Putin in Ukraine might not win. But the West can easily defeat itself

The debate on the American base has shown that we are incapable of teaching. For the populist Babiš, the foot of an American soldier on Czech soil would be a greater danger than Putin’s war rockets, which cross the sky of Ukraine a few hundred kilometers from our borders.

We celebrate Easter, the feast of hope, which is stronger than death. Not far from us, during this time, a battle will take place in which Ukraine will lose its life. Putin regroups troops and gathers forces for an offensive on the Donbass.

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The West is not looking aside, trying to help. But he still doesn’t seem to take his own words seriously. Namely, the warning that it is a “struggle between democracy and autocracy” in Ukraine, as US President Joe Biden has called it.

But if this is really true, as long as Ukraine really cares about us, then the activity of Western countries does not correspond to that. We are still watching each other, and it seems that Putin’s current bloody campaign is not the one that will finally pull us out of lethargy.

Washington is sending more weapons to kyiv, even the heavy equipment the military desperately needs, and has so far lacked Western help. It may seem unfair to criticize the White House as it tries to fast-track supplies, which have been worth $2.5 billion since the start of the war.

Little and too late

But if ‘genocide’ is taking place in Ukraine, as Biden said this week, there’s no other way but to describe his aid to Ukraine with the phrase ‘too little too late’. . Little and too late.

The US defense budget for next year is $813 billion, so the US has so far spent 0.3% of that to help Ukraine. It should and could have been much more. About weapons worth tens of billions of dollars. The United States has enough economic power and military equipment to do it, and the president has enough authority to do it, he doesn’t need confirmation from Congress.

And he had to start deliveries much earlier. Long before the pending surprise of the West, it turned out that Ukraine managed to defend itself against the Russian “Blitzkrieg”. The West trusted Putin more and, thankfully, he was wrong. But a similar unspoken assumption that Ukrainians really have no chance in Donbass is once again floating in the air.

Everywhere there are domestic problems for politicians in shirts, while the mass murder of Ukrainians by coats. This is understandable. At the same time, it is also extremely cruel. And for the West itself, it can be self-defeating. Placing Putin’s war in the context of domestic political issues relativizes, obscures its weight.

However, Joe Biden has used it on several occasions. He speaks with a blast of a historic struggle for the fate of Western democracy, to reassure Americans that he will do his best not to “feel the pain” of high gas prices.

Biden also made the aforementioned genocide statement. “Your family budget, your ability to fuel up – none of that should depend on a dictator on the other side of the world declaring war and committing genocide,” he said during a speech. in Iowa.

The embarrassment is the impression it gives. It’s good that the American president isn’t afraid to call things by their real name. His French counterpart’s repeated complaints that international politics and diplomacy are not done that way are ridiculous. What has Macron achieved so far? How did he manage? We no longer need diplomatic gloves in relation to Putin. Which doesn’t change the fact that, as has been said before, the taste always stays after Biden’s words when he talks about war crimes and genocide, but mentions expensive fuel as a prism that Americans should perceive .

Calm and warm feet

But who are we Europeans to point the finger at America? In France, Marine Le Pen embarks on a presidential shootout with Macron with fresh new topics. France should withdraw from NATO’s military command structures and the alliance should have closer relations with Russia.

“Once the Russian-Ukrainian war is over, I will support a strategic rapprochement with Russia,” Le Pen said. He clearly sees Putin’s brutal attack on a neighboring independent state as a sporting struggle of which Europe is only an unbiased observer. May the strongest, the best win, which is obviously Putin in the eyes of Le Pen.

It may not be enough for her to win the election, but the fact that a large number of French voters are hearing about it is very bad news. The struggle for democracy, for the future security order of Europe? Blah, blah, blah, let Putin deal with the troubled Zelensky quickly and things can get back to normal.

In Germany, we see that with the great strategic reversal announced by Chancellor Olaf Scholz after the outbreak of the war, it is perhaps not so hot. It is a hopeless paradox: the more courageously Ukraine fights, the more Germany reverts to cold pragmatism.

It is unclear how much Berlin will ultimately invest in the purchase of new military equipment and whether it will actually spend at least 2% of its GDP on defense.

And what about economic and trade relations with Russia? Beware of their threat or even their breakup, it rings again. Last week, for example, the director of chemical giant BASF Martin Brudermüller said that “cheap Russian gas is the basis of our industry’s competitiveness”.

We don’t want Amiks here!

The sight of Germany hurts, but seen from Prague in the end, everything inevitably leads to the question: “And who are we here in the Czech Republic to be able to criticize anyone else?”

The remark by Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) that at her next meeting at the Pentagon she would like to open the subject of a possible American military presence in our country was certainly very premature and clumsy. But at the same time very instructive. Unfortunately.

We now know that the chairman of the most powerful opposition party and likely candidate for the presidency, Andrej Babiš, still feels totally safe in the middle of the Czech basin, in his cozy populist nest. Moreover, it is clear from his statements that he considers a possible American soldier’s foot on local soil to be a greater threat to our sovereignty than Putin’s missiles, which now cross the skies of Ukraine a few only hundreds of kilometers from our borders.

Would Babiš behave like this if he did not know that his resistance to the American base in Czech society resonates? So far, he had always followed the polls, always drooling his finger and pushing it into the mood of public opinion. If so now, we are already losing the war in Ukraine. No matter how the courageous struggle of the Ukrainians themselves unfolds. When Putin is pushed, we will be happy because he will solve the problem for us. On the contrary, we will accept it as a fait accompli. However, it won’t be so bad…

We are unteachable. Putin may not win, but we can easily defeat each other.

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