Novotný from Řeporyjí was released on Prim. ODS business card… They almost turned off his microphone

Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil (ODS) visited Ukraine. “I don’t praise the trip at all. It’s not a completely safe way. But God forbid he goes there and brings the testimonies. Peter, why are you inviting Majer Zahradníková’s broom here ?” “Novotný started abruptly, after which moderator Petr Suchoň warned him that he hoped this was the last time.” Why is this broom here?” “Why is it here?” asked Novotný, and Suchoň earnestly urged Novotný to answer. ” Majerová Zahradníková only pointed out that Novotný had reached his intellectual peak.

“It’s good that the President of the Senate chased them away and testified when there are brooms like Majerová Zahradníková,” Novotný continued sternly. ” Enough ! Suchoň announced, calling on Majer Zahradníková to respond. “As I don’t know the exact mission, as it was said and communicated in the media one way or another today, it was an invitation from Ukraine, I just wonder if a Ukrainian will come from Ukraine this time instead of Taiwan. The head of the Senate should probably realize that he is Czech first and foremost and that he is going there to act for the Czech Republic and behave accordingly,” said notice Majerová Zahradníková.

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She also pointed out that Tricolor had clearly portrayed the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an aggressive step. “But we, as Habs, will defend the interests of our fellow citizens first and foremost – and the fact that we have a neutral attitude in this regard is very clear and it still takes time. There is no reason to change this. After all, many politicians around the world hold this view, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is also neutral on this situation, and as I say: Russian aggression is condemnable, every life is messed up, you mentioned child victims, for example, this is something crazy, and I repeat that Ukraine has the right to defend itself We must help, but it must not be at the expense of our citizens This is what is happening now. And I personally think that our fellow citizens should always come first,” said Majerová Zahradníková, pointing out, for example, the problems of single mothers.

The mayor of Reporyja in Prague 6 Novotný then refused to give preference to Ukrainian children over Czech children. “Even the first Ukrainian children are already beating our bumps. I have three children in kindergarten and it is normally manageable and half of Ukrainian women already have a job. And that’s exactly it … If she has at least says an opinion, but it’s a broom, it incites against Ukrainians,” Novotný repeated sternly, after which Suchoň warned him not to.

“Mr. Novotný, don’t get angry, but your mental level is absolutely, absolutely in symbiosis with your body,” replied Majerová Zahradníková. Novotný started to defend himself, but Suchoň warned that he would turn off his microphone. “If this ODS bloom is tolerated on your TV, I won’t take napkins either,” added Majerová Zahradníková, and Novotný again attacked with the word broom.

“Madam President, I apologize for Pavel Novotný and for these expressions,” Suchoň began, but Majerová Zahradníková said that was not enough, because Novotný himself should apologize. And how would Majerová Zahradníková proceed now if she were prime minister? “Unlike Prime Minister Fiala, who instead of caring about his citizens, cares about Ukrainian citizens instead of building his cult of personality here, so I think the first step that would be important would be to reduce the tax excise tax on absolutely all products,” said Majerová Zahradníková. He would also abolish emission quotas, stop selling energy on the Leipzig Stock Exchange and abolish the overcrowded ministry. “There are so many ways to help our people and put the life and well-being of this country first. But the government is not doing any of that,” Majerová Zahradníková said.

When Novotný had to respond, he again launched an attack on Majerová Zahradníková, declaring that she was “stupid and uneducated”. Suchoň reprimanded him again. After Novotný again called Majerová Zahradníková a broom, Suchoň didn’t even want to comment.

In another shootout, Majerová Zahradníková said that only poor people try to get political points from refugees, which again upset Novotný. “You are pathetic, Zuzana,” Novotny said indignantly, but Majer chided him for pushing. Suchoň then attempted to once again apologize to Majer Zahradníková. “I was really disappointed, Mr. Novotny,” Suchon said.

“Thank you for the apology, but that says more about Mr. Novotný than me,” replied Majerová Zahradníková. And then she commented on the presidential election. “Among those who announced it, Tricolore does not have a favorite, we will see what else will be offered in the weeks and months to come, because I think the presidential election is not exactly the right one. moment right now and the much bigger problems that the Czech Republic has, ”added Majerová Zahradníková.

“The ODS and the Spolu should first abolish the direct election of the president. I think this nation is not competent to elect a president,” says Novotný. In the end, Suchoň called for an apology.” I didn’t say a single vulgarity on your show. I will not apologize to the president, I deeply humanly despise her,” Novotný concluded. “That’s a compliment from you,” laughed Majer Zahradníková. And Suchoň apologized again. “Your performance today is condemned not only by me, but by the whole station,” Suchoň concluded. “It’s a great example of ODS,” said Majerová Zahradníková.

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