At the cinema for rehabilitation. Comment by Štěpán Cháb


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The description: Pictured is Albus Dumbledore and his brother, their expression matches the spirit of the film exactly, helpless devotion

I would like to continue, perhaps for the last time, our journey through Hollywood culture to the foothills metropolis of Šluknov. Namely, in Rumburk. We had twenty minutes before the start of the screening and the whole city at the cinema in front of us. So there was no time to look around. Panting, we sat down in the cinema chairs. It must be said that my beloved children were at the cinema for the first time.

And it started nourishingly. Trailers of other films. Two superhero action blockbusters, two Czech comedies. Nothing to complain about, the main subject of Czech films has been predominantly human sexes for at least two decades, and the Hurons laugh at the many misunderstandings we are subjected to by using and not using them. We are used to the fact that it is far from the culture.

The baby’s eyes were shining, it would be so big, so strong. For the first time in cinema, it’s beauty. And they picked up the adult humor in the protests that it was said a man was standing behind him, so when he did, a busty blonde emerged from the window and said, and the children perceived their first experiences in the cinema that the young man under the window could go to her, and he was as grateful as the dog and said thank you, and quickly, so that the breasts did not change his mind, he s rushed up the ladder to the window to poke. The first drops of sweat beaded on my body. Yes, there must be enlightenment. The dramaturgy of the cinema or the distributor that placed demonstrations before the “fairy tale” certainly aimed to show children the world as it is. Full of superheroes and gears.

After the demonstrations came the main program. I finally admit what we were doing. It was the third part of Fantastic Beasts, because children loved Harry Potter, they shouldn’t run away from his world. And during the movie, I started to sweat again. And he didn’t stop until the end.

I’ll start by going to the movies for the first time when I was a kid for The Endless Story. I was thrilled with the movie, then I dreamed for a month that I would also fly on Falco, or find a book like this with a never-ending story that I would dive into with everything. What did my descendants experience during their first visit to the cinema? Thus the first and fundamental message of their hero Dumbledore was homosexuality. Dreamy looks, love between men. But shh, we won’t criticize it, we’d be homophobic and mean and stuck up, homosexuality is one of the main children’s stories, where it’s supposed to be full of magic, cute animals and adult sexuality, Everybody knows it. This was followed by a two hour walk through broken souls and long expressions of compassion and love and consideration and blank stares in achieving their dreams, all adorned with long monologues, ending with an epic confession of both political correctness and divided gay love. by a cruel world.

What can a child viewer begin to dream of when watching the third installment of Fantastic Beasts? That he would soon find a sensitive and complacent psychoanalyst? That if the Lord gives, we will all come to our coveted and relieved coming out? That the purpose of life is to find the right antidepressants and choose Petr Fiala and his melody boys? I don’t know, I preferred to dream of Falc and the book that engulfs me with my socks. And I guess that gave me more.

But yes, the culture must nurture these children. It’s clear once. Our generation was brought up on the infinite story or the worm by Dada Patrasova. With today’s generation, this has been taken more responsibly, and instead of telling a story, we are more concerned with passing something on to our children. Something crucial to our knowledge. Our values ​​and visions of the world and revolutionary gestures. Dad and I caught butterflies in the pasture, today’s generation of kids need to catch a lot more. Especially from an ideological point of view. It occurs to me that when we add ideology to a story, we start to lose the story, because we start to distort it with an ideology. Golden hammocks in modern Czech films. They only talk about fire, everything revolves around Hollywood production.

Entered by: Štěpán Cháb

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