Many citizens are the target of Russia’s disinformation campaign, Fiala complained. I was in kyiv, it’s sad to see…

In recent days, passion has been aroused by the debate over whether or not to have an American base in the Czech Republic. In recent days, Prime Minister Fiala said that the government had not negotiated any basis and that no one had asked for it. He confirmed it today. “It’s not a question of who of us wants the base or not. There’s nothing on the table that’s real now. Nobody really asked us for a base, we’re not negotiating any base. But what’s really real and what we’re going to deal with is the new defense cooperation agreement with the U.S. The Czech Republic hasn’t signed it yet. , Defense Minister Jana Černochová will discuss this in the United States, but it is something completely different from the basic debate, “said Fiala, adding that it is important to talk about strengthening the eastern wing of the North Atlantic Alliance.

According to him, security is not obvious. “We have to do something for her. We are in danger. Among other things, the aggressive imperial policy of Russia. And that needs to be fixed. And for the Czech Republic, that certainly entails a task, and our government set it before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and that is to increase the funds we give for defense to 2% of GDP d ‘by 2025,” Fiala said.

He then posed his question to many skeptics about the course of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Many citizens are the target of a strong disinformation campaign by Russia, which, incidentally, is part of the struggle that Russia has been waging with us for a long time. With the entire western democratic world. So this is the result .I’m just telling everyone, and I have to confirm the news is real, unfortunately the pictures we see match what happened there.And that’s a tragedy.Even me, who am involved in international relations for a long time and who can imagine a conflict of war, I really could not imagine that we could experience something like this, not far from us, in the 21st century”, remarked Fiala and spoke about the war crimes that Russia is committing.”Everyone who has just a little feeling must feel some emotion and maybe a feeling of helplessness and a feeling that these people need help,” Fiala added.

“Russia is engaging in aggression which is unacceptable. This is the first thing. It is not possible to force a sovereign independent country to do what it intends to do in Moscow. there is no excuse for this aggression,” he added. “We must help Ukraine defend Russia, help Ukraine deal with the situation and help those who are affected by the war,” he added. he declared.

“Today there will be a new decision on the world order, on the role of the North Atlantic Alliance, energy security and many other things are being designed. And the Czech Republic must play an important role in this regard, and the more seriously, and other countries will take us as a more serious partner, the stronger our position in all discussions will be,” Fiala said.

“I was in Kyiv, it was a really sad sight back then. A partially empty city, where there’s no one on the streets at all, where no lights are on, where you see the dots control and these sandbags in the streets. How really in a war zone. At the same time, anyone who knows Kyiv knows that it was a city full of life. And this is an experience that we all have to realize, ” Fiala added.

The Prime Minister then spoke about the government’s strategy to help refugees. “We have to realize that for various reasons the Czech Republic is what is called a destination. Country of destination for this wave of refugees. We are facing the biggest wave of refugees since the end of the Second World War. There are countries that are badly affected. The Czech Republic is one of the most affected. At present, about 300,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in the Czech Republic, which is 3% of our population. Dealing with so many crowd in such a short time is unbelievable. A huge challenge. It’s unheard of,” says Fiala. According to him, the government is doing a good thing for the citizens of the Czech Republic, as it will – it will not there will be no social unrest. “Something nobody wants,” he said.

Speaking about the presidential election, Fiala said he wanted a strong candidate to defeat populists and radicals. “I don’t insist on it being an ODS candidate,” he said, adding that the talks are also taking place within the Together coalition.

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