How to choose and prepare a beef steak that will amaze even the most greedy

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A good, fresh steak has a nice red color. However, its taste and quality are influenced by other properties. What to focus on when choosing beef and how to prepare a great steak for the kamado grill that your family and friends will enjoy? We will advise you.

Four questions to ask the butcher

Selection of meat.

What was the animal fed?

The taste of beef has a great influence on nutrition. Cattle are fed either grass or grain. In general, meat from grass-fed cattle is considered cleaner and more natural. However, some prefer to enjoy the meat of a grain food which has a higher fat percentage and exceptional taste.

How did the animal live?

Meat quality is also affected by how the animal might move during its lifetime. If the animal has moved enough, the fat in the meat will be well dispersed and a nice marbling will result. Achieve such meat.

What variety is the meat from?

The most popular varieties are Blonde d’Aquitaine, Limousin, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus – known as Black Angus and Red Angus. These varieties are fleshy and have a pleasant fatty marbling.

How is the meat matured?

Beef must mature for at least a week after slaughter, which happens in two ways. During wet aging, the meat is vacuum packed and stored at a temperature just above freezing. This prolongs its shelf life. The meat also acquires a softer taste. During dry aging, the meat is hung or rests in special unwrapped climatic containers. The meat is then more pronounced in taste, more intense and also more suitable for steaks.

Which steak meat is the best?


If you are looking for a delicate and tasty meat that you can prepare easily and quickly on the Big Green Egg ceramic grill, go for a high steak. You will find this meat in the front of your back. It has very nice marbling and a thicker layer of fat running through it. You can prepare it on a kamado grill, for example with fried potatoes, ham and onions.

prime rib

Do you like to taste a juicy steak from kamado grill? Then go for the rib of beef – entrecote with bone. Due to its thickness, its preparation is longer, but definitely worth it. The meat should first be cooked indirectly and then roasted on the grill, or vice versa. Its variant is also a tomahawk.


With a low rib eye you have the advantage of being able to determine the thickness of the meat yourself. And based on that, you then decide how you are going to prepare the steaks on the kamado grill. Entrecôte has skin on the outside of the steak, may have marbling, and sits down the middle of the back.


The best part of beef is the sirloin. It is a lean meat, low in fat and marbled. The whole piece of meat consists of a head, a middle part and a tail. Steaks on the garden grill are then prepared from the thicker central part, which you will find under the name of chateaubriand. But compared to others, it is not so distinctive.

The sirloin steak is also excellent, it contains a T-shaped bone and is made of low sirloin and sirloin. It’s big, so it’s ideal for events with more people.


The flank steak is a relatively flat, elongated piece of meat on the side of the cattle, which in total weighs about 1 to 1.5 kilograms. This part of the meat is very nicely marbled and very tasty. Combined with Mexican tacos and tomato salsa, you’ll make a meal your friends will remember for a very long time.

BBQ with friends.

The party can begin

Do you have everything you need to prepare steaks on a ceramic grill? Otherwise, you can buy everything from racks to wooden planks at select Big Green Egg retailers. They will be happy to help you with your selection.

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