“Lack of intelligence or pursuit of cheap popularity?”

The government has approved 4.5 billion crowns for the housing and integration of Ukrainian refugees in a secret regime. The iDnes.cz server pointed it out. The YES movement claims that this is why the state of emergency is dangerous, because the government can spend without restriction. How do you see the approval of the amount in secret?

Very negative. The government is saying something else to the public and doing something else. We hear rhetoric about transparency all the time, but they don’t behave that way when it comes to their decisions. Hackers in particular should be screaming, but there is silence. Obtaining such crucial information under the Freedom of Information Act and not from the Prime Minister at a press conference is simply untrustworthy. If it was rare, I would understand. But there are more of those bending and fogging facts with nice talk. This is in the context of extending the emergency to 60 days as a matter of course or confusing the Minister of Industry and Trade on energy, when we do not know what we are really doing on the gas or now the confusion in the government communication on the American base.

The announcement by Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) that during her visit to the United States of America she would discuss the possibility of an American base in the Czech Republic came as a surprise. Neither the public nor the politicians knew anything about it, and it turned out that neither the Americans knew anything about it. Prime Minister Petr Fiala called it a good idea, which is not on the agenda. What does it say?

Amateurism or piety. There is nothing else in it. She took everyone by surprise. Including the United States and its own prime minister. He just doesn’t communicate like that. Presenting such a subject in this way in the situation in which we find ourselves is, to say the least, regrettable. I was surprised that it came from such an experienced politician. I always thought of her.

Do you think it is necessary to have an American base on Czech lands?

Discussions about whether or not are irrelevant. The Prime Minister also cut them off abruptly. And it takes longer and deeper discussions on different levels than the two lines of Twitter.

And what about the base of the North Atlantic Alliance?


Are you in favor of building a NATO base on Czech territory?

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It’s the same answer, although it seemed to me in her statement that she didn’t even know the difference between a NATO base and an American base. I know it deals with social affairs as well.

We are all going to be a little poorer. Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said this in the context of the impending war in Ukraine and related issues. What can be done so that the Czechs feel this impoverishment as little as possible?

First of all, to help concretely and not to make fun of citizens and not to lie about public finances. If I take general measures against purple poverty and rising inflation by reducing the price of gasoline by one crown, it is a travesty. If I say that I will deal with measures against rising prices by controlling margins, which still do not have tangible results and which have always been done to the detriment of citizens, it is a mockery for another. That is why we are paving the way for comprehensive aid, because the public finances are ready for it, we are in a much better financial situation than the neighboring states, we can use the dividends from CEZ and, last but not least, this government has raised more money for the state budget due to rising prices. Not only do we say this, but also the government Pirates party. Neighboring states are also showing the most effective assistance. 24 European countries have introduced them, only 3 have not. And we are among them. Just a mockery.

And how specifically to help families and single people? Is surface aid the right solution? The Coalition of Five dismissed such measures as populist ideas….

We wanted global measures for a limited time, and as I said in a previous answer, 24 countries in Europe are helping us. According to the current coalition, populists reign in Austria, Germany, France and Belgium. Maybe the Speaker of the House could tweet about us being an island of non-populists in Europe, but that’s about it, because gas prices aren’t cheaper for singles, families and seniors. What amazes me the most is how this asocial government has thrown the disabled overboard, to whom it has not even paid a mobility allowance. That’s a shame. They are indeed dependent on solidarity, on social peace, but this government locks itself in by favoring one over the other in this time of crisis and always logically forgetting any group of people. Up to a fifth of the population lives in poverty, and I have all young families with children at heart. They’re starting to get really tough. With rising prices for energy, fuel, mortgages, food.

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and TOP 09 Markéta Pekarová Adamová told Právo that Hungary, led by Viktor Orbán, prefers cheap gas to Ukrainian blood. Is right?

Unfortunately, communication on Twitter is essential for the president, which is why she makes so many communication shortcuts on topics that deserve more in-depth and dignified discussion. Unfortunately, this is not possible on this platform, we all know that. She’s not right, it’s just a way to kick someone, because the president doesn’t want to argue, doesn’t want to understand the other, doesn’t want to ask questions, maybe be because of limited intellectual capacity or because of the pursuit of popularity by this cheap. I’m sorry. This division of society is not close to me. But we live in a world of simplification….

  • TOP 09
  • President of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Last time you told me it was “really shocking how upset she was able to upset different groups of people with her unsystematic decisions.” You also said that the government does not really think about citizens and cannot understand their problems. How do you think this manifests itself?


Are you cutting off Russian gas and oil supplies?

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By not understanding what people need and expect from politicians. Look sometimes from this pedestal. This governmental formation is perhaps blinded and intoxicated by the power and its own importance that the importance of the people is below its specificity. This anger lasts and we see it in some people. How they treat contractors, farmers, transporters. Now comes the refugee crisis, so how do teachers, social workers, health professionals, employment offices deal with it? Everywhere I look there is a system problem. We support the government in all its decisions and ultimately, based on our resolution in the House, they have developed a strategic plan. It’s not a fucking thing, but like an initial excavation well. This government simply talks more than it acts. It does not matter.

There is talk of the continued division of society in the context of helping refugees from Ukraine and the extent to which the government is trying to reduce the effects of the crisis on the Czechs. Can government politicians communicate with the population and explain the situation to them?

I think he is trying here. We in the opposition are helping them in this because the experience when the current coalition kicked our ankles from the opposition benches in a similar crisis is great. All the citizens help him equally with their practical help and their solidarity. The only time the government unnecessarily divides society is with its massive and widespread aid. They do not realize that global aid will help all the inhabitants of our country. To refugees and Czechs.

The fact that the Czech Republic produces cheap electricity, which it then resells on the Leipzig Stock Exchange and then buys back more expensively for its citizens within the common market, is increasingly mentioned. After what is happening because of the war in Ukraine, is it appropriate to change?

We will be chairing the European Union in a few months. Logically, I think the main subject will be energy and energy security. So the change is also in this respect.

How to support food self-sufficiency in the Czech Republic? And does the crisis show this need?

Significantly. I really like listening to my colleague Tureček, who understands this and can explain it to me. All of these links, the links between energy and fertilizer production, the pig production crisis, etc., would be worth talking to him about. The last time I saw the Minister of Agriculture in the debate, I understood that we were not in good hands. It is the weakest link in the current government with the Minister of Industry. And in this time of crisis, unfortunately, we both need it as salt.

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author: Zuzana Koulova

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