I would like the state to help us more … The Czech family counts every crown. He saves everything

“I understand that everyone tries to grab something for themselves when possible, but that always ends up driving the end consumer away.” Mrs. Ilona Tomanová from South Moravia described the family with two young children at a steep price hike. Fortunately, the house was built in good times and the husband was able to support the family. Now she will also earn more, covering the financial loss due to rising prices and inflation. Families will help with clothes, family will grow more vegetables in the garden.

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The description: Shops in the outskirts of Brno

Verunka is in third grade and Honzík will start school in September. “I was on maternity leave with the two children,” begins Ilona Tomanová to tell her story. “Then I moved to the employment office, adding that I was going to finish my studies in a different field from the one I had worked in before,” he adds.


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She lives near Moravský Krumlov and should go to Brno, where she worked. “I didn’t even want to go back to work, which is not limited in time and that you have to do all the time, whereas you have to live from work to be able to do it. My values ​​have changed ” , he explains. The price of petrol also played a role in deciding which job to take on. “In the end, I had to stay at the employment office longer than I could. wanted it. They moved the course due to covid. Then I started a part-time job in our village and distributed food in the restaurant. After six months, this work was no longer enough for me. I’m not old enough to have to do such routine work. It didn’t suit me,” she says gradually. In the meantime, her husband helped her find a job. “I now work from home, I serve clients in the field of insurance. I only have to go to Brno from time to time, ”he says. He assumes that his income will provide money to the family budget, which will be lacking due to rising prices.

Mrs. Ilona must also think about the price increase and expect an increase in the price of fuel during family visits. He has relatives in Zlín. “Relatives, friends, far away. Even my husband has family forty kilometers away. We also try to make these visits efficient. It’s not over: Mom, come! I have to make sure the trip doesn’t cost him money,” she says.

They managed to build the house “in good times”

Mrs. Toman’s family also needs to count the expenses fairly. “My husband and I sat down and counted the costs. Thanks to my husband’s work, we can manage everything less painfully than in other people’s families, “he describes. And he returns to his work. “I had used to carrying money suddenly. But now we can count on my income,” he adds.

Their chalet is not connected to gas, so they do not have to worry about increasing this item in the family budget. “We started building at a time when the construction companies were almost fighting for us, we were choosing from the offers. There was no problem with the material. In ten years, the material, the real estate increased by incredible way. We also took out a mortgage at a good price. We caught the building in a good time, “he says. “My brother is still building. They had a budget and now they have to deal with the changes, they were much more affected by the price increases,” he adds.

Butter ten times in action and put it in the freezer

However, a family with two small children should save on purpose. “Are we going to let it shine somewhere? We learned such things long ago. Also, I’m not a fan of food waste, so I fix the economy. My husband used to almost laugh: “It was an event, so you took more. But now the savings are good. I’d rather take ten for butter, put it in the freezer and not have to think about it. I like promotional purchases. But before, the situation was not as aggravated as today. Above all, we must mentally prepare for the fact that more prizes will come,” he describes.

Fortunately, the children are so young that they do not yet have expensive hobbies. “Friends have two boys, one actively swims, the other plays hockey. And they are amazing bats! Thanks to them, we can get an idea of ​​how much it will cost us, ”he counts. -he.

When the family finally chose a vacation together, they preferred to leave Austria. “We postponed the vacation, but when we finally decided, we preferred to fly from Vienna, because tickets to Brno were more expensive,” he notes.

Although many people in South Moravia prefer to shop in Austria, Ms. Toman’s family is not hers. “We used to buy groceries from Lidl on a large scale. We pass clothes on with friends. What I have left after the kids, I pass on. We recycle clothes between us,” he laughs. “The girl quickly comes out of the dress, and I’m happy to be carried away by someone else,” he adds. He also buys a number of other necessary things On the Internet. As for the pharmacy, the family also buys here in the Czech Republic. “I am used to organic drugstores and the period of Persil and Perwoll from Austria is over”, he specifies.

“I am very bothered by transport links”

He understands that we all need to be modest right now. “There are a number of companies that could allow people to get to work together, by bus or train. Twenty people drive separately? I’m not only pointing to the ecological aspect but also the economic aspect. Operating in Brno, for example, is very demanding! I am terribly bored with road connections. We live near Moravský Krumlov, but the station is four kilometers away. It will take me longer and longer to get on the train. If traveling doesn’t steal my time!” he misses. But he can combine it all with regular family errands. “Think ahead. We are always looking for savings, rather we are now looking for where to save,” he explains.

He is not worried about the threat of gas supply disruptions. “Fortunately, no one in our family is directly dependent on gas. But it is clear that even if it does not concern us directly, everything will always be reflected in other goods. We are monitoring the situation. On the other hand, it You have to be rational. Whoever is ready is not surprised. We think about how we would solve a major crisis in the family,” he thinks.

Ms. Ilona also wants the state to help more citizens. “It’s a difficult question. However, from a layman’s point of view and from a citizen’s point of view … I don’t see under the hood, of course, but in a popular way, when the prices of the fuel went up, the prices immediately went up. When we found out it was cheaper, every seller paid the price on time. I understand that everyone tries to grab something for themselves when possible, but that always ends up alienating the end consumer. We are all human beings,” he concludes.

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author: Daniela Cerna

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