Bartosova, Meghan or Farna. Which wives did the media really take?

Celebrities are often seen as a public good. Yet, like everyone else, they are entitled to privacy and basic decency. Some media exaggerate with their interest and slide into the lives of celebrities so brutally that it exceeds the tolerable limit, after all, social media fans do the same. Then it comes close to collapsing and, in rare cases, dying, let’s remember Princess Diana, for example. Who enjoyed their paparazzi?

Eva Farna (28 years old)

The Czech singer once began to change from a girl to a woman in front of the audience. And many didn’t like it. She received intimidating and unflattering labels from journalists and others about her curvy figure. It was really big for a teenager psychological burden.

She read about herself, for example looks like a disco ball, donut or chunky Christmas ornament. However, little by little and with the help of a psychologist, she managed to gain self-confidence and manage the song I have hips like a wardrobe. A positive view of her own body was further reinforced by motherhood. Ewa recently gave birth to her second child, a daughter, Ella. One of his last songs The body normalizes various imperfections.


Thank you for being who I am, singing in the Body song

Meghan Markle (40 years old)

For a while, reporters also caught fire for the actress and her wife Prince Harry (37). When her relationship with a member of the British royal family came to light, they all wondered if she was good enough for Harry as an actress. The media snooped into his privacy, into bad relations with his father, etc. There was also racism, it was written that she brought black genes to the royal family (her mother is African American), and today the former BBC host posted after Meghan gave birthon his Twitter photo of a chimpanzee with the caption: the royal child leaves the hospital.

It was also painful for Meghan to constantly compare herself with Duchess Kate (40 years old), presented as the perfect woman. The negative attitude of the media and the public and the misunderstanding with the royal family eventually led the couple to give up their official roles. in the British monarchy and moved to America. Prince Harry has broken down with his father and brother and is set to settle accounts with them in a book he is preparing and due out later this year.


They did not resist pressure from the British media and preferred to move with her husband

Iveta Bartosova (✝48)

czech singer, who ended his life by jumping under the train in 2014, underwent a fundamental change in the last years of his life, which of course the media followed closely. In recent years, she has had problems with alcohol addiction and has often looked at the newspapers about it. they wrote unflattering articles and television invited her to their reports just for fun. Long before her death, then tabloid journalist and now Řeporyjí mayor Pavel Novotný predicted that the writers would kill her one day and it wouldn’t take long. He wasn’t wrong.

One of the biggest scandals before Iveta’s death is when she was a self-proclaimed protector Zdenek Macura (47) took her to Italy and then photographed her lying on the beach in her swimsuit, which was supposed to be proof that the singer was fine. Her then-boyfriend and later husband Josef Rychtar (63) However, he claimed she had been abducted and immediately rushed to her aid. The devil to know.


The singer ended her life in April 2014

Britney Spear (40)

During the last years, popular singer maybe she reunited and recently got rid of the custody her father had over her after she broke down. deprived of his authority. In early 2007, his alcohol and drug problems peaked. She shaved her head, attacked the photographer, and was so out of place she couldn’t properly care for her children. However, the media, which tinkered with his issues and his private life, also contributed significantly to his downfall.

She attempted a comeback the same year, but her embarrassing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards showed she was still not doing well. She did not pick up the choreography or the vocals during the playback. Although she is now self-righteous and even engaged (and pregnant!), people are still expressing doubts about his sanity. They are mainly brought there by the videos she posts on her Instagram, on which she dances in a rather messy way.


Britney and Iveta’s stories are very similar

Courtney Love (57)

Not even a rocker by the name of Rolling Stone magazine was lying on her roses the most controversial woman in rock history. While her late husband, singer Kurt Cobain (✝27), was celebrated and admired for his unbridled lifestyle and messy looks, she was criticized for the same or similar things.

She was even accused by the conspirators of having ordered the death of her husband so that he could not divorce. He overdosed on heroin and stabbed himself in the head with a shotgun. The singer, who was also addicted to drugs, went through several rehabs and seems to have succeeded in the end. She quite often reports to her fans on Instagram, where in the past she also confided in them that she almost died of anemia, i.e. anemia.


Courtney Love has a very tumultuous life

Janet Jackson (55)

Member famous families musicians has always been somewhat controversial material for the media. Not only his sculptures were discussed, but also the scandal of 2004, when it seemed to him singer Justin Timberlake (41) revealed boobs during joint Super Bowl performance. The main wave of criticism however the singer caught. His songs were even blacklisted on some stations and his participation in several events was canceled. The media began to speculate whether it was really an accident, accusing the singer of calculation and trying to make herself visible. However, the singer and singer claim it was a costume error and not a rehearsal number.

In a new documentary, the singer opened up about herself, among other things, saying that her brother Michael Jackson (✝50) insulted her because of the larger background. It is also interesting to note that she gave birth to her first and only child at the age of 51. She broke up with her father a few months after the birth.


Prudential America got scared of a slipping breast

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