The extraterrestrial genius Rain Man who walks on his tiptoes or 5 most common myths about children with autism –

Every autistic person is a brilliant Rain Man, autistic people have no emotions and feelings, you can recognize them by the fact that they tiptoe or cannot maintain eye contact with their surroundings. These are all myths that people with autism spectrum disorders are associated with. This is one of the reasons why an awareness campaign has been launched to understand autism.

The manifestations of autism spectrum disorders are diverse. Everyone is different and this is doubly true for autism. “In short, people with autism have gone further than the rest of us,” says Irena Vítovcová, president of the Civic Association ProCit.

What are the most common myths?

1. Autist is a Brilliant Rain Man.
An autistic person is in most cases mentally retarded, and therefore there is logically no exceptionality or genius. “Some people with Asperger’s syndrome tend to be exceptional and unique. They are the ones who can be extremely intelligent. In one area they may be brilliant, but in others they may be deficient to the point of causing them problems in everyday life. says Irena Vítovcová. In practice, this means that people with autism spectrum disorders only have ingenious abilities in exceptional cases.

2. Autistic children don’t like hugs, they don’t like feelings and emotions.
“We have a lot of autistic children at ProCit who show their feelings very well. They like to hug us, kiss us and stick with certain speakers like ticks. social skills training. said Irena Vitovcova.

VIDEO: A 12-year-old girl has autism. His parents try to give him the best care.

3. Children with autism spectrum disorders walk on tiptoe.
Many healthy kids also go rush hour at a certain time. According to Irena Vítovcová, children with autism, like others, have their own development, manifestations and progression on the timeline. Therefore, it is not possible to call some symptoms of autism typical.

4. Most autistic people do not maintain eye contact.
It is different for each individual. Some people look away, and some autistic children look so intense that others look away. Again, these are training activities that are part of the therapies of the ProCit association. “A lot of these kids, who grew up in our country in 11 years and are now 20, have learned good eye contact,” says Irena Vítovcová.

5. If children with Autism involves a gluten-free or lactose-free diet or veganism, so it is cured.
This is a serious mistake because autism is a congenital psychiatric abnormality. Autism cannot be cured, only certain symptoms can be alleviated. Of course, some autistic people are more hyperactive. If his sugar intake decreases, he, like a healthy person, calms down but does not heal.

Most people with autism spectrum disorders have low levels of hormones, serotonin and dopamine. The hormone melatonin, a sleep hormone, is also bad for them. This is why some people with autism have trouble sleeping, adults and young people alike.

The National Autism Institute (NAUTIS) is also concerned with education that would eliminate similar myths. Each year, she launches a year-round awareness campaign on Understanding Autism. The author of this year’s campaign theme, which bears the title We are not from another planet. We live here with youis Hana Rodná, a young autistic artist and author of the visual material for the campaign.

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Among other things, she thought of a better understanding on the part of society. “Autistic people are often thought of as strange creatures from another planet. Autistic people are an important part of society, they always have been, and while they may communicate differently, it should be their parents’ job. and guardians to understand them and not just verify them.” It is impossible for me to represent the planet – nature and at the same time that autism is no stranger. I did infinity around the planet – a sign of neurodiversity and autism. It represents the diversity of the autism spectrum on which each autistic person is different.”

Understanding the 2022 Autism Awareness Campaign

National Autism Institute Awareness Campaign UNDERSTANDING AUTISM will run from April throughout the year through a series of outreach events. Also in 2022, it will focus on implementing a comprehensive program of activities that will help increase general public awareness of autism spectrum disorders. It will open on April 1 with a vernissage Spectrum exhibition, which will be installed by May 15 at the Drama Café at 26, Ve Smečkách Street in Prague 1. Works by artists with autism spectrum disorders will be exhibited there. This year NAUTIS FESTIVAL is scheduled for June 19 at Písek Gate in Prague. NAUTIS FESTIVAL is a multi-genre festival with the direct involvement of people with autism in the organization of the event and represents a selected amateur and professional cultural production. This year’s program will be mainly dedicated to children. The 8th Annual Case Study Conference will be held in October AUTISM IN PRACTICE. The internationally attended conference is aimed at both autism professionals and the general public.

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