His brother Jan also came to three exhibitions about Karl Kryl in Nový Jičín

So many people probably didn’t meet so many people when the visitor center in Nový Jičín opened. After the introductory words of the head of the visitor center Radka Bobková, who welcomed the visitors and introduced the guests, Pavel Štůla, a guitar teacher, played and sang Kryl’s song Majesty the Cat, he would have it all just 78 on April 12.

Karel Kryl became an honorary citizen of Nový Jičín

Then the mayor of Nový Jičín Stanislav Kopecký recalled that the honorary citizenship of Nový Jičín was granted for the first time in 1859 and that Karel Karel was granted by the representatives of the city of Nový Jičín during their meeting of December 13, 2021. He did not give birth or death to Jičín, he can be considered one of the important personalities of Novojičín. “I think the exhibits we are officially presenting today could be a harbinger of the permanent exhibition on Karel Kryl he deserves in Nový Jičín,” he said.

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Former librarian and co-founder of the literary club Jana Homolová recalled her encounters with Karel Kryl. She told how she first met Karel Kryl in the 1970s. She returned from Brno, where she graduated from library school and became a librarian at the Nový Jičín library.

“I learned that the Youth Club was born at the Théâtre des Beskides. I saw Karel there for the first time. He recited the poet just cursed François Villon. After a while, I met him on the way to Suchdol station. We said hello to him, and I said: Where are you from, Karl? And he says: Work. I work in a toilet factory in Suchdol. I say: You ceramist from Bechyně? And him: Yeah, it’s hard work. But I won’t be here long. I compose music, I write verses, songs, I sing on Ostrava radio and in the theater from Waterloo,” recalls Jana Homolová, whose narration was interrupted for a moment by Pavel Štůla again with her current song Bratříčku, close the doors.

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Jana Homolová then addressed the last meeting with Karel Kryl, which took place after almost a quarter of a century. Karel Kryl was after the party at the time and Jana Homolová seemed overwhelmed. He managed to tell her that his left hand was still hurting him and that he was marrying Marlene and going on honeymoon to Mallorca. “I didn’t know that I last saw him at that time,” added Jana Homolová.

After another song, Stanislav Kopecký handed records to Jan Kryl with a document confirming that his brother Karel Kryl had become an honorary citizen of the town of Nový Jičín. “Karel really deserved it. He hasn’t been with us for twenty-eight years, but his words are absolutely current. So we have you here, Cain’s blood brothers….”, Jan Kryl began and recited the whole his brother’s song text So we have you here.

Karel Kryl’s family and their work in Nový Jičín

Radek Polách from the Novojičín Region Museum, which is a co-organizer of exhibitions, presented the Karel Kryl family and their work in Nový Jičín. He recalled that at the beginning of the 20th century, Karel Kryl the Elder came to Nový Jičín, where he later founded the famous Czech printing house together with Ferdinand Scott, who operated there until 1938. The opening was ended with the song Anděl, which was recorded by many visitors.

Three exhibitions are dedicated to Karel Kryl in Nový Jičín, which will last until May 31. Two of them are on the premises of the Novojičín Visitor Center, where you can see photographs of Karel Kryl’s life and interesting objects and documents from the estate of the Karel Kryl family, which were loaned by his brother Jan.

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The third exhibition is visible in the hall of the town hall. On twenty panels, press clippings and photographs recall Karel Kryl. The author and owner of this traveling exhibition is Jarka Otavová Szabová from Olomouc, who came with her daughter Ester Benešová.

The exhibition was created shortly after the death of Karel Kryl. I had a lot of photos of my friends, I thought to myself: what about this? So I got to work. This was after my daughter had a terrible accident, she was in the hospital for a long time and the culprit was not punished. In this desperation, I wrote to Karel Kryl in Germany and we started to correspond,” said Jarka Otavová Szabová, revealing that Karel Kryl even had the keys to his apartment. Because when he later went to concerts in Moravia, he lived with me,” she remarked with a smile.

Jan Kryl, who is used to the fact that the media often asks him about Karel Kryl, when Deník asks him how his brother would react to current events, he replies very briefly: “He would be hit by slag again.”

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