What will the new The Elder Scrolls: Online expansion bring?

One of the most played MMORPGs in recent years, an inexhaustible number of tasks and a wonderful world that we know from all single-player games. He is The Elder Scrolls Online. We had the opportunity to participate in a presentation on the planned expansion with a subtitle high islandwho according to creative director Rich Lambert, it should be the best and biggestthat so far the company Bethesda with study ZeniMax online introduced. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to show you the images directly from the game, because his words didn’t really lie and the new DLC looks really fantastic.


Anyone who has ever played TESO knows every part of the continent Tamriel they are inspired by the real world. Skyrim is strikingly reminiscent of the rugged north, and Hammerfell is reminiscent of the Egyptian desert. The Haute Ile will take us to the Systres archipelago, inspired by Mediterranean port cities. It is the home of the nobility, which constantly fights for power over the whole territory.

Well, it wouldn’t be a war if the people who had nothing to do with it didn’t get involved. One of them is rich philanthropist Bacaro Volorus. He with his organized group Closed will try to end all fights. We can expect many tasks, which will be full of political intrigues, bloodshed and also love stories.

We can also visit The prison island, a prison island full of criminals and dissidents, or a rainforest. However, we will not stay only in the Haute Ile. In short, a bitter war has begun on the islands and help will have to be obtained from other parts of Tamriel. We’ll see over thirty hours of contentbased on a story full of political intrigue, new music and hundreds of new raw materials and equipment. All this only confirms the words Rich Lambert from the beginning of the presentation.


We can expect not only new places, tasks and stories. One of the main elements of High Isle is a brand new card game called Tribute Tales. It will be played in taverns, both in mode PvE (i.e. player versus computer) as well as in PvP (player against player). While in duel with other players it will be a question of climbing in the classification, an interesting story is supposed to accompany us in front of the computer.

Those of you who have ever played a more complex than human board or card game, don’t get mad or rain it, know that the rules of the game are best learned on the job. Although we learned the basic mechanics during the presentation, we were told the best would just be Tribute Tales try.

I’m not going to lie to you, the inability to show you parts of the gameplay is a little frustrating, so I’ll at least try to describe what the new card game looks like and how it plays. The cards themselves are a kind a combination of Hearthstone and Gwint. They are divided into a starter deck, action cards, agents, and contract cards. At their top you will find their value and in some even a special ability.

The game itself consists of reloading, destroying or immobilizing each other’s cards. This stark description won’t tell you much, and in fact, even from a few games – although I did manage to win some mysteriously – I almost didn’t understand the rules.

But what I know exactly is how to get the cards. They go only in game and you buy them exclusively from taverns or earn them from computer opponents during the story part. The developers are probably trying to eliminate the black market for real money. Therefore, you will not be able to change or sell the cards to other players. In addition to the prize in winning clans money and cosmetic accessories Also have receipts, production material or transmutation crystals.

A novelty from the High Isle will be me two new companions By your side – Ember Mage and Breton knight Isobel. Among other things, you can expect new trial (similar to dungeons) for 12 players, which should resemble the player’s favorite Rockgrove in size and range. In it, you will stand on the side of the nobility and you will repel pirate attacks.


The Elder Scrolls Online it will continue to be free with its new enlargement. It won’t keep you on any of the islands and will allow you to go anywhere. So it will be up to you whether you jump straight into the battlefield of a raging war or explore the beauty of the island and its different culture. However, the technical side of the game will not change significantly. It will keep on rolling HeroEnginemwhich is an excellent choice for MMORPGs of this scale. It will allow both owners of bloated game machines and those without a powerful computer to play.

Owners of selected graphics cards will then be delighted new AMD FSR support – a technology that will allow you to increase the frame rate and thus provide a slightly better gaming experience. Computer gamers can expect High Isle to expand already June 6 This year. Console owners then have to wait a few more days, especially until June 21st.

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