Dostálová (YES): Alibi government and postponement of the construction law

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The obsession of members of Petr Fiala’s government with former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, the former government and the YES movement is truly ridiculous. So it would be if ordinary people were not beaten.

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The description: Klara Dostalova (YES)

Deliberately note that whenever a major step is expected from the government to help people with high prices or a difficult life situation, it will happen the same way – “we can’t do it because Babiš”.


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And that’s more than six months after the election! In other cases, the former government is used as an alibi. If a minister does something, he will not accept his own responsibility. But they stand proudly in front of the microphone, brag and say, I’m nothing, it’s them. The last time Minister Bartoš excelled in this area was by postponing the construction law and with it digitization. And guess who he thinks is to blame?

In any case, Minister Ivan Bartoš is postponing the entry into force of the construction law we approved, which would ultimately shorten the authorization processes and start construction. And what’s worse. He invents other steps that will lead to the exact opposite of what we wanted. Instead of shortening, there will be another extension. It almost seems like his motto is: you don’t move from 157th place in the world in terms of obtaining building permits. And to make matters worse, it also postpones the digitization of construction processes. Yes, the famous “computer wizards” cannot handle it. And so they came, wonder of the world, with the usual excuse – YES is to blame. Dostal is guilty. But he himself knows very well that the digitization has been prepared. She was even one of the accepted!! and valid!! of the law. Stopping him is therefore a decision of Ivan Bartoš and the pirates. He decided to change it and now he doesn’t know where to go. I repeat, it is his sole responsibility. No apologies will help you.

He could also look at the handover protocol that I left him at the ministry in arcs. Three large orders were in progress, a fourth was in preparation. European funding for IROP and the National Recovery Plan has been secured and is now threatened or even prevented. Under my leadership, the construction management digitization project was handled as standard. There was a team, regular meetings, a work schedule, cooperation was established with the Ministry of Interior and the Government Council for the Information Society. It’s over now.

After the arrival of Minister Bartoš and the arrival of his political deputy and party colleague Ondřej Profant, organizational changes and above all confusion began. He removed the deputy head of DSŘÚP and another key project manager left for his job. He couldn’t hold her back. And the complaint that the project was partly outsourced? Maybe even the minister can’t be serious. The competitiveness of the public administration in the field of IT is not high, the best experts will, of course, go to the private sector for incomparably better money. But what I would tell you is that the minister knows this very well when he failed to get any of the famous hackers on the team.

I would also like to know how the minister designed the financing for the digitization of construction procedures. It is crucial now that he announces the postponement. The structural funds have a fixed payment date and, if I am not mistaken, there are also problems with the financing of the national recovery plan. It was approved for our new law, which the minister decided to redo for no reason. There is therefore a real risk that we will lose more than two billion Europeans. But don’t worry, it won’t be his fault either. It is quite clear that YES, me or Andrej Babiš will also be able to do it.

We will not support the postponement of the valid building law for a simple reason. We want a good law for everyone. And not just for roads, highways, power stations. Minister Bartoš has not yet explained why large buildings will be built faster according to the new construction law, while an ordinary citizen will have to follow the old one. After all, if the law can work for the state, the same can work for citizens. Or not?

Ivan Bartoš decided to follow an unconventional path. People throw overboard and only satisfy someone. So what affects the duration of authorization processes for ordinary citizens decided to remain as it is today. He probably thinks that when the election is over, he doesn’t have to deal with people anymore. It is up to him to decide to break the current building law, on which scholars and experts have spent thousands of hours. And he should realize that this is also a typical example of waste. He undoes functional things only because they were made by someone other than him.

It will also be his responsibility if we lose more than two billion in European funds. That he would throw it at Klára Dostálová? It’s so cheap that I don’t think anyone will believe it anymore. People are very familiar with alibiism. So I would recommend to the minister to finally stop showing up, stop constantly making excuses, blaming someone else and taking responsibility for his actions. He should realize that he would have at least some of the promises and rhetoric he used to keep in opposition. At least that is what I would expect from the Deputy Prime Minister.

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