I’m a jester and I’ll play Hitler’s clone, Josef Náhlovský told Deník

Last week, I interviewed the man of the year, a man “miss”. Would you ever take part in such a competition?
With your face and your figure? It’s probably difficult. Unless there’s a missile competition, I might even win.

Would you say that you are also a singer?
I am primarily a clown, a comedian and a clown. It’s my domain. But sometimes I sing in a performance with Josef Young.

You also have a role in the Wonder Pot performance, where you play Čochtana. You sing there too, don’t you?
It’s true, I think I did well. Jiří Suchý and Jan Kolář, editor of Divadelní noviny, even congratulated me. This is the first time a critic has praised me. Unfortunately, at the end of this month, we have a final that is being played after a year and a half. I will miss the show.

Comedian Josef Alois Náhlovský has died. He succumbed to a serious illness

And did you have to dance like Chochtan? Hopefully not. I sing two songs there. During rehearsals, I said: Drop the notes, I can’t, you sing it from a spot.

Have you taken singing lessons?
I had an accompanist who taught me these songs.

How did you design the waterman Čochtan? Did you have a role model in Jan Werich, who was the first to play it in our country?
He considered him a good reasonable philosopher. I took it differently. Like a Czech, a little girly globetrotter. I had it lighter, more modern.

Karel Šíp with Josef Alois Náhlovský.Karel Šíp with Josef Alois Náhlovský.Source: Kamila DufkovaHow was Tuesday evening with Karel Šíp at the Ústí nad Labem House of Culture?
People were excited and talking about us. Otherwise, Karel Šíp is the best artist because he is human. He is a wise man, and moreover good, he does not play on himself and leaves room for others. He has no competition with us.

Was it sold?
It wasn’t, but otherwise we’re fully booked almost everywhere. He was playing hockey at the same time and the atmosphere is not nice either. The cultural center lacks a proper restaurant, people can’t even get coffee.

What is a tutovka that always makes the audience laugh?
People love fragments of our lives, especially when something is wrong. There are always a lot of questions about sex, family and alcohol. People like to graze and are raised by the boulevard.

Will you know during the performance that there will be a good atmosphere in the audience?
After ten minutes, I already know how much the audience is in the mood. Now we often play in Slovakia and there is a great audience. They probably miss Czech culture. It’s a pleasure to play with our neighbors to the east. Let me tell you another story.

Talk to me.
In the middle of the performance, the gentleman stood up and said: I am Professor Dr. Viliam Fišer and I am the head of the cardiovascular institute. Mr. Náhlovsky, you have coronary heart disease. And you sat down. I laughed at him, but now I prefer to be on the test.

JA NáhlovskýJA Náhlovský in the 1980s in Ústí nad LabemSource: Courtesy of Bohumil KotasAnd how did you end?
The heart exam has gone well so far, but I have issues with high blood pressure.

They say you’re a hypochondriac. Is it true?
This is nonsense that only Petr Novotný breathed into the world.

Do you take as stories from your friends what they have been through?
I don’t do that. We only feature our stories with Karel Šíp. Otherwise, it would be feeding on others, but it is true that someone does. Of course, we license these stories to make them funny. If you said exactly how it happened, most of the time no one would laugh.

Where do you actually live in Ústí?
I live in a building in Klíš. Now I am still rebuilding the house in Luhačovice. I went there regularly to the spa and found a home there. I have breathing problems, so I go there often especially in the summer.

The elections in Ústí have begun!  Josef Alois Náhlovský was also elected in Klíš.Josef Alois Náhlovský during the elections in Ústí nad Labem’s Klíš in 2010Source: Denik / Karel PechWhere can the people of Ústí nad Labem meet you for a beer?
I’m probably going to Žump, which is on Hvězda. I went there during my studies. In the summer, I will visit the U Hnáty garden.

How is your family?
I am divorced and childless. But I have a girlfriend from Moravia and her name is Jana Holá. She does portraits, I also have a photo of her where I am personally.

Did she paint you prettier or uglier than you really are?
Definitely nicer, she made me better at it for people.

I know you had a Hammer Club downtown, today’s Circus. How was the business?
I had it for five years. People from twenty-five went there, now these people have nowhere to go in Ústí. But otherwise, I suffered financially every month.

What are you doing now?
We have three performances with Karel Šíp. Then I rode with Pepa Mladá for thirty years and now we have the Komikaze show in action. I sing there too. And with František Nedvěd we have the František Josef Relaxing Country program.

I thought you weren’t playing with Josef Young anymore.
It is true that he has little time because he does business. The humor we produce is not intellectual, but folk. But even that has its place here.

Your colleague also got into politics, didn’t he?
Yes, he is on the side of Občané.cz and is even the regional leader.

