The ODS is silent? Has the show disappeared? Things happen. Pavel Novotný left in the night

Bouřlivák Pavel Novotný (ODS), Mayor of Reporyja in Prague, launched on CNN Prima News. He repeatedly called the tricolor boss Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková a “broom”. Because of his approach to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After the broadcast, he pointed out that he was behind his remarks, but he apologized to moderator Petr Suchoň for interrupting the broadcast. But this is not the end…

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The description: Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková and Pavel Novotný on CNN Prima News. The moderator was Petr Suchoň.


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On CNN Prima News in the program What is Czech, political host Petr Suchoň welcomed tricolor president Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková and the mayor of Prague Reporyje Pavel Novotný. And he didn’t spoil it. Like, for example, SPD deputy Jaroslav Foldyna, he called Majerová Zahradníková a “broom”.

Kootém Novotný calls the one who presented the Russian flag of the Night Wolves Association in recent years, which concerns the already mentioned MP Foldyna.

Majerová Zahradníková received the label with the inscription “broom” for the fact that as president of the Habs during the Russian war in Ukraine, she repeatedly stressed that she was not on the side of Ukraine but on the side of Czech citizens and that the government should take care of Czech citizens and not refugees. She also strongly opposed the possible construction of a US military base in the Czech Republic, which ODS Defense Minister Jana Černochová wanted to negotiate in Washington.

“Peter, why are you inviting Majer Zahradníková’s broom here?” asked Novotný. “Why is the broom here?” he continued verbally. “It’s good that the President of the Senate drove them out on the spot (in Ukraine) and testifies when there are brooms like Majerová Zahradníková,” Novotný continued sternly.

Majerová Zahradníková indicated that Novotný might not be able to do better intellectually.

At one point, the mayor of Reporya strongly defended Ukrainian refugees and acted strongly like Majer Zahradnikova, who said on the show that “Russian aggression is reprehensible, every life that is wasted, you mentioned children victims, for example, this is something crazy, and I repeat that Ukraine has the right to defend itself. We must help, but it must not be at the expense of our citizens. This is what is happening right now. And I personally think that our fellow citizens should always come first.”

And Novotny went to attack.

“Even the first Ukrainian children are already beating our bumps. I have three children in kindergarten and it is normally manageable and half of Ukrainian women already have a job. And that’s exactly it … If she has at least says an opinion, but it’s a broom, it incites against Ukrainians,” Novotný repeated sternly, after which Suchoň warned him not to.

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The stormy broadcast then ended on social media, where Novotný apologized to Petr Suchoň.

“I’m just a village crusty, I’m not running anywhere, the only thing I’m sorry about is that my friend Petr Suchoň moderated, I feel like the only one I owe an apology to. Pierre, I’m sorry. Otherwise I stand by every word. The person/politician must live in the truth. I try to speak the truth at all costs,” Novotný wrote on Twitter.

Pavel Novotny speaks

However, he refused to apologize to Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková. And he expressed his understanding of why the ODS as a whole was silent about his performance in front of the cameras.

“The ODS rightly refuses to comment on my behavior towards Majerová Zahradníková. Proving me right is a public relations mistake for the Conservative Party. To deny that Majer is a broom would be a complete lie. I have said that we were ashamed of Zuzana. I spoke quite slowly and without a single vulgar word,” Novotný said.

Pavel Novotny speaks

Some viewers have complained that they’d like to see the two politicians’ wording, at least in a rerun, but they can’t find it on CNN Prima News.

“I want it back, but on iPrima, today’s part of What is Czech, is not a politician. Can I find a link somewhere? Thank you,” Lukáš Vlášek wrote.

“I don’t know, I spoke there, it would have to be a hell of a different reason,” Novotny replied.

Pavel Novotny speaks

He stressed that similar questions should be directed to CNN Prima News, not him.

However, just after midnight on Friday, he did not forgive himself for digging into Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková.

“Obviously there will be no replay, probably her unwashed hair,” he said.

Pavel Novotny speaks

Novotný’s duel with Majerová Zahradníková wasn’t really available on Friday at 7am.

Pavel Novotny speaks

Novotný said that Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková took care of it.

“I gave her 19 brushes, she’s currently trying not to have the record on the web, I loaded her with what she could fit in, I gave her the best,” he praised her performance. .

Pavel Novotny speaks

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