Who did he go out with? Celebrity Partner Swap

It is not at all exceptional for famous people to date or even marry other famous people. They evolve in the same environment and are therefore close to each other. But not all relationships last, so often quite interesting charades follow, which can really spice up relationships.

John Kraus (68)

Marriage of a Czech actress and artist Jana Krausova (68) lasted with the famous moderator from the 80s until 2006 – at that time they officially divorced, although they had not been a couple for a long time. Her husband fell in love with a colleague while filming Trio (1995) Ivana Chýlkova (58) and she returned his feelings. At the time, however, she was dating an actor Karl Roden (59). He ended up with Jana Krausová after the breakup, but their relationship – unlike the other couple – did not last. However, there are friendly relations between everyone, because they do not like stuffiness or tension.

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They all get along well. Left, Jana Krausová and Karel Roden at the premiere of the film Krásno, where they both starred in 2014. Right, Jan Kraus and Ivana Chýlková

Ivo Pavlik (✝84)

In front of the singer Heidi Janku (59), who was by his side until his death in 2017, was the singer’s wife. Vera Spinarova (✝65). The reason for the break in their relationship was the musician’s infidelity, and Heidi Janků has long argued that she was not the person who would divorce the marriage: after all, she married Ivo Pavlík years after her divorce. Gradually, the two singers found each other, and in the end they all had three friendly relationships.

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Friendly and open relations: from left Heidi Janků, Ivo Pavlík, his ex-wife Věra Špinarová and Adam Pavlík (47), Věřin and Ivan’s son

Tereza Ramba (32)

The Czech actress also faced an interesting life situation, which can now be seen, for example, in the new father-and-son comedy from the Svěrák family. Light of Bethlehem. And the couple in love plays with it Vojtech Kotek (34), with whom she dated as a teenager, and in a popular place Owners (2019) depicted a married couple. And even though their love didn’t work out, they have a great relationship — and they’re not even friends, they’re family.

During the filming of the fairy tale Hell with a Princess (2009), the spark between the actress and the other snowboardersJiří Madel (35). The two didn’t stay together either, but they are also united by friendship and professional responsibilities. The last time they played together was at modern diary (2021).

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The three starred in the comedy Raftáci (2006). On the left Tereza Ramba with Vojtěch Kotek, on the right with Jiří Mádel

Justin Bieber (28 years old)

About the singer’s relationship with the singer Selenou Gomez (29) was hinted at in 2009, but was not officially confirmed until two years later. Fans loved them, but they didn’t like it very much – they went through several breakups and comebacks over the years. In the end, the relationship could not be glued, and the singer was replaced by a model Hailey Baldwin (25), whom the musician married as a wife in 2018. Selena Gomez retroactively described the relationship with the singer as toxic and said she was a victim of it. emotional abuse.

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (left) have not separated. Although he has found a new partner (with his wife Hailey), not much is known about the singer’s current love life.

Orlando Flower (45)

A popular actor’s list of famous actors could be quite long, but on most names, like the actress Jennifer Aniston (53), there is only speculation. What is certain, however, is that he was married to a model between 2010 and 2013 Mirandou Kerr (38) and is currently engaged to a singer Katy Perry (37). She has a child with each of them and they all get along very well. The model even said that even though her ex-husband is like her (supposedly often annoying) brother, she loves her partner. They spend parties and vacations together.

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Orlando Bloom on the left with Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry on the right. The trio is so friendly that they even go on vacation together. They are mainly united by children, whose well-being they are concerned above all else.

Jakub Prachar (38)

A popular Czech actor and musician often hunts in artistic waters. She was an actress by his side for several years Marthe Iss (41), who said they had broken up in love. In 2013, he married a model Agata Hanychova (36). Still, the 2020 breakup hasn’t been rosy at all, and although they have a daughter, Miu (4), they don’t have many good words for each other. She is now with an actress Sarou Sandevou (24 years old), with whom he mounted the filming of the series two to kill (2021).

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On the left Jakub Prachař with his ex-wife Agáta Hanychová, on the right because he recently fell in love with Sara Sandeva

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