Pack to travel like a pro. CBD drops and earplugs will come in handy

If you travel as often or frequently as I do, you certainly have a number of tips for avoiding mistakes that can make you sad while abroad. How not to forget to take something that you are not sure to find in the exotic destination where you are going? And how to deal with jet lag?

Build list and additional chimney

A few days before my departure, I gradually put aside all the things that come to mind and that could be useful to me during my travels.

Adapter? As soon as I remember that I need him, I’ll put him on the fireplace. Flip flops? I often forget them and then on the rocky outcrops in the sea I wish I had them. I’ll add them to the pile as soon as I remember. A large IKEA bag always moves to the necessities. This is useful, for example, when I want to buy fresh fruit at a farmer’s market.

Make a list of everything you should have with you on the list. When you put things in a bag or suitcase, uncheck the box to know you have everything.

Add the list to the suitcase. This can come in handy when you’re leaving when you want to check you’ve packed everything.

A long flight?

There’s nothing I would enjoy more, but there are places you just won’t look at without a twelve or fourteen hour flight.

For many years it hurts a lot less when, in addition to a memory foam cushion, you also add earplugs to your hand luggage (these will also come in handy wherever noisy motorbikes ride in the streets at three in the morning) and a toothbrush. Wear a large hoodie. The balaclava will be a pretty good replacement for an eye mask and protect you against the ubiquitous (and often damn cold) air conditioning.

A miracle called CBD

Need to deal with jet lag, but can’t fall asleep? A few drops of quality CBD and (at least in my experience) you’re guaranteed to take. They can also be useful on a long flight, where sleeping conditions are often not quite optimal.

First aid kit

And speaking of drops and medications: if you start taking quality probiotics before travel, you will prepare your digestive tract for possible attacks by exotic food parts and possible digestive problems. And even if that doesn’t work, Imodium Rapid should help.

Half empty there, full in the back

A suitcase in the hold has many advantages. My strategy is to go with a half-empty suitcase so that everything I never thought I would bring back from the trip would fit in my way back.

That delicious Spanish cheese? You have to buy some in stock. Primitive from a small cellar in southern Italy or cachaça from Brazil? You might not find them in your home, but you’ll definitely put at least one bottle in your suitcase. This rule applies to almost all countries except Japan. You will shop there so that it pays to pay extra for two suitcases on the way back.

Clothes for one week maximum

Even if you’re traveling somewhere for a long time, packing clothes for the moon doesn’t make much sense. I’m packing so I have enough t-shirts, socks, and underwear for about a week.

Then I’ll have my clothes washed. Whether at the hotel or at the nearby laundromat. If you prefer private Airbnb accommodation, just make sure the apartment or house has a working washing machine.

Second sunglasses

If I lose something or nothing on a regular basis, and especially when I’m traveling somewhere, it’s sunglasses. This is also the reason why I never buy expensive designer pieces.

And for this case, I also always take the second in stock. I will save time that I would otherwise spend looking for nice rims.

A light and foldable jacket

It is called Ultra Light Down and is made by the Japanese company Uniqlo, and today it is imitated by a number of other brands. It’s lightweight and when you squeeze it, it fits into a bigger kidney. Nevertheless, thanks to the feathers, it warms up well and if you are traveling in a colder climate, it will also fit under your coat.

It is a jacket that is suitable for the inter-weather when the summer is not yet complete, sometimes the wind blows or when the temperatures drop sharply in the evening. Even if you don’t end up using it, it weighs next to nothing and fits anywhere, so taking it with you still makes sense.

Additional SIM card

Your mobile operator will be happy to issue a second SIM card to your number. Even though it’s not pleasant, if something gets stolen most often, it’s smartphones. And if your cell phone is stolen (or drowned in the sea), you don’t want to lose your phone number.

There’s another tip here: If you have an old cell phone somewhere in the socket and you’re going to places known to steal more than our country, I’d consider installing the latest iPhone (or keep it in the hotel safe) and get an older model instead.

And what are the tips of other regular travelers?

Simon Brabec, businessman, Braasi

Point: We always take our captain with us, this Czech specialty. We even started making it ourselves in Braasi, although today we put a little different stuff in it than before. It is a double pocket for small items, cell phone and power bank. It is still useful where electricity is unstable.

To do this, we always pack tea tree oil. It acts as a natural disinfectant and helps with wounds, abrasions or bites. And when you pour it on a piece of sugar, it supports the body against disease.

Favorite destinations: Sri Lanka. Nice people and a pleasant tropical climate where everything grows. We wouldn’t mind buying a retirement home there.

Jana Kašová, top Czech surfer and digital nomad

Point: Apart from the necessities for surfing, like zinc and wax, I will never forget to pack hydrogen peroxide. It is regularly suitable as a disinfectant for abrasions – reef cuts and for rinsing the ears so as not to come out of the sea water.

Above all, I will not forget the plum brandy either. On the one hand, it is a good prevention against stomach problems and it is also suitable for making new friendships and cheering up when the path does not go as planned. And a camping spoon and metal straw so nature won’t be so busy.

Favorite destinations: Apart from Bali, it must be Portugal, where I now spend most of the year.

Jakub Kopčák, co-founder of a concept store with niche perfumes

Point: I most often travel to African countries around the equator, as I love the African jungle. For this case, I have two universal lists – one for the tropics and one for winter. They can overlap, for example when climbing a high mountain where the temperature drops significantly. In any case, I will never forget to bring a portable mosquito net, which is generally necessary in a humid tropical climate.

Favorite destinations: Gabon. You can walk here in the rainforest and you will also see gorillas. But the main reason for me is that it’s about 80% covered by the original rainforests, you don’t meet tourists here and you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

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