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Quote on a Facebook profile of a speech by George Friedman at a seminar in Chicago in February 2015

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I do not hide the fact that many processes can be explained by knowing the chaos theory of Z. Brzezinsky and its implementation in the current geopolitical situation. On the other hand, we must not forget that there must be an implementation plan for this strategy. And the most pragmatic was explained by George Friedman. I just want to mention that familiar name. Where to place it? Wikipedia characterizes him as an American intelligence expert and national security expert. In 1996, he founded the main American private consulting agency Stratfor. So many official sources. Unofficially, but realistically, Friedman is one of the biggest behind-the-scenes players in geopolitics.

After all, judge for yourself and also evaluate some of his views, including on the margin of US-European relations along the Germany-Ukraine-Russia geographical axis, which he gave in February 2015 at a seminar in Chicago. So a very official source.
For example. Commenting on the hot topic of the past, present and arguably future, namely the position of Germany and Russia in Europe from the perspective of the United States, he said: “This is the relationship between Germany and Russia, because their unity is the only threat to us, therefore we must ensure that such a connection does not take place.

It is also remarkable to discover how Americans perceive the old continent as such. While today’s everyday citizens are unwittingly subjected to a media hype about a uniting Europe, Friedman says the opposite: “The idea of ​​European excellence, I think, will be the first casualty. There has already been a conflict in Yugoslavia. – we no longer have any relationship with Europe. We have a relationship with Romania, we have a relationship with France, etc. Yes, also with Germany. But there is no single Europe with which we can have a relationship.


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As for what is happening in Ukraine, Friedman has no doubts in this case either: “If you are Ukrainian, it goes without saying that you will basically contact the only country that will help you, and that is the United States. US Army Chief Hodges visits Ukraine in Europe, announcing that US trainers will come officially, it won’t be unofficially, then he leaves announcing that the US will move its weapons to the Baltics, Poland , Romania and Bulgaria, which the United States had officially denied, but which should enter anyway. The United States had acted outside of NATO one hundred percent of the vote and any country can veto anything and Turkey will veto it just for fun the trick is that the United States is ready to build a sanitary corridor around Russia and that Russia is aware of this. The Russians are on whether to keep the buffer zone at least neutral or whether the West, resp. NATO will sink so deep into Ukraine that we will be 100 km from Stalingrad and 500 km from Moscow. For Russia, status in Ukraine is an existential threat and they cannot afford to let it float. Russia’s natural resources and Russian labor are the greatest and only combination that has haunted the United States for centuries. »

What about our pro-American politicians who hide behind Czech citizenship? But that’s not all. Friedman also explains the global policy of the United States: “The United States has a fundamental interest in controlling all the oceans of the world. Nobody has been able to do it yet. This allows us to attack states when they cannot attack us. I argued that no European force could create a fleet because it forced the Europeans to attack each other, and I would recommend a policy like Ronald Reagan’s against Iran and Iraq, sponsoring both sides to make sure they didn’t go against us. certainly not moral, but it works. The thing is, the United States can’t occupy Eurasia. By the time we enter the continent, we find that we are demographically totally outnumbered. “130,000 soldiers occupy a country of 25 million people, it’s unthinkable. But we have the opportunity to support more rival forces. In virtually any way – politically, militarily, economically.”

Especially on the eve of the 77th anniversary of our country’s liberation by the heroic Red Army, Friedman’s performance in Chicago, aged six, is extremely precious. To understand the world, to understand what it is exposed to today, and in what great danger, from the point of view of national identity and state sovereignty, the Czech Republic finds itself. De facto all of Europe.

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