When the Jihlava tunnel is closed, there will be variable signs in the city. At the same time, traffic lights are reset Transport News Jihlavská Drbna

In less than a week, more precisely on Tuesday April 19, the Jihlava tunnel will be closed in Jihlava for more than two months. It is awaiting a major rebuild and repairs will take place at full capacity. Drivers should use official diversions. The city is preparing several measures for the smoothest possible progress of the repairs.

The Jihlava Tunnel, which is a single-tube tunnel, has two lanes and is 304 meters long. “Some of its technological parts are at the end of their life, such as the main lighting system, “ he explained earlier Martin Bucek from ØSD.

Where will the bypasses lead?

The Jihlava tunnel will be completely closed, so drivers will have to use the official diversions. “Diversion route for vehicles up to 3.5 tons (excluding traffic and BUS service) in the direction of Havlíčkův Brod in Znojmo – vehicles will make a detour from road I / 38 in Jiráskova, Hamerníkova, U cvičiště streets , Žižkova then back to road I/38 Diversion route for vehicles up to 3.5 tons (excluding traffic service and BUS) in the direction of Znojmo to Havlíčkův Brod – vehicles will make a detour along the Žižkova, Dvořákova and Jiráskova streets and will return to route I / 38, “ names in a press release Dana Čirtkova, police spokesperson.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 8:55 a.m.Transportation

In a week, the announced full closure of the Jihlava tunnel will begin, which will last two months. The driver therefore has a detour and must be patient, because due to other construction work columns may form in Jihlava. Due…

For vehicles over 3.5 tonnes there is a diversion route towards Havlíčkův Brod in Znojmo on the D1 highway. Vehicles will leave road I/38 at exit 112 on highway D1, then they will continue on the highway towards Prague and at exit 90 Humpolec vehicles will exit and continue on road I/34 to Pelhřimov and from there along the II / 602 road to Jihlava, where I will return to the I / 38 road and continue to Znojmo. “In the direction of Znojmo to Havlíčkův Brod, a diversion route will lead from road I / 38 to road II / 602 in Pelhřimov, then along road I / 34 in Humpolec, where vehicles will take the D1 highway and will continue to exit 112 – Jihlava, where they will return to road I/38 and continue in the direction of Havlíčkův Brod. In the direction of Havlíčkův Brod to Třebíč, vehicles will take road I/38 to the exit 112 of the D1 highway, follow it to exit 134 Měřín and continue according to local signs to Třebíč, “ adds spokeswoman Čírtková.

For vehicles that cannot use the highway and for the Jihlava traffic service, the detour will be in both directions from road I / 38 at the crossing with road II / 523 (Jiráskova street) along from route II / 523 to Větrný Jeníkov – along route II / 131 via Opatov to route II / 602 to Jihlava – back to route I / 38.

Current information about variable arrays

Travel information can be facilitated by variable information boards with up-to-date information on the situation in the city. These will be located on route I/38 from Havlíčkův Brod and Znojmo. “In Jirásek in front of the intersection with Hamerníková in the center and in Dvořákov in front of the intersection with Žižková in the center, shift lanes in front of the intersection will be laid out.” adds Radovan Danek, spokesperson for the town hall of Jihlava.

Jiráskova, Žižkova, Hamerníkova, Fritzova or Romana Havelky streets will be the busiest during the closure of the Jihlava tunnel. Section I/38 between Jirásková and Vrchlického will only be passable in the direction of Havlíčkův Brod, so as not to congest Vrchlického street around the hospital.

Police surveillance

The traffic situation and observance of traffic signs will be supervised by police officers at selected locations. “Due to the fact that other road repairs are in progress in Jihlava, including the repair of the motorway service, which leads to traffic restrictions and the closure of certain streets in the city, we assume that they may occur at certain arrival times. Jihlava Traffic Complications,” mentioned David Jirak, Head of the traffic police department of the regional police headquarters of the Vysočina region.

In order to cope with the traffic situation in the city, it is therefore essential that drivers follow the established and marked diversions and do not try to enter places where they will be prohibited by temporary traffic signs. From Tuesday morning, when the tunnel closes, the police, who have identified four stations in which they anticipate that the greatest traffic complications could arise, will monitor compliance with the detour routes and above all the safety and fluidity of traffic.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 6:19 p.m.Transportation

Jihlava Tunnel Deadline: Drivers will be checked by police patrols.  They have four main locations

The Jihlava tunnel will be closed in Jihlava in two weeks. As part of other ongoing traffic construction, drivers have to reckon with the formation of convoys in Jihlava. The police who will be on guard…will also react to the situation.

Modification of traffic lights

Already this week, the traffic lights at the intersection of Dvořákova, Žižkova and Hradební streets will be readjusted. “The modification of the traffic lights will be launched remotely just before the closure of the tunnel on April 19. The reason is to improve the passage through the traffic light. If necessary, it is also possible to adjust the traffic light regime at other locations. “ says the transport adviser Jaroslav Vymazal. According to him, the worst will be the first two to three days of the deadline before the so-called “sitting” traffic.

Up-to-date traffic and delay information will provide drivers with smart navigation like Waze, Google or Mapy.cz. “For shorter journeys in the city, we recommend using walking, cycling or public transport.” Vymazal said, adding that the city could not influence the tunnel’s closure. However, the management of Jihlava managed to agree with the ŘSD on the maximum reduction of the closing time so that it does not interfere with Easter or the summer holidays.

A wave of disagreement on social networks

The announced closure of the tunnel, as well as the construction work underway in the regional metropolis, is causing a major wave of resentment among Internet users on social networks. “It’s really not good to make fun of people, because the hell it already is. And how do you call work concordance with the closure of the tunnel? It must have been invented by a genius, otherwise it is not possible…” I thinkDared Gino Ramirez. For example, a Facebook user Joseph Prochazka in this context, he mentioned the shared bicycles made available to the inhabitants of Jihlava since April 1. “That’s probably why there are shared bikes here now, otherwise the traffic in cities all over the Czech Republic is a tragedy in general,” he expressed his opinion in one of the discussions. Jenda Pelant he does not see it so black with the columns of Jihlava. “I wouldn’t be afraid of these columns, the first day will be an asshole and then it will work.” he says to the others.

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