“Our children did not go to school for two years. But should we integrate Ukrainians quickly?!” The ex-minister has had enough. He returns to politics

You announced your candidacy for the Senate and recently launched your electoral campaign. What is your biggest motivation to become a senator?

I felt more and more helpless as our state failed to deal with the disintegration of our old good and normal world, the disintegration of honest, tried and tested values. It is not enough to talk about it, to give conferences, to write, to debate. You have to get into the game and be where it’s decided. I don’t want to blame myself for not having done anything in twenty years.

What exactly would you like to focus on in this position?

On family law and individual freedoms. And also the everyday worries of normal ordinary people. The others, let them calmly deal with strategic issues in the Pacific, I am interested in the world and in life here. And our state, our government and our representatives are fleeing from the common concerns of the people to global phrases.

You are a lawyer and you have also been Minister of Justice. How do you view this experience? blocking of about thirty websites by the administrator of the Czech domain CZ.NIC – at the instigation of the government and the security forces on the grounds that it is a threat to state security because pro-Russian?


Are you in favor of building a NATO base on Czech territory?

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This is the biggest assault on free speech since the 1980s. Let’s not be fooled by the arguments of modern censors. The destruction of free speech has always been masked by lofty slogans about allegedly fighting vicious propaganda. This does not change the fact that these efforts are enthusiastically supported by idealists fighting for the good of all.

Legislation is in the works to allow the blocking of websites as legally as in Slovakia. Who do you think should decide on such measures?

First, I am convinced that nothing like this can happen. But the idea of ​​some politicians, such as senators, that there should be a licensing body allowing various interest groups to do the dirty work of censorship for the state seems to me quite misleading. . We have had justice ever since.

How much do you think freedom of expression, respect for different opinions and the ability to discuss in Czech society have changed in the last five years?

If they had hibernated us five years ago and thawed us yesterday, we would not have believed with our eyes what people are ready to excuse, defend, impose and tolerate. Voltaire’s “I don’t agree with you, but I’ll do whatever you can say” was thrown in the trash. Today, top politicians recommend keeping quiet and mixing it up.

As a lawyer, you work in family law. To what extent is the ruling coalition tackling family issues affected by the current crisis?

The coalition does not care about family at all. On the contrary, it takes steps to further question the sovereignty of the family relationship. In a moment, the grandfather will be able to marry his eight-year-old granddaughter. All the barriers that separated us from the unacceptable are being broken down, with the help of the state. I want to stop it.

The Czech Republic is one of the countries visited by hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees, many of whom are mothers with children. Czech kindergartens and other schools are starting to fill up, despite exceptions regarding the number of pupils, etc. How should the state solve this problem?

I will offer you another point of view. Our children didn’t go to school for almost two years, which didn’t bother anyone, even though we fought against it and reasonably feared the consequences. So why is it so necessary at this time, two months before the end of the school year, to include Ukrainian children in the groups? After all, this is in direct contradiction to the recommendation of psychologists that children remain calm with their parents for two or three months and no one divides them. How then are we going to deal with their unprocessed trauma? After all, is there already a critical shortage of experts for the sore souls of the covid period? I would pay much more attention to it.

The iDnes.cz server pointed out that the government had reserved an additional 4.5 billion crowns for the adaptation and accommodation of refugees, in a secret regime. Why do you think he says something?

In the end, there will be ten or fifteen times that money. They try to do it quietly because our people rightly feel crazy. Our ambition is not to steal hundreds of thousands of its citizens from Ukraine. After all, the majority will have to return home after the fighting and begin to rebuild the country. We must protect those who are in danger. But the objectives of our government are obviously different from simple security.

The importance of the family – men and women in marriage – is increasingly discussed. In your opinion, are traditional family values ​​under threat in the context of gender mainstreaming, same-sex marriage and adoption, etc.? ? Do you think we have something to fear?


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Many irreversible and irreparable things have already happened. Half of the children are born out of wedlock. The value of the family bond is constantly devalued and denigrated. And we must surely fear that the worst in this sense is yet to come. A normal human becomes an endangered species. That’s why I protect the normal world.

The Constitutional Court confirmed that gender reassignment in state documents and archives is possible only after an operational gender reassignment. Is it good?

In my view, sex cannot be changed by surgery, a person’s DNA remains, and for example in forensic criminology the investigator would assess the biological imprint as the one the person was born with. However, I understand the approach of the Constitutional Court that certain things are simply given to a person and he cannot simply choose them. What if a 30-something said he was 70 on the inside and wanted a pension? Or ten years old, he feels like he’s twenty and he wants cognac in the restaurant? The decision of the Constitutional Court is perfectly correct.

In the same vein, there is the discussion of the significant influence of minorities. Surely you have also heard the argument that the minorities begin to control the majority. Do you agree with that? Or are these exaggerated fears? Where to find the balance?

Man is above all a human being. So only a member of a group, like a minority. Additionally, everyone is a member of a number of minorities. For example, I am a woman, a blonde, a mother, a wife, a lawyer, a writer, a left-hander, a beer lover and, although a non-smoker, a fighter for smokers’ rights. Society’s bite on privileged minorities irritates individual groups against each other. In a normal world, very different people can live side by side and don’t have to band together in pressure strikes.

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author: Zuzana Koulova

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