Complainant: With the arrival of the President of the ANO, his adviser took hundreds of thousands for a fictitious job

The former adviser to the governor of Ústí nad Labem, Vladislava Marschallová, is responsible in court for the preparation of the largest regional enterprise of more than 300,000 crowns. The prosecutor accused her of fraud. According to him, Marschall charged money for work she didn’t do. As a last resort, she faces eight years in prison. Aktuálně.cz has an indictment for the case. The adviser to the former governor denies any guilt.

A look at Vladislav Marschall’s job description in November 2020 suggested she was very busy. She worked as an assistant to MP Jan Schiller (YES), who was also recently governor of the Ústí region. Upon her inauguration, she became his foreign, health and foreign relations adviser. He also had a political function. She was the vice-president of the YES movement in the region.

After Schiller took over as head of the region, she was added to two more positions as assistant and adviser. It was acquired from the largest company in the region, Krajská zdravotní, which at the time managed the five largest hospitals in the region. The company is owned by the regional government. Marschall was to be responsible for the company’s communication with the media, and his next task was to organize vaccination centers.

“When concluding the contracts, she concealed that she had already concluded two other contracts with her employer, the region of Ústí nad Labem (…), and it should have been clear from the above that she would not exercise no activities for the regional health service just because of his time.” in the indictment available to Aktuálně.cz and the Ústí District Court has already started hearing this week.

On the minutes of the meeting only as a guest

The two new contracts were very advantageous for Marschall. Thanks to them, she received a total of 112,400 crowns as a basic monthly income, and with the bonus she could reach 128,000. This is more than perceived by the chairman of the board of directors of the Regional Health Service. More than deputy general managers. And almost as much as the director himself earned. She had contracts completed at the end of May 2021.

“With the intention of obtaining financial benefits when entering into employment contracts with Krajská zdravotní, he misled him as to his willingness to perform (…) job duties (…). a received a reward”, describes the plaintiff Zdeněk Ovčačík.

Regional health insurance costs for Marschall’s remuneration, including levies, reached 305,000 crowns, and she received 207,000 net during the term of the contracts. The plaintiff infers her fraudulent conduct, among other things, from the minutes of the regional vaccination health staff meeting, which Marschall was supposed to manage by the nature of her contract.

“According to the minutes of the regional immunization staff meeting of January 11, 2021, the accused is not mentioned at all by a member of the immunization staff (…), on the minutes of this staff meeting of January 18, January 25, February 1, February 8, 25 “February and March 4, 2021, the accused is only listed among the guests”, describes the public prosecutor.

They only knew her as a counselor

According to the contracts, in addition to vaccination, Marschall was also to manage the external communication of the Regional Health Service. But the company has its own press service, which has five employees. Jana Mrákotová headed and still heads the media department at that time. They therefore had to work closely with Marschall. But they did not cooperate.

“She knows the defendant Marschall, she met him in the performance of his duties. However, she does not know anything more about the professional status of the defendant in the Regional Health Service,” prosecutor Ovčačík said in citing Mrákotová’s statement during the investigation.

Governor of Ústí nad Labem Jan Schiller. | Photo: CTK

It appears from the indictment that virtually none of the company’s key figures knew about Marschall’s role in Krajská zdravotní. Whether it was Radim Laibl, the regional health service advisor, or Ondřej Štěrba, a member of the company’s board of directors at the time. They also encountered no work by Marschall in favor of the Regional Health Service. They considered the adviser of its governor.

“He did not personally see the specific work results of the defendant for regional health, although he negotiated with the defendant, but he believed that she was working as an adviser to the governor,” writes the prosecutor Ovčačík, who said the criminalists served on the company’s board of directors.

One degree below CEO

It is precisely the work for the benefit of the governor that Marschall published as a representation for the Regional Health Service. Czech radio has already mapped its working relationships in detail. For example, on January 21, she sat in a meeting of the regional council of Ústí nad Labem, but she listed the 12 hours spent on the council as work for the regional health council.

Last February, Marschall’s atypical salary conditions were brought before the company’s board of directors. Its member Leoš Vysoudil asked President Jindřich Zetek to obtain both contracts and submit them for discussion. The council was preparing to meet on March 9. However, the company’s management, led by CEO Aleš Chodacký, terminated the contracts two weeks earlier.

During the board meeting, it became clear that it was Chodacki who had previously made contracts with Marschall. Without the knowledge of the superiors of the board of directors. At the March meeting, he could not explain to them why he had accepted Marschall and what work she was doing. The board therefore fired him.

“His position was a notch lower than the CEO was directly submitted to him. However, such contracts are approved by the board, it was the duty of the CEO to submit such a contract,” Zetek told Aktuálně.cz earlier. When he recalled Chodacký, the regional council and president Jan Schiller immediately turned against him. She fired him from the board.

The prosecutor proposes a condition

Marschall declined to testify during the investigation. She only said that she was carrying out her professional duties and that the then director, Chodacki, had agreed to cooperate with her on the initiative of Zetka. She repeated the same thing in court. “He knew what else I was doing. He offered me contracts, he told me the amount. I accepted it. I had no reason to have any doubts,” he said. she declared. He is said to be ready to prove his claims in court. Zetek rejects his version.

During the investigation, his version of the seven witnesses heard was confirmed by Vlasta Kašparová, the sole deputy director of human resources of the Regional Health Service. According to her, Maretall was in fact introduced to the company by Zetek, who also had to determine the amount of her compensation. According to her, she usually moved into the business and performed her work on the basis of contracts.

Former Director General of Regional Health Aleš Chodacki.

Former Director General of Regional Health Aleš Chodacki. | Photo: Regional Health

Marschall was believed to be committing fraud at a time when a state of emergency was in effect in the Czech Republic. For this reason, she faces up to eight years in prison. “With regard to the accused person as an honorable person, I propose to impose a sentence of education at the lower limit of the rate of the legal sentence (2 years), the execution of which would be conditionally suspended for a probationary period 3 years,” the prosecutor suggested.

When Marschall’s suspicious commitments came to light last March, his political career came to an end. Hetman Schiller broke off cooperation with her, she also lost the post of vice-president of YES in the region. He says he is out of work now. The police also originally accused the company’s former director Aleš Chodacký, who had signed contracts with her. However, the plaintiff suspended his proceedings.

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