New books: Trpková, Eilish and Vácha

Josef Klíma: Stallion and beauty

Popular journalist and writer Josef Klíma offers two new crime stories from the seductive investigator Klára Radová. The two mystery novels investigate not only two complex murders, but also other cases, sometimes tragicomic, because the work of the criminal investigators really takes place. Original plots often lead the protagonist into very exciting situations, especially since she sometimes comes close to the law when solving them, and the unconventional methods she uses threaten her professional career.

Caliber, 256 pages, 329 CZK

Kristina Trpkova: Village

Human remains are discovered in the fields near the village of Lipová. It most likely belongs to one of the missing children, who have disappeared here without a trace in recent years. Not only does this indicate that the boy was imprisoned somewhere without access to daylight for many years, it even appears that he never left the village, despite extensive research and various police assumptions. Criminal Commissioner Laura Linhart and her colleague Adam Beneš reopen a long-delayed case and embark on another exciting investigation.

Caliber, 288 pages, 329 CZK

Sasanna Leonard: Marie Curie-Sklodowska – The Courage to Dream

Dreaming is not enough, you have to realize your dreams. Marie Curie-Skłodowska (1867-1934), who already wanted to study at the university as a child, followed this motto, but in the 19th century, as a daughter also from a modest family of a Polish teacher, she had to fight hard for his dream. However, Marie knows what she wants and eventually manages to get a scholarship to the French Sorbonne. When she meets the famous physicist Pierre Curie in Paris, a new life opens up to her.

Josef Veselka: Hospital

An experienced doctor who won’t be able to sleep during a difficult operation. An old patient who finds a soul mate in benevolent medicine. Families linked by a serious illness… These are just some of the many stories that cardiologist and writer Josef Veselka tells in the new collection of short stories Hospital. In many, there are difficult subjects – including the covid pandemic – but also humor, and above all professional insight, which however does not detract from the texts on humanity.

Door, 264 pages, 299 CZK

Marcela Mlynářová: reckless responsible

In the new book, the author comments openly and without napkins on the events around her and in the world and recounts in an inimitable style her remarkable events, her adventurous journeys through the beauties of our country, the joys and sorrows experienced at his chalet, the peaks of life, falls and twists.
The author confirms that it is not the age that counts, but the approach to life, and despite all the blows of fate, one must always seek the good and never give up.
The book is adorned with charming illustrations by Tereza Budilová.

Door, 216 pages, 299 CZK

Billie Eilish: About Me

Billie Eilish is a global phenomenon in contemporary pop music. The star singer and songwriter gives fans a glimpse into his life – both private and on stage – in a jaw-dropping book filled with unique and previously unseen photographs, mostly from the family archives.

Universe, 336 pages, 599 CZK

Isabella Maldonado: Snake Eyes

The death of the whole family in his sleep is in itself an unimaginable tragedy. However, FBI Special Agent Nina Guerrer and the team of FBI professors they belong to must consider whether the whole case is even scarier. Is there a link between this event and the case of the triple murder, which took place four years earlier and 3,000 kilometers away?

Metaphor, 384 pages, 449 CZK

Jan Hájek, Tereza Šefrnová: Fatherhood Course, Man’s Handbook for Men

In this clever and practical “manual” men will find valuable advice, tips and tricks on how to handle the role of a new father. The book was created on the basis of fatherhood classes, which the authors organize for future fathers. It includes expert knowledge, but also the hands-on experience of parents, who have often come to terms with the new reality through trial and error – that they are no longer just a pair of partners, but a family. In anticipation, a paternity course will greatly facilitate the life of all dads!

Daranus, 176 pages, 349 CZK

Cannabis is a cure: Dr. Bonni Goldstein

Discover the healing power of cannabis medicine and learn about the latest scientific knowledge behind its remarkable effects on human health. Millions of people around the world process cannabis. However, many doctors are reluctant to talk to patients about cannabis-based medications. It is then difficult to assess whether a cannabis treatment is beneficial for you or your loved ones. This book can help you do that, especially if you haven’t found relief in conventional medicine. It will serve as a comprehensive source of scientifically based information.

Threshold, 440 pages, 499 CZK

Natasha Lester: House on the Riviera

Paris, 1939: The Nazis believe that Eliane does not understand German. They believe he only catalogs artwork for them and has no idea they are stealing national treasures from their private collections. But it’s wrong. The young girl carefully deciphers their notes and transmits the information to the resistance. However, Eliane played a dangerous game. Will she dare to confide her secrets to the man she loved? Won’t he betray her again? She has no chance of finding out for sure…until a party at a gorgeous French Riviera villa exposes her to a whole new level of danger.

Metaphor, 480 pages, 407 CZK

Pamela Hart: Charleston Scandal

The cream of 1920s London in the faith of royal family dance, love and intrigue. The year is 1923 and Kit Scott, a young Australian from the upper classes, arrives in London to fulfill her dream of a successful acting career. She manages to land a role in a popular musical, where her partner becomes Zeke Gardiner, a Canadian actor with a similar dream, and soon throws herself headlong into the life of a London dance theater company run by Fred Astair and his brilliant sister Adele.

Dalibor Vácha: Death on the Bark

The story of Lieutenant Adolf Opálka, a paratrooper who participated in the assassination of Heydrich. Pilot error resulted in his landing out of range outside of the originally selected location, which thwarted the group’s plans. While Corporal Ivan Kolařík quickly paid extra for inexperience, Lt. Adolf Opálka, as event commander, pushed through the protectorate, despite grumbling from the Karel Čurda company. The tension between them creates a counterpoint to the view of circumstances that have so far been overshadowed by the main line of preparations for the assassination of Protector Heydrich. His death is also the result of a moral decision for Opálka, on which the soldier inadvertently relies, and in the battle for the church on Resslova Street on the morning of June 18, he has nowhere to retreat with his comrades in arms. Which is not the case with Čurda. The text is read by actors Jan Teplý and Jan Vlasák.

OneHotBook, 12 hours 24 minutes, 379 CZK

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