An autistic neighbor without cover: I’m crazy about him. He’s still running, stomping and heckling

“It was scary at first, you had no idea what was going on. The family moved in with us and suddenly weird sounds like knocking, roaring, screaming. We went there a few times and said they had a disabled son,” says the man, who is a neighbor of the autistic person, but does not want to publish his name. Let’s call him Richard, for example.

In this case, it is a more severe disability, so the parents had to renovate the entire apartment. “They made him fences, put mattresses on the walls, etc. When they moved in, they had a hammer, a drink and such for almost two years. They were still doing something. It was hell in itself. And then there are almost five days in a row where he runs, stomps, damn and so on, ”describes Richard.

“I don’t have anyone to help me,” says Marcela’s mother, who has low-functioning autism, in the documentary Children of the Full Moon:

“I don’t have anyone to help me,” says Marcela’s mother, who has low-functioning autism.

“Mom said her son would kill her”

Richard complained, but couldn’t help. Young people with autism were afraid of their own parents. “We complained quite often because some taps didn’t work at all. His mother said he did nothing with her son to kill her. For example, it happened to him that she was standing near the window, he ran and started pushing her outside, ”says Richard.

“When he starts making a scandal and dad isn’t the only one paying for him, he doesn’t do anything. It’s terrible for the neighbors. Because when we start banging on it, there’s not even a scream that follows. I hit the fur several times so that it got along a lot and nothing followed. Once I was in such a state of mind that I got together and left, I only realized on the tram, “ adds.

Richard also complains of not having slept several nights in a row. He was woken several times by violent banging and felt like the walls were collapsing. They say a neighbor threw the bed against the wall. He has many similar experiences, but the situation is still unsolvable, according to his family, they don’t want a young autistic child in an institution.

Although there are specialized centers to help and assist families with an autistic child, it always depends on the degree of autism spectrum impairment of the individual and the availability of such a center. In addition, it is necessary to start working with children from an early age. When the disease comes later, the child has certain habits and it is more difficult to work with him.

The lives of families with the most severe cases of autistic children were recently shown in the documentary Children of the Full Moon:

Example: Lives of families with the most severe cases of autistic children Czech television

Expert: In nine years, we can do less than in a year and a half

“If it happens later, the child has worse starting conditions. If he is diagnosed at age nine, for example, he won’t start working with him until he already has a lot in place. If the family and the therapists have been working with him for 18 months, then some things can be put in place better and it works better overall,” Marta Pečeňová, president of the civic association Za sklem, which helps autistic people. cz.

Adélka (13 years old) attacks and destroys things.  The state will not help parents of children with severe autism

A few years ago, the public was moved by the news that measles, mumps and the mumps vaccination cause autism. However, this has been refuted by several professional researches. However, autism usually manifests in children at the time of vaccination. Thus, the research did not change the parents’ fear. “I have no experience of this myself, but I know my parents who are convinced of this. It is based on their personal experience and how the child has changed before their eyes. It is about the feeling parents,” explained Pečeňová.

Moreover, systemic care is insufficient in the Czech Republic. At the same time, if the child is properly worked, he will be classable in mainstream society, unless reduced intellect is associated with disability. “It depends on the availability of services and when the child begins to work. Unfortunately, this is not fully developed in our country. It is necessary to come to the disease as soon as possible. Therefore, early detection was imposed at 18 months,” the expert said.

According to Pečeňová, family is always the most important family. There is a need for cooperation with therapists, but also with other experts. The parent has a very difficult position. According to her, interdisciplinary cooperation is necessary here, from the clinical psychologist to the psychotherapist via the specialist pedagogue.

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