Blesk celebrates its 30th anniversary: ​​Bohdalová and Patrasová wish our thirties

  • April 13, 2022 ● 5:00 a.m.

    Today, the daily Blesk celebrates its 30th anniversary. What do the most famous personalities of the Czech social scene wish him for the years to come?

  • He was one of the famous faces readers found in the very first issue of Blesk. Martina Adamcová, then 25 years old, already played the famous role of Sergeant Babinčáková in tank battalion and popular moderate Games without borders. Today he lives and works in Canada, but Blesk still monitors in his Internet form at

    How does he remember the first number? “It was cloudy that day and the weather was tempting to put on a longtime stubborn, unpleasant expression instead of a smile. I denied it and beamed into the newsroom of a unknown newspaper. Everything is better with a smile, that was my motto at the time. The journalist also greeted me with a smile. And then, when I told him that I was the best at learning the lyrics to shoot in the bathroom, he exclaimed, “We’re going to take pictures in the bathtub!” He really shouted it like he was eagerly dating my first words for Lightning on a typewriter, “ Adamcová remembers.

    The lightning simply caught his attention. “It was amazing. New approach, new blood, everything was new in our new free republic. Even this newspaper. Lightning would not survive tyranny for a minute. It brought the brazen freedom we are all used to now, and glory to him for that! Lightning, we read you all. You are a general security, and beyond the thousands of pitfalls and pitfalls of my journey, I wish you and your editorial staff perseverance in their zeal. P. S: We’ll still take pictures in the bathtub, I promise – your Martin,“Adamcová wrote.

  • “Whether we like it or not, the boulevard has changed our lives. If we reject it, we will be like Indians who did not want a railroad. The truth is that the railroad has probably brought us nicer things than the boulevard, but when we come across a decent boulevard who can verify his truths, we can be happy that someone else is going to write something about our industry here and there. Dear Blesk, I wish you happy diagnoses and a loving environment. “

  • “Wishing Blesk on his birthday to have more good and kind news for his readers.”

  • “I would have liked Lightning to please my readers and understand them. And, of course, to write in an interesting way.”

  • “Lightning is still the best, most read, fastest – just like lightning! Thirty years is an amazing time and I wish Blesk another 30 great, spirited and progressive years. Always the right move towards the goal – and really only the best pros Blesk still has around him! Make it worthwhile every day and I really wish you all the best!”

  • “Many other happy readers like me, whom Blesk has supported all my life. I look forward to more charitable projects that Blesk does very well and thank you for them!”

  • “Dear Lightning, be entertaining and informative. You’re already an adult and you’ll be fine.”

  • “I wish for a sufficient supply of Lightning Girls, I don’t care about others…”

  • “To be true, not to be subject to fashion trends and to inform its readers well.”

  • “Congratulations to Bleska on her 30th birthday. As a dog breeder who takes dogs out of the shelter and can no longer imagine her life without dogs, I love the FLASH FOOT project! Thank you for looking after dog shelters , to organize collections to help the dogs, and you are not indifferent when it hurts the dogs. It is a very worthy project.”

  • “I realized that if it wasn’t for Lightning, I wouldn’t even know a friend was dead. You really are almost always first. I think so. When I put my thirties together, I I was at the peak of my strength at thirty. I still have a lot of strength at fifty, but now I’m starting to feel the age of 80. That’s why I wish Blesk a little better at eighty. years. But it’s still a long way off.”

  • “I hope you always have news that will interest and entertain your readers. Congratulations on this anniversary.”

  • “I would like to wish Blesk what I’ve been through twice before. I turned 60, it’s twice thirty. So hold on!”

  • “Has it been 30 years? Sir… Decent work! I wish Lightning – like a good man in his thirties – was more mature, wiser, more thoughtful, but still in full force!”

  • “Dear Lightning, you have been with me for my career for twenty years and you have always been kind to me. Thank you very much for that and congratulations on turning thirty.”

  • “Dear Lightning, thirty is thirty, and I know what I’m talking about, I’m more than double that. You’ve always been kind to me and I thank you and congratulate you for that.”

  • “Lightning is a newspaper that no one reads, but everyone knows what it says. I wish Lightning lots of real scandals to write about. He’s been writing about me for 30 years. »

  • “I wish the flash much health and the sharpest pen. Many times the pen has weighed me down and many times it has also helped me. And that’s how it should be. Lightning: Happy Birthday !”

  • “Lightning is here to inform us of everything and everyone in time and without towels. That’s why it is in everyone’s hands every day – the general public of all generations and all professions, from civil servants to officials. Although many do not admit it out of false hypocrisy. May Lightning be a source of knowledge and a mirror of our behavior with us forever.”

  • “May one of our nation’s most popular media outlets continue to thrive. 30 years is still young, so I wish for at least 100 more!”

  • “I wish Lightning was kind as a boulevard and write twice, measure once.”

  • “I wish you much success and above all many satisfied readers on this important anniversary!”

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