Staff: There is a Lavi in ​​each team. Maybe the script was read to us by criminals

Madman Lavi is back, this time in a feature film. He is again played by Jakub Štáfek, who also participated in the film Vyšehrad as a director. Already during the series about Julia Lavický, he told how a “disguise”, that is, a weir to a blonde and clouds of tattoos, changed him. And even in private, when he is not in place. That’s why Jakub Štáfek, the director and leading man, will arrive for Jakub Štáfek at the premiere of the film Vyšehrad, which takes place on Thursday. “I definitely don’t want to be Lavi all the time,” he smiles.

Why? Do you not feel good in a box of smart football player?
“So I’m in a lot of boxes. We don’t want to throw footballers in one bag. Maybe we know clearly that not all football players are like Lavi. Lavi is unique.”

There are a few such fighters in the world and in the Czech Republic …
“The film features boys who have traveled across Europe. Many of them have long careers, inside information. I won’t name them, but many of them will say that on every team they were on, whether it was Germany, England, Spain, they had their Lavi. Lavi is everywhere, she just looks different.”

What kind of athletes do you meet?
“We have chosen a staff that does not confirm the rule of a stupid footballer. They are completely normal guys with funny people who are responsible, do what they like and do it well. Which is the example of Tomáš Rosický, Patrik Berger, Vlada Šmicer and many others. Then there are a lot of hockey guys who have the exact same thing.”

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Are they good actors?
“I think Patrik Berger could definitely make a living from it, because it suits him really well, visually. When he throws a smile at me, I’m a woman, so I go after him right away.”

Tomáš Rosický gets a lot of space. Isn’t that a surprise?
“He could also feel that he was doing this for us, but probably wouldn’t want to live off of it. When we first met, you could tell he was a bit unhappy with the way he was gradually penetrating him. A person who comes back from England years later suddenly comes here to the Czech Republic and finds out how it works. So, from what he said, we changed the scenario a bit.”

In what?
“We heard his request, although we expected him to want us to somehow erase the way Czech football works. The system that is there: puffers, Berbr holsters, Pelta etc. I think it was for the benefit of the cause.”

It is interesting that your film is called Vyšehrad, it takes place in this club. And Roman Rogoz, the main supporter of Roman Berber, worked there. How was the collaboration between you?
“To be honest, I don’t want to get involved, I don’t think the sympathy between us and Mr. Rogoz has been there from the start. I have a sense of smell for people, so of course I felt it wasn’t quite right there.”

You jumped in the cup with Slavia for Vyšehrad for a few minutes. What did he say?
“I think he was one of those who was against my boarding in any way, even if it was only for five or ten minutes. But we agreed with club boss Jarda Klíma Of course, we also wanted to assess Vyšehrad financially for the fact that it happened, that they allowed us to do it and stab those boys. But then I received information that the money was then used for bribes. I think it was based on the first police wiretaps that came out. I was very surprised that something like this happened there. When we started to doing the movie, the collaboration was great. The only thing we didn’t want was to give Vyšehrad a script.”

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“Precisely because we knew there might be a connection between Mr. Rogoz and Mr. Berbr. And we certainly didn’t want them to know what was going on here, that we were somehow accused. We have everything settled with lawyers. We shot a fairy tale for adults, which is inspired by real events, and in the end, they are often much worse than what we are telling.”

Do you think?
“I also heard it from the boys, from those players who, of course, were often a little embarrassed by what was whistled and by the speed with which they entered the second league. But those who have to do with it must touch the conscience. It would be unfair of us to judge him at this time either. Personally, I hope that after seeing the film, as the story has been told, something will happen.

What do you imagine?
“It just came to our knowledge at that time. I don’t think it’s just a problem of Czech football. That’s how the society is set up, the system, from the high places, from the highest levels, and as long as there are people who took advantage of the old regime, estébáci and so on, so we can no longer move.

You have already slightly rubbed the conditions in the Vyšehrad series.
“I remember we mentioned names like Pelta and Berbr and, for example, Kuba Prachař was the moderate footballer of the year at the time. But there was a ban from the football association that she wouldn’t couldn’t because of Vyšehrad, because we rubbed against them.”

He could also go before an ethics committee like defender and rapper Teplice Tomáš Kučera, who even got a big fine.
“It just occurred to me that they were upset and something unfair was going to happen there. Otherwise, as far as the footballers and those people are concerned, in most cases we have met, the boys were delighted and wanted to participate in the project.”

You were originally supposed to release the film when the Roman Berber affair started. So it’s not a reaction to her?
“So it is. We finished or we took a break, we missed three days of filming and this case is out. We’re actually…”

Weren’t they happy?
“Well, on the one hand, we’re personally happy that something finally started to happen, but creatively it was more complicated. Then we released a preview of the film, because of course we were touching on the subject, we wanted to show the fans that we already had it in the script long before it really happened, so that they didn’t feel like the thing happened and we reacted and moved something forward. We were joking that someone in organized crime had to read our script.”

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