The divorce surprised them just like us! Celebrities Who Shocked The Breakup For Women

  • March 15, 2022 | 06:00

    When the divorce is pronounced, many people stand on end. Some couples separate very discreetly and without warm blood, but elsewhere it’s the real Italy. What’s worse is that it turns out that the man’s infidelity and dour announcements are the cause of most of the breakups. “I do not love you anymore.”

    Which famous couples met the same fate as Veronika Žilková (60) and Martin Stropnický (65)? Who didn’t let the thread dry out and who managed to break up in peace?

  • Veronika Žilková is currently experiencing a real shock and something that all of us are terrified of. Her longtime partner and husband, Martin Stropnický, left her. Both have already experienced a similar situation, even twice. But you can’t prepare for something like that, the more painful it is the way it’s done.

    Breaking up after an e-mail with the fact that after eighteen years together someone will write that he no longer loves you is a blow to the heart. “I received an email that he no longer loves me and that his possible new relationship is only a consequence and that he apologizes. Absurdity today, the former Minister of defense instead of defending his family in wartime, moves into a villa with a fallout shelter and breaks up his family. Are you kidding? No!” writes Žilková. She had just returned from vacation where her husband had invited them. “On the plane from Dubai, where he invited us, Kordulka said it was such a great week that she feels like dad is saying goodbye to us. That it was divorce leave. I didn’t know his instincts were true.”

    It was impossible not to notice the hints of the possible relationship that Stropnický probably made. “He probably discovered that at 65 he looked better next to a young woman than next to a 60-year-old woman. I have no other explanation. He had a hard time accepting the growing years. Actors are more vain. So you’ve probably found someone the young prince is for again. With a good salary and good status.”

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  • Kuchařová and Brzobohatý

    Táňa Kuchařová and Ondřej Brzobohatý were another couple that caused a stir when news of their split broke. They seemed very stable in public, but the fact is that they didn’t let anyone see their private life.

    The musician was the first to say that they had been living apart for several months, and the model was obviously very surprised. “The only thing I can say is that we only finally ended our relationship yesterday and I will be filing for divorce. What I learned from the media surprised and surprised me. C is, of course, a great disappointment for me towards the person I trusted, I had planned to expand my family with him, and on June 30, 2021, I renewed the marriage vow that my husband prepared me as a surprise for our 5th wedding anniversary,” Kuchařová said at the time. It turned out that another woman was probably also involved in this breakup. The eighth year together was fatal to them.

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  • Plekanec and Vondrackova

    Nobody is surprised by the famous combination of a famous hockey player and a beautiful woman, so people liked the beautiful couple almost as much as the gold in the hockey of our country at any championship. The couple have two sons together, and when it broke that there was an end between them, it was a big blast. The two didn’t let the yarn dry, and their split broke off in the media for a while. Their divorce is said to have been discussed for a year before they both cut it off outside the door of Lucia’s parents’ house, and Plekanec admitted he had been dating tennis player Lucie Šafářová for some time. weather. But that was not the reason for their breakup. We have another woman at the break. “I had no idea.” said the singer.

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  • This couple was also very interesting and you certainly won’t get bored with them. They even got married twice, and after six years the breakup was not without drama and media attacks on each other. Since the first marriage was a bit punk and they hadn’t signed a prenuptial agreement, Agáta claimed during the divorce that Jakub wanted to make money out of the divorce. He himself said years ago that they should have signed the treaty mainly because of Agatha, because he had nothing. Agatha’s friend claimed that Jakub was mentally abusing Agatha and that Agatha was cheating on James. What was surprising about this couple is that they lasted longer together than their breakup. They still have bad blood between them and Jakub still “jokes” publicly at his expense.

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  • The model and the famous footballer got married in front of the altar of the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul in Vyšehrad on June 16, 2011. Even then their two sons were born. Nothing seemed to disturb their union. Until the goalkeeper declared that he was unfaithful, it was final for the model and the divorce was in progress. It’s here again, another woman. “I think it’s a long process for everyone to forgive, and a lot depends on the new people you meet.” explained the brunette. “Of course, the disappointment persists,“She added, adding that even after seven years, not all the scars healed completely.

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