About this Czech help and solidarity, especially to the “pretty girls” from Ukraine 14. 4. 2022 | Pavel Veleman

14. 4. 2022 / Pavel Veleman

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“Not alive, not dead, so something in the middle….” (Sad Song by a Village Joker, Viktor Dyk, 1910)


– The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called on the UK government to intervene to prevent single British men from meeting lonely Ukrainian women seeking refuge before the war. She worries about their sexual abuse.

Ivan “Magor” Jirous always said that there are no rules … However, the Czech petty bourgeoisie cannot do without this part of its brain, its life suddenly could not compare, compete, s elevating, humiliating, simply slandering, gossiping, judging the other is our life, without him there would suddenly be silence, there would be nothing to resolve! I’m no different, I just try not to be bad at judging others…

In socially downgraded people, I’m able to tolerate this, he really lives the life of a “frontline soldier” with all the addictions of day-to-day survival, along with old age and fear of disease, helplessness and death… Just to illustrate the overheard conversations of journalists who, in their role as media volunteers, are often appalled by the reactions of these groups of citizens. The problem is the constantly recurring narrative of our work, repeated by most social workers – we always want to change and correct someone and at the same time we are always the same, motivation should only be sturdy shoes and coat , the financial benefits run out and so does the food. It is often a question of comical naive idealism and above all of a complete misunderstanding of the typology of clients in severe crisis. The only one is an at least poorly functional welfare state, which ensures the dignity of the population. They should not be forced to depend on humanitarian aid like in the third world.

It is also not pleasant for me to suddenly learn nonsense about helping Ukraine at the expense of Czech citizens from an elderly woman whom I have been helping for ten years and whom I love. However, a person in helping professions must take this into account, the reaction of most of us in fear of the future is always instinctive against the “other” who has a nationality, a skin color, different social status…. But usually it’s enough to calm customers down and often people are ashamed of themselves and apologize for what comes out of it.

However, the fundamental problem is really the need for comprehensive measures to support the people of this country! It is not possible for the population’s standard of living to decline at such a low rate, perhaps the fastest since the war, and politicians have told citizens that Holt will have to forgive a holiday in Cyprus….

If cities start turning off heating in apartments and hot water, food banks start being used by 30% of the population, public transport becomes more expensive, housing is unavailable for almost all young people who don’t do not have rich parents and will not inherit (this calculation of the mind is scary) and all the states around are doing the exact opposite, it is not possible to keep liquid anger within limits …. Ivan Bartoš, Olga Richter, HELP! You are not the neoliberals of the neoliberal school…

However, what scares me the most and actually disturbs the “normal” thinking of most of the male world, what is not written about and what you encounter in all the pubs after ten o’clock. A Czech petty bourgeois, rich in beer, rich, able to judge and evaluate what “goats” Ukrainians have for the ninth beer and how to be grateful to him, because he sent a “liter” to help him. “Well, man, what if I rent them a speculative third quarter (I’m not stupid, Pavlík, I knew where to put the money from the tinkling construction contracts, I must tell you that the plots really surprised me now with this militancy so they never broke up with me, well, vono i didn’t overpay them too much and especially Jarda has an employment agency there on the table and he’s really cutting them off, i’m him I also said and I’m not drinking with him when the war started, I’m not a bitch, Pavlík, but I’m not a charity either, huh, cha)..”

“Now the girl will have to work hard, ha. Ha, but she’ll be fine with me, I’m not a perv, Pavlík, and I can appreciate a good prick! so visit regularly… And the state gives me twelve, I’ll take three there, so I have a choice, you’ll go to Pavlík too, right?”

“I’m sorry, it was a joke, but you are a dear priest, so don’t be angry, I like you …. And turn those shots! The Czechs have always known how to do it … Let’s forward that Putin fires us Well, cow, it sucks me, it’s not criminal, it always “creaks”, of course with her consent, if she doesn’t want it, it’s her freedom … And don’t be sad, you social! I know you’re a good boy! That’s how it goes…”

Happy Easter!


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