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On Monday, May 7, a discussion took place in the United States about the dark transgender program for children visiting the main wheels. Under the auspices of one of America’s largest conservative think tanks, The Heritage Foundation, the trio of mothers shared their experience of supporting their transitioning children. Where do transgender ideologies go and how do they code me? Mothers Nicole Solasov, January Littlejohnov and Abigail Martinzov contributed to it.

He was born as one who overwhelms the undisturbed transition of dtte

Nicole Solasov, a lawyer and activist in the struggle for parental responsibility, was the first to speak. One day, Nicole Solasov discovered that the wheels she told the world about did not use the term referring to the gender of the child. As an example addressed to boys and twins and gave. When she tried to find out what, she wanted to share her approach with the children as little as possible and referred to usual practices. As for these practices, Mr. Solas, unfortunately, did not share them.

Subsequently, Mr. Solasov found that the same cycles had adopted a document aimed at not discriminating against transgender people. This included, among other things, active help with social transition stamps. The program did not include the necessary consultation with the cola family, communication could only take place between the cola employees and the child, in the event that communication with the family was not considered safe by the cola. The procedure was such that the wheels with the child created a complete transition, which included a change of address, a change of the child’s name, a well-dressed gender, and more. Such a procedure could be performed by uu ptiletch dt bikes, because at this age children in the United States start college. Even then, with us pedkolk and pedkolaek, the bikes did not ask for parental consent.

As a lawyer, Mr. Solasov resented it and informed the wheel that this practice violated the United States Prime and used his last ability to access information in order to find out how many children pass this transit. The company declined to respond, saying it was private information. We cannot provide this data anonymously. However, they continued their argument, arguing that this information was not of public interest. They were just scared.

Since then, Nicole Solasov has provided a lot of information on customs information and is in dispute with teachers’ unions over its provision.

daughter transition taj wheels in front of mother

The following experience of Mr. Littlejohnov shows a change of practice in practice. Mr. January Littlejohnov holds a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and is a Florida Certified Mental Health Counselor. Mr Littlejohn’s daughter suffered major problems during the pandemic covaders. She told her mother she wasn’t sure of her gender. In an interview with the teacher, she clarified that she had sought professional psychological help and had not actively supported her in the transition at home, but that her parents could not prevent her from being contacted by her chosen name in the round. When the 22-year-old got into the car with her mum, she revealed they asked her about her favorite toilet on the bike. The chained mother wrote to the school and asked why no one had consulted her before. The school employee responsible for the area replied that his daughter was protected by anti-discrimination regulations and that no information about this meeting could be provided.

After several weeks of exchanges with the local authorities, they finally learned that the daughter of Mr. Littlejohn had undergone a so-called social transition. The association created an assistant principal, a college counselor and the social worker completely unknown to Mr. Littlejohn. Within this fullness were questions such as which girl my daughter used or if she could sing in a room with two boys and boys during flights. The two things that affect the safety of these youngsters. Needless to say, they didn’t even have a parent on this.

That’s why they asked their daughters what name the canteen wanted to put on the bike. When communicating with the parents of this round, she used the birth name of the twelve to hide this birth process. This way they let their daughters know that she was delivering and the cogs were chilling. Mr. Littlejohn’s family has filed a federal lawsuit against the cola advance.

Children taken away by parents rushed to suicide

The last speaker was Mr. Abigail Martinzov, who shared her experience in public for the first time. His performance was very moving.

Her daughter Yaeli suffered from depression. After entering the middle round, some of them started cheating. kali j, e i okliv. Yaeli tried to earn a recognized association with new aces and clothes. And then she told her mother that she was honored as a boy. The Martins began an identity issue with the school and other organizations. Mr. Martinzov did not want to argue that when his girl with a lot of typical sticks is suddenly seen as a boy, he is making her life better.

Because of this, an academic psychologist, along with LGBT activists, sent the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services to the first time Yaeli was likely to leave home. One day, the two tried to catch up with the suicide bomb. Mr. Martinzov got drunk and immediately took her to the hospital, where she was taken away. When asked if I would take my daughter home after a great stage, they answered. She had to repent of the assigned social worker.

Staff from the Department of Family and Children’s Services then drank at Martinz’s house. There, the mother was told that she should call her daughter Andrew, hence the name of the boy the two had chosen. She chose this in a group of LGBT groups, where she went regularly. Of course, Mr. Martinzov had no idea about these groups.

The LGBT group’s tact supported Yaeli in the transition, arguing that California paid for the surgery and said the move was complete. They assured Yaeli that was her only way to test. However, the condition of the payment for the connection payment with the transition is placed in a foster child. And that’s why she had to leave the family.

Yaeli finally ran away from home at the age of fourteen. the series placed her in a Pstoun family. LGBT organizations said she supported her in her transition. The mother was chased with the ada to bring her home and the family could be reunited. But she never did.

She demanded a full psychological examination of her daughter before the next steps of the transition, because no one from the LGBT organization wanted Yaeli. She got the same response from transitioning or saving her daughter, it’s just you who are br tst. However, Mr. Martinzov knew there was no problem and the Yaeli procedure did not help.

She was only able to contact her own daughter once a week, under supervision. The mother was even forbidden to talk about Nboen’s life, which was important to the whole family, with the conclusion that it could stress Yaeli. Mr. Martinzov had to accept it, otherwise the meeting with his daughter, as part of his protection against suicide, would be prohibited.

Mr. Martinzov repeatedly tried to bring Yaeli home, and in many ways she tried to put his daughter in place psychologically, even before she changed her sex. It’s unhurried.

At 19, Yaeli committed suicide by jumping under a train.

Respond to ad

The local authorities assessed the case very clearly. They released a document in which they responded to the tragic death. Among other things, they said that teens identifying as LGBTIQ+ need to be support and resources for a proud, productive and happy life and create and implement prevention and intervention services that minimize family rejection when these services are (e.g. transitions) nut.

Otherwise, according to Ad Martin for the death of my daughter, and if the series had responded more quickly and the transition had been done in two, there would never have been a disaster. Uncooperative parents cannot transport their children on the road.

Mr. Martinzov’s case coincides with the warnings in the book Averted Transgender, which we published last year. V n Walt Heyer (eight years as transgender) warns of the blindness that transgender ideology can cause me. A disorder called gender dysphoria often occurs as a result of other mental health issues. It’s not their pin. It’s just a symptom. Many of these pre-transition issues will cause irreversible changes in the body of a child who does not suffer in both transgender experiences.

The problem associated with the emergence of gender dysphoria leads to suicide. This is also shown by the cases of Blake Brockington and Kyle Scanlon from book changes. Both have accepted their new identities. They both committed suicide because they suffered from other mental problems.

The United States acts as an export of similar dangerous ideas to the outside world. Are you a parent and teacher who, with a disrespectful first parent, on the part of cola, in a similar connection experience? Contact us at With full protection of your privacy, we can take care of everything with you and, if necessary, help us. We must not allow our children to become these two dangerous ideological experiments.

The author is a collaborator of the Alliance for the family

Taken from Konzervativn noviny website with permission from the editors.

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