And you and politics?
I don’t, I say: Shoemaker, hold on to your sabots. In my opinion, clowns and clowns have no place in politics. The politician must have a relationship with work and education. If they were still financially independent, that would be perfectly ideal.

Josef Alois Nahlovsky.Josef Alois NahlovskySource: Denik ArchivesWho will you be voting for in May?
Probably the Young Man, he would have killed me otherwise (laugh). I won’t tell you the specific side, but I’m a centre-right voter.

And do you watch the political scene in Ústí?
I know Mayor Kubat. But I have another favorite politician, Dr Sušický. This senator is, in my opinion, the most polite politician I know. He cultivates politics.

What are you preparing for now in your job?
I have an offer for a movie where I should play Hitler’s clone. I also write fairy tale books. I am preparing another true story of the war, which could be the subject of a film. Entertainment is stagnating on TV today, but maybe I’ll star in a series, something like a normal family. Otherwise, I turned down a lot of movie roles. Sometimes less is more. I must like the script.

And what about endless series, you are not attracted?
It’s not my cup of tea. There are still only three topics: who with whom, who will trip who, and who will steal something. He is always there. It is clear to me that actors make their living out of it. The salaries of temps are lousy, only about fifteen thousand. That’s why everyone has to dub or take TV series.

Which of today’s artists do you recognize?
I like the younger ones like Fox and Quarterback. Martin Dejdar and Milan Šteindler are also excellent. Pairs like Svěrák – Smoljak and Kaiser – Lábus are chapters in their own right. But my admiration is Jiří Suchý, the statue should stand up to that. Without him, there wouldn’t be much.

What do the Ore Mountains “discovered by you” do?
I published a book the year before last. Štěpán Mareš, who has great ideas, made paintings for her. So far, about 5,000 copies of this book have been sold. Originally I wanted it to be distributed as toilet paper. People always read the play and then used it to purify themselves.

Did you give yourself both names, Josef Alois?
They gave it to me at the Handsome Men. Young and I were there with two Josefs, so they started calling me Lojzo. And that’s what I have left. I also studied history, so here is a link to Alois Jirásek (laughs). But I don’t have it as a citizen.

Náhlovský: You are solidity itself

“Here you have the Sanatorium DVD and a book about the Ore Mountains from me,” said Josef Náhlovský when he came to the Journal for an interview and caught my eye.
On the DVD cover, I confused him with the Italian chef Emanuel. “Yeah, I look as bad as him,” Náhlovský joked. When he saw me with a leg brace, he immediately asked what had happened to me. “I played badminton,” I replied. Náhlovský began to narrate as he also began to blush the basket.
The first topic was therefore sports. “I do a lot of sports. I play tennis the most. Then also football for Amphora. I am a forward wing. Tonda Panenka once said of me that I am the only wing she has to register for. walking, not for running. I just run as fast as the others walk,” he laughed.
He was in a good mood and spoke cautiously but humorously throughout the hour of conversation. He was also seen to love the history he was studying. He spoke interestingly, for example, about Kryštof Harant from Polžice and Bezdružice.
When we got to where I was from, her eyes lit up.
“I know Vilémov near Šluknov, Young and I played there as a local culturalist and in the summer also at a fair.” It can be seen that he traveled all over the country with the performance. Then he slandered the tabloids and, on the contrary, Ústecký denik praised: “You are solidity itself, I like to read you.”
So I had to give him a present. There was a Toxic People CD, where I play bass. “Well, that’s great, I also played bass. I like rock music, so I immediately turn it on in the car, I’m going to Břeclav,” he said as he said goodbye. Maybe he did well.

You are a qualified teacher in the field of Czech language – history. Have you ever taught?
I taught in Litoměřice and I am always invited by saleswomen and seamstresses to school meetings. It’s a beautiful memory. Although I taught there for a year, I left a mark.

So why did you leave school?
It was a strange seventies. I had long hair and I played bass in a rock band. And after a year they transferred me to a small village in the Chomutov region. I thanked myself and left school to drop by the regional cultural center.

And how did you get on the path to being a comedian?
I played in the amateur theater and once Mr. Spurný came to our performance. After the game he came up to me and said he found out about Gott and now he found out about me. He asked me if I would like to do professional artists. Otherwise, the word entertainer was coined by Šíp and I don’t like it at all. It is the same as a radiator, a gluer or a barber. My first performance fee was 90 crowns.

Today’s students often try different drugs, how was it in Ústí in your time?
Once the grass has passed. But I don’t smoke and I can’t even snuggle up, so it didn’t bother me. But otherwise we mostly spent time with cheap beer and booze, like green and rum.

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