“Death. Enough. “The boy entered the government, which he did not want

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On his regular show, commentator Petr Holec matched the shoe that Jana Černochová made with the American base, but also the effort to control the margins. “I think the hand of the market has stayed somewhere in my pocket. I’m not surprised either,” he said, adding that entrepreneurs are getting tired of it. He also paid attention to the campaign against misinformation and the use of the letter Z, also used by the Znojmo brewery. “I will be them, then I will paint again. The Austrian is drowning in trouble, and when it happens to a politician, there is nothing better than beating someone for a baby,” he warned. Are we still a democratic country? They say yes. “Unless, of course, they want to kill someone, etc. added Holec.

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The commentator started with a subject that has been discussed for a long time in the Czech Republic, namely inflation. He mentioned that inflation had jumped to 12.7% in March and recalled how the ODS had introduced the term “dear to Babiš” before the elections. So now, according to statistics, inflation is 12.7%, it’s time to start saying “purple poverty” in terms of objectivity, the commentator thinks. He knows that it is not only Petr Fiala who is responsible for this poverty, just as Andrej Babiš could not be responsible for it. But a political rule says that the current government is responsible for the current state, and Holec wonders how the five-party coalition government handles that.

He also commented on Jana Černochová’s “accidentally dropped” statement that there should be an American base in the Czech Republic. He said that the issue of the permanent deployment of foreign troops on the territory of the country is a sensitive issue. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. I know that Jana Černochová probably wears camouflage and Canada at home, she likes tanks and everything, now the weather wants her because of the war in Ukraine , I understand that she probably heard the guns in her ears, so she said that we would have an American base, ”he estimated, because the declaration could have taken place.

“She also surprised her own prime minister and party leader, she also surprised Americans, who really want talent,” Holec assessed the responses given by both Prime Minister Fiala and the US diplomatic mission. He noted that the hackers reacted the most, which is not surprising, given that even before the 2017 elections, party chairman Bartoš declared that he was a pacifist, that he was not d agreement with certain actions of NATO and that he was not even sure that the Czech Republic was a member of NATO.

“It’s the ODS that will do this with the American base, as if it weren’t the ODS that once promoted radar in Brdy in the days of Prime Minister Topolánek. At that time most people were against,” he said, adding that at that time opposition to radar and American bases ran through society as a whole, for example, director Věra Chytilová or Jan Kačer, who experienced communist persecution . “I would like to know if they were against the base again today, so if not only Markéta Pekarová Adamová would immediately turn them into Russian cockroaches and the Karlín sheltered workshop would join them,” Holec said that the political situation and social in the Czech Republic had become more fanatical. And those who do not want a base have been called traitors and gods of Putin. “In the end, there is nothing wrong with that, because the Minister of Defense will resign. A clear master for me,” he quipped, wondering how many more times the ODS will have to burn with the radar and its counterparts before learning.

One of the viewers then asked how Václav Klaus views the current ODS and the words on margin controls, which were recently released by Agriculture Minister Nekula. He asked where the invisible hand of the market remained. “I think the hand of the market stayed somewhere in my pocket. I’m not surprised either,” Holec said. entrepreneurs and “stifle and desacralize” them on the margins in order to maintain the dogma of the survey. Then there is the question of how long entrepreneurs will like it, says Holec. He pointed out that the Chamber of Commerce and other lobbies were “getting tired” and asking when real help would come and the period of signals and analysis would end. Holec recalled how the government announced a fuel margin check. And two weeks later the government announced that the markups on petrol stations were correct, and the government preferred to reduce the excise tax by a fifty kroner.

As for Ukraine, Holec said he was in favor of helping Ukrainian refugees. “But in the main evening news, which lasts about 40 minutes, while 35 minutes is only for Ukrainian refugees, the same stories all the time, about their adaptation and so on, so forgive them for the abnormal”, did he hit a CT. broadcast. “Similarly, the government seemed to talk about helping Ukraine, but somehow forgot that it confessed mainly to Czechs, not Ukrainians,” he added.

He mentioned the sandwich case, which he found preposterous, and warned that suits using the letter Z had no basis in law. He added a decision to shut down alleged disinformation sites, which was also not based on legislation, and the Prime Minister called it a bold move on the sidelines.

“I don’t think it’s getting too brave lately. It’s a pandemic law passed in a state of emergency against its own senators, extending the state of emergency for 60 days instead of the traditional constitutional thirty days, and And this is the government of the five-party coalition, an opposition that constantly blames Miloš Zeman for similar things for drawing up a constitution according to his own needs. In the end, soon after he took office , this government is behaving in a very similar way, if not worse, because with this son-in-law he is starting to have a few pieces behind the line,” he said.

Holec hopes that we will wake up and come to the conclusion that we are a democratic country and a free society where people can express their opinions freely. “Unless, of course, they want to kill someone and such,” he added. “But let’s not deprive ourselves of it, because we are very good at it. And, of course, those who promote it say that it is in the name of democracy and the protection of freedom. But of course that’s all otherwise,” he warned.

One of the spectators pointed out that Z has, for example, the Znojmo brewery in a half pint and asked ironically if the Austrian Minister of the Interior would intervene. “I’ll be them, so I’ll repaint. The Austrian is drowning in trouble, and when that happens to a politician, there’s nothing better than beating someone for a son-in-law, that scores a lot for some voters five coalition rock I am a brewery from Znojmo with a zetek on the glass and on the car so I change the letter because some early morning someone might knock on the door and it might be bad during this government , “Holec didn’t completely rule that out, adding that it was a fun question, but unfortunately this topic isn’t very funny.

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