Even in the 21st century, the treasure can be found. This is proven by the Crystal Tomb of God in Kunratice in the Českolipsko region

They are displayed in the church at Easter, which is a Catholic celebration of Christ’s resurrection. This is the 14th stage of the Way of the Cross, which Catholics commemorate on Good Friday.

    Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Kunratice near Cvikov in the Českolipsko region Photo: Magdalena Hrozínková, Radio Prague International

Part of God’s tomb was hidden under the stairs. It looked like a picture box

David Sobotka |  Photo: Magdalena Hrozínková, Radio Prague International

There are hundreds of hand-cut stones mounted on leatherette paper on Kunratice’s tomb. It forms a stained glass window through which light can pass. Only the light revealed the beauty of the monument hidden in the church for the summer.

“Let’s go to him to experience these feelings. We are facing a kunratic treasure, and now a complete work. Imagine that two years ago, when I started going to church every day, this lower part There was an old man in the confessional. Father Rudolf invited me and said: “Mr. Sobotka, come and see something. You might like that as a glassmaker. He picked up the altar cloth and this mosaic glanced at me. I have never seen this in my life I asked if it was a combination of stained glass, 3D stained glass And he said to me, so you don’t know what it is I thought you would advise me as than glassmaker.

Photo: Magdalena Hrozínková, Radio Prague International

The penultimate year, it was before Easter, he called me and said: David, I have a message for you. As I show you God’s Tomb, imagine that I’ve probably found the upper part. I don’t even know why, I went to look under the sloping staircase that leads to the choir. It was dark there and I saw a wooden box. I thought it was a box of paints. There was such a window behind. So I shone on it. And now I will activate the miracle for you too, so you can understand how he feels. Let there be light,” said David Sobotka, manager of the nearby Pačinek Glass plant.

Kunratice’s tomb contains 3,000 pearls

Photo: Magdalena Hrozínková, Radio Prague International

The tomb of God has undergone an incredible transformation. It looked black in the light, indistinguishable from green stones. After the lighting, the figures of angels, Christ and beautiful glass works appeared. It is one of ten surviving specimens in the Czech Republic.

“In a bachelor’s thesis we read that there are two specimens in Slovakia, four in Austria and six in Germany. The name of this building is the Holy Sepulchre. The company Zbitek has synové was founded in Olomouc in 1855. She made translucent paintings, it is then that we are honored to find the last 10 discoveries thanks to Father Rudolf, that we can take care of him, to admire the beauty of the artists who created this work 150 Even an art teacher told me that it looks ultra-modern to him, like you’re going to break the modern digital image down into pixels and make it some kind of pop art that pops in and out.

There are about 3,000 of them. Some of the experts say that they probably come from the Desná region here in the Jablonec region, which would make sense. We are in the region of glassmakers. And the second part of the experts say that these are Italian pearls from the Venice region. Either way, it’s in amazing condition. We picked it up for ages and dusted it off with such a feather brush. As you can see, not a single pearl is stolen, broken or broken. This object is always part of the Easter holiday, the so-called tridua, that is, three days. Then the ark of the covenant is closed with such an ancient hinge, and the whole building is placed somewhere in the church. We are the only ones to have exhibited it all year. I think it’s a fantasy.”

When the tomb of God is extinguished, the stones are green. When it turns on, it glows white.

Photo: Marketa Kachlikova, Radio Prague International

“That’s the beauty. When I turn it off again, it looks black, gray. But the beauty of glass is that it has to have light. I always say glass is the embodiment of the light. This bachelor thesis says that centuries ago they lit it with candles and kerosene, everything is made of wood and leatherette paper, it was covered with aluminum foil, which was already falling So I dusted it off and it was written in Swabian in such an old Czech: if you use this tool, you have to take care of it without setting the object on fire.

When you look at Jesus, he is made of paperwork. This is wet starched paper, which is then left to dry on the skeleton. Then you can float, color the plaster. We have no idea who put it under the stairs. If it was Germans who left during the expulsion, we are in the Sudetenland, or if it was someone completely different. We have a brief report in our town chronicle, where it is actually written in two sentences that I suspect that around 1900 God’s tomb was taken from a collection of local parishioners through an art dealer Viennese. I suspect the amount was 270 gold. “

Crystal Temple Photo: Marketa Kachlikova, Radio Prague International

According to David Sobotka, glass plays an extraordinary role in the church of Neratovice. The neighboring glass company Pačinek Glass, which rents the church, has transformed it into a crystal church. Inside the church are three hundred buildings from the workshop of Jiří Pačinek, inspired by flora and fauna, but also by sacred motifs.

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