust funds of Babiš, for the construction of a new line of toasted bread.

There were reactions in the direction of the use of a double meter of the former Prime Minister Babiš. “An ideal story for the show ‘Double Mètre’, that, Patrick Nacher”, asked another speaker to the reply of a member of the YES movement.

“Well, exactly … you are right, you constantly defend yourself with comprehensive measures (no matter how 24 of the 27 EU countries introduced them), but here you don’t mind the flatness … thank you for the tip,” Nacher replied ironically.

Šídlo then challenged him to react specifically regarding subsidies: “Wouldn’t there be a comment on the misuse of subsidies by economic migration, Patrick?”, he asked.

“Journalists are the watchdogs of democracy – they watch over those who govern. That’s how it was. Now at least some of them watch over those in the opposition.

Czech television sports journalist Darina Vymětalíková recalled that although some Ukrainians arrive in luxury cars, that is after all the only thing they have. “I confirm. Our Ukrainian from the Kharkiv region has expensive SUVs, better than me. “She just doesn’t have a home anymore,” she said.

Under his contribution, the speakers spoke of similar experiences from their surroundings. “We also have two Ukrainian women and three young children in the apartment, an SUV also arrived. At six o’clock, a luxury friend from construction brought them to Polička from Brno, the Voroněž hotel ended up with accommodation. They also don’t have a house in Ukraine, it evaporated specially, “he said that he was bombed. And he added a message to Babish: “You are a bastard and a king bastards.”

However, another contributor felt that Ukrainians were so safe that they probably did not need benefits. “It just occurred to me that I had an interview with a friend. I respect her, I like her, we have known each other for years, but when she started telling me that Ukrainians fucked her because they smelled like expensive perfumes, designer clothes and a better car than the two of us put together, I said that,” she added.

On the contrary, other Czech citizens wondered if the Fial government would provide such luxury in the form of SUVs to Czech citizens: “When will the government organize SUVs for our people?”

Babiš also reiterated in today’s interview that he considers the biggest mistake when the Czech government forgets its own citizens to help war refugees from Ukraine.

“The main problem is that the government does not care about Czech citizens. For example, single women, people with disabilities, were waiting for apartments, did not get them, and now suddenly there are apartments, all at Suddenly the Labor Office can pay the benefit via demand Why don’t they do it for our people There must be equality because if our people feel that our government coughs at them and only cares about Ukrainians , and so far it looks like this, so it will not go well, “stressed Andrej Babiš.

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