General Paul begged. I refused. The artist Ruppert painted them all. Zeman and Babiš, they say that the problems start from the cradle

“We’re not having a good time right now, it’s a war, I have a sick daughter, my best friend can be known in these extreme situations,” he said, making a lot of music with his wonderful wife and good friend Roman. Holý, leader of Monkey Business.


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He spoke about the problems of Czech society, one of them is education. As a student in a secondary pedagogical school, he completed an internship in preschool facilities. Therefore, he shows great humility towards teachers, according to him, this work is underestimated. “It’s such a mentally and physically taxing job that some idiot thinks again, ‘Why do these professors want to add more’, let everyone try!

Like medicine, education in our country is grossly underfunded. Brutally! And we should wake up immediately as a company! And realize that health and our lives are as important as our future. If teachers don’t take at least some decent money, not alms like doctors, we won’t get anywhere,” he said very seriously.

“I am on the right, so I say we have to invest in our future, then it will pay off. We are making a terrible fundamental mistake, otherwise any oven takes more here. This is a crucial question. It is really hard work,” Ruppert repeated over and over, “I was in kindergarten one day and came home like a crackpot, done…, kindergarten teachers are terribly understated, while ‘in kindergarten the development of the child begins’, warned.

He noted that the saddest thing is in the infant facility. “There is absolute silence, it’s horrible, isn’t it?” Because those kids will stop crying over there after a while. They cry because they want to drink, eat or have something. But nurses can’t just go to these crying children all the time, so they will give up over time,” he warns, which has huge negative consequences for the child’s development.

We see it in Zeman, Babiš or Okamura: “It’s very sad, in such an infantile establishment, the determination begins. Then you can end up like Miloš Zeman, like a frustrating, or Andrej Babiš or Tomio Okamura”, a- he dug into the politicians.

“The prime minister or the education minister should say that our school system is catastrophically outdated, the biggest mistake we’ve made since 1989. That’s the only thing I blame this great democratic regime for, because that mistake is invisible, it will still cost us a lot of money. We could have gone further a long time ago, because the financial literacy of the population and its social structure, which is not entirely happy, is also linked to this, ”he mentioned the excluded localities.

“School reform could be very helpful because the economic situation is not really good. Let’s say it will affect everyone.” He said that Finland and other Nordic countries have the best school system, and we should inspire it.

In connection with the upcoming presidential election, he was asked what he had said about candidate General Peter Paul, with whom he had recently been interviewed. “She is definitely one of the candidates I am considering. He asked me for public support. I told him that I had to refuse it. He should turn to others, to citizens. It’s because the cultural community should stop getting involved, we often do a disservice.I also had a problem with his communist background, but I like that he approaches it like a guy and regrets it.

According to him, one should think about why Miloš Zeman won the presidential race twice: “I actually know that, because he is an all-powerful man. He is capable of things that a normal, decent person does not. Because Miloš Zeman is not a decent and good person, he is a bad person. He does not want to lie shamelessly whenever it suits him. Milos Zeman is a brutal liar who has done a lot of Shame in this country.”

According to him, the direct election of the president is a pity in our political system. “We then just noticed that he had become a completely Democratic president. After all he has done in politics. He was not chosen by idiots, but people like us, they just have a different opinion , we have to respect that. We have to reach the people on the other side of the barricade. Because the fundamental problem was the direct election of the president, it is a pity in our political system. Our political system was not there prepared, the politicians only did it out of populism, they were brutal populists because they knew very well that a lot of people wanted it. But a lot of people also want the death penalty, but it’s not although the death penalty exists, it is the Middle Ages.”

The result of direct choice is the polarization of society. “I am convinced that if the covid arrived and we did not have a direct election of the president, it would not divide Czech society like that”, assures Ruppert.

According to him, politicians must be constantly monitored to be vigilant. “Because there will always be trash in every party, politicians don’t primarily go beer drinking. They’re not stars, stars or frontmen, they’re our elected officials; their job is to run the country, nothing else. Not that they control and control us. Even though our high official acts like a monarch, there is no monarch. There is basically no difference between the president and the clerk in function,” Ruppert decided with his hands. The result of direct election is the division of society.

According to him, the new president must break down the barricade that Babiš and especially Zeman have built in the company. “The new president must come up with a fundamental vision strong enough to entertain us all. I can’t imagine that, for example, the accused would have the audacity to run for president,” he told Andrej Babiš . If he happened to face General Paul in the second round, he would clearly support Paul.

“I will vote anyway. Zeman himself said that elections should be compulsory, that is another one of his Bolshevik perversions,” Ruppert laughed. Czech. How? After all, he has almost no power, thankfully no executive power, because otherwise it would be horrible. He has to represent, he’s never been able to do that, he can’t even say goodbye.”

“That way…even a male gorilla Richard from the Prague zoo will be a better president than Miloš Zeman, it’s like no debate. But at the same time, it doesn’t matter who becomes president. That means General Paul will be a good president unless a better candidate emerges. For example, we would need a female head of state like salt, just like they did in Slovakia, I would imagine such a Čaputová,” he said.

They then tackled the scene of the film. Ruppert also mentioned the foreign crime comedy On Knives starring James Bond among his favorite movie new releases, when he shared some interesting observations. “There you really understand that Daniel Craig is a fantastic actor. It’s Bond who looks a bit like Putin, which bothers me a bit as a Bond fan. I’m terribly sorry, the LGBT community doesn’t bother me at all. everything, I’m an open person, but please let Bond be a guy.” Don’t cut these stories,” he clasped his hands.

The question arose whether it was important for Ruppert to be Bond White: “Like that – the character was written by Fleming, that’s how it is, so to some extent he’s important to me to be white. Equally sorry, but in the rococo fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, it’s stupid to be black actors when they weren’t in that environment at the time. After all , it can’t be seen as derogatory to their personality Just like I don’t understand how anyone today can divide people into black, white, yellow or sexual orientation, anyone who thinks a keg of beer is necessary Ruppert would seek balance, so that he doesn’t go from extreme to extreme.

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