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They gave me an interview like Karel Zeman (Today, no one would pay the famous master Zdek Burian in the Czech Republic, illustrator and cartoonist Karel Zemanhere), then screenwriter Ji Dubsk (Mr. Foglar sent the best friends to the land of the boys. And my guru? irokko, to the screenwriter of the new Rychlch phere) They joined forces and created a set of their own, brand new Rychlch p. They are theirs and the current Jaroslav Foglar, not only because the p sign in the world is the same as the sign for Coca-Cola, but also because the Olomouc patriot Ji Dubsk tried to imitate the character, the diction, but also a certain simplicity and didacticity of the original.

He had the oldest head in his head Rychlch p and linked to the fact that they are heroes of young age. In later sequels, Foglar was overwhelmed by childish naivety and didn’t grow out of adulthood (who didn’t understand), but Rychlonoka bought the uen, etc.

We will not find this in Dubskho scnch. Instead, discover a powerful spell that Foglar would approve of. Thank you of course. And I really thought it would sanctify the poetics of Dub. Pitom

How much did the author write after Foglar Rychl py! There is always a full internet and a big book Fast pace and their new adventures (Acropolis 2018). I think the day all these writers got together didn’t capture that EARLY spirit of M. It’s like the New World crack: nothing but nothing. And Jirka Dubsk measured that he was born for it.

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It’s of course also true that a number of these writers didn’t even attempt an exact comic book form. Or the stoves tried, but it was in vain. Paul created a sacred world, his own, see his book About July (2019). Then there are countless paraphrases and parodies (of Michal Hrdho) and they just aren’t tricked out. And the trap just isn’t perfect like the original atmosphere. First it worked for Jirka Dubski, it worked, and what it was, Foglar could have easily produced. It’s almost as if the screenwriter had drunk his brain. He entered. And let’s face it at least on pbhu Fast food contest.

In the first photo, the boys are standing in front of the wooden fence, to which someone has tied the contest invitation. Let’s go to the corner today, to Mirek’s.

After the dumplings, I would fight, I said. And while Dun’s words sound familiar to us from somewhere in Foglar, Cerven’s weakness is new.

On the next panel there are boys in a circle and Rychlonoka zden declares: To all the rohatches, there is also the Brotherhood And if only her! Dubsk also sent Tonda Plhal from Dvorc and Fat Bamboo. That’s what we brought to the company, adds Rychlonoka.

On the same panel, Mirek fools the whole club and Rychlonoka typically jokes: Please vs, couldn’t mercury dumplings? Ty j dsn rd. It is unequivocally the language of Foglar and its myleness. Even the panel structure of the first series is 100% matched to its case structure and scn. Then it continues on Saturday 2nd day, there is Rychly py and a few other boys at the table. We hear the rules and at first the guys have fun, and they wank their ears. Here we register the Brotherhood. So the real seduction and the rad Bidlo make sure the dumplings don’t fall under the table. They are exposed, excluded, disqualified. Even with God. Then

Zbv u only five minutes before the end and they all gave up, only Bambus and Mirek didn’t. But how could Thl and Sport Dun win such a thing? Also bamboo. Metelka and Dun enter her house behind the wheelchair, but there is a hill and the fat ones go to their porn ndre. But that doesn’t seem to bother anyone, and the Bamboo from the theft of water: the degree of flood activity, the alarm takes the units! And Rychlonoka joy of love: Do you want a life jacket, vanosto?

Chpu: nkomu in pipad infantiln. But about Karel Zeman’s drawing, we have the real pbh Rychly p in front of him, who could have landed serenely in front of the wolf. No, not at all that Zeman is always as magical as Jan Fischer, but the distribution of characters in the photos seems prescribed by Foglar sm. In addition, we also have a quite adventurous adventurer and nothing is born anywhere in the publication. Yes, plagiarism, but it’s still original and only Foglar’s spirit rises above the darkness.

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Zeman collaborated with Vojta Hanu in an edited volume and created a one-sided pbh The real fast-paced heroes. He is class, however, at another sub-number, let’s name his name here. James Bond, Jack Sparrow, Termintor, Harry Potter and Homer Simpson star in Han’s scene. Then Bond’s cell phone broke. Who calls? Country. And here it is revealed. There was Rychl py in masks and costumes.

Point? Dr. X won’t make a Vodomilice bomb that will destroy Earth, but there will be other guys he comes with in time. Also, the final panel paraphrases the moment when Rychly py throws himself into one of their actual (and thus Foglar’s) pbhs from the raft onto the rowboat.

No, nothing against Zeman’s story, but Dubsk would hardly have written a similar scene – and he’s done about two hundred so far, so it’s not a lot of pages, but often the adventures of travelers . Mal didn’t draw all 200 adventures and we only have twenty in the current publication. Twenty out of thirty pages.

What vv? The book is completed with texts by Slavomil Janov, full of curiosity and curiosities around Rychlch p. Jaroslav Foglar Academy (2003) and lyrics by Wabi Ryvoly and (first) Slavomil Janov. Then Tak, for example, a curiosity box – even with the help of the illustrated accompaniment – presents a water slide that connects the Blue Wall Camp (1936), the later costume of the Young Announcer and the famous pbh Hurry up (1939).

Another moment in the books – today in the knowledge of streets and alleys named after Foglar and his heroes. And even errors in Fischer’s drawings will occur. In some of the original photos you are told twice in red and elsewhere in Rychlonoka.

Fifteen moments are then Jan Vytal’s relationship with Rychlm pm. But other interesting things are spreading: like the one about the Foglar museum in Ice. So she got Ji Dubsk.

Even this bag is not there, and this lot is a good game Fast food in Africa. Npad came out that e Reservation Prask Pamtkov I have roughly the shape of the African continent, and the creators have identified 33 cities on its country, which the game does not have to go through chronologically. The route was created through the world of Foglar, where there was 1 stop near the Melantrich building, where people were born, where there were also churches, they became the model for St. James in Stnadly , where the house of the native of Foglar (Bentsk 3 ) is located. There are places where (in memoriam) Foglar took over honor or (iv) honorary citizenship of Prague. The Smchovsk vodrensk v (they had one of the pavilions there) or we will go to Dvokovo nbe to the sky. And where do you find Svojskovo to pay? Radnick Stairs? Kajetnka (at Hradanskm nmst)? And where does Boeny Voldichov come from, whom Foglar fell in love with (Karolny Svtl 27)?

It’s just that without the comics, the game and the curiosities would be small. In the dark talking parrot ppad and a horrible episode from the cemetery. The secrets of sitting, darkness and hot air adventure. A dl ervenek kamelotem and st Krde is a punishment! how typically and completely modest is didactic and moralizing.

Ale tme i pbhy zimn: Quickly destroy the icicle, on the cable car And then we even understand Back toStnadel, or procime dsiv pbh s mumi. AND Rychly py ve vi upr. In a pbhu, the boys are even chased by a real tiger. But there is also a phody with moldavite and one from the ghetto maze.

Only add that the stubborn Jirka Dubsk called to draw his scn 13 chairs, only Zeman grabbed the bag on a hack. No regrets! Karel Zeman has great talent and the new Fischer is not, but almost.

Ji Dubsk, Slavomil Janov: Rychl py. 33 new bp. 33 curiosities and curiosities. 33 discovery of a great gambling game. Edited and written by Slavomil Janov. Edited by Slavomil Janov. Prague 2022. 74 pages

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