Tomšová brought Ostrava to the historic title: It’s like a dream. When did the turning point come?

Floorball keeper Veronika Tomšová (23) still can’t believe what FBC Ostrava did. In the emotional semi-final, Vítkovice was knocked from the floorball throne in a heated city derby, and from the first appearance in the Superfinal he won the championship title in front of almost eight thousand fans. “It still seems like a dream to us,” says a psychology graduate from the University of Ostrava.

Veronika Tomšová, 23, was a key figure in the Championship team. In the playoffs, he caught all eleven games, scored just 31 goals on 269 shots and had an 88.48% completion rate. In the semi-finals, with the perfect defense, Vítkovice also canceled out once, who until then had held an incredible streak of 70 (!) consecutive victories.

Have you already absorbed what you did with your teammates?
“I still can’t believe it. Very great joy, terrible euphoria still flowing through the whole team. We always say it feels like a dream. We really did it!”

What could be more emotional? Eliminate in the semi-finals 4: 0 for Vítkovice’s games that won three titles in a row, or the last leg of the Superfinal against Chodov (4: 2)?
“The biggest difference is that the semi-finals were played as a series of four winning matches. It multiplied the emotions. Moreover, the semi-finals were a city derby, the rivalry within the clubs is completely different from the one between FBC and Chodov. I can’t say which one was more emotional, because the joy of winning the first title is immense. We knew it would not be easy against Chodov. He defends and plays well and the last stage is always the hardest. So in the end, it was a great and common joy.”

How do you actually approach the Superfinal? Is it better to have a match for everything or a series of four victories?
“It just came to our knowledge at that time. For teams that go to the final from the underdog position, the Superfinal is great. Anything can really happen in a match. The series is uncompromising, fairer If I had to say, I think the final series would be suitable for floorball. I can imagine that the series with Chodov could last seven matches and no one would be surprised. And maybe it would be an even bigger advertisement for floorball than ‘a Superfinal. It’s very nice in the media, it was nice, and the atmosphere. But that’s not the magic of the series, where you compete for each match and the quality of the floorball decides rather than the coincidence.”

Tougher games in the playoffs would also benefit national teams, do you agree?
“Yes, the playoffs are what everyone does in floorball. If it was the final series, there would still be three or four tough games. Young girls can gain experience there as they progress. From this point view, the final series could also be nice.”

After the final, you said your season was a rollercoaster. Where did it break for you?
“We had a more difficult start to the season. If someone told us at the start that we were going to win the title, no one would believe it. But it started to improve, the quality of the floorball increased and from the second half of the season it looked pretty cool. In the quarter-finals, Bohemka defeated us a lot (4-2 for the matches). We gave up the role for two matches, Bohemka beat us 6:5, it knocked us down mentally. But we managed to dig, hit. Game 6 was again purely under our direction. At that time, we were in the right mode. We felt we could play and we know it. That then took us through the whole series of semi-finals to the final. The quarter-finals were a turning point for us. »

You started in the FbK Orlicko-Třebovsko club, you played the first extra league season for Olomouc (2015/16) and in 2016 you went to FBC Ostrava. Why there? The Ostrava club did not achieve such success as competitor Vítkovice.
“Before going to Olomouc, I was in contact with Kuba Robenko (FBC coach). I took Olomouc because of the school, but I knew that I would not stay there long and that my direction would be different. Cuba completely enchanted me. (smile) He presented me with the longer term plan of the club and I liked it. I didn’t want to go where I wouldn’t have to work the place or the results, to make them sing. I wanted to help the club gradually get to the top. It’s true that the FBC were playing fifth place at the time, but it was still more interesting for me as a goalkeeper. I knew that there would be a lot of even matches in which it would cost me.”

But it took you a long time to confirm the fine performance of the national junior team, didn’t it?
“The first season was still relatively cool, but then came a slowdown in performance. I can’t say exactly why. Maybe I was looking for myself. It’s only now that I’ve finally started to feel rather well. There were some deaf spots too, but like the playoffs, the form came at the right time. Eventually we were able to turn it into a team result. I’m very grateful and happy for that.”

I hear you have already caught the Ostrava dialect…
(smiles) “Yes, I’ve been here for a few years, I had to adapt a bit. It was hard at first. Here they laughed at me because I spoke Czech, and at home , I was given a section in which I spoke very Ostrava. It seems normal to me now, everyone is used to it. And me. It’s very good.”

Tomsova? X factor
“Already in 2016, Verča Tomšová came to us with the ambition to be exactly the goalkeeper as she was in this year’s playoffs. We knew he had it. This will be our X factor It didn’t work out for a long time, but this year it was Verča, as we knew six years ago when she shone in the Junior National Team at the World Championships She showed potential , she has a lot to do with the title being a success. She held us down countless times, including in the semi-finals with Vítkovice. She also had key interventions in the Superfinal. We couldn’t to do it without it is in representative form.”

Jakub Robenek, coach of FBC Ostrava

‘Terrible’ memories also helped Robeko

He had been waiting for this moment for more than twenty years, which was involved in floorball. Jakub Robenek finally won the title with FBC Ostrava. As a coach, he led women to gold. He had it himself at hand eleven years ago. In the final series for three wins against Střešovice in 2011, they led FBC 2:1 in matches. Two swordfish then ran incredibly between their fingers.

Robenek still has those moments in front of his eyes. “In the fourth game we were leading 5-2 at home by two thirds and fell 5-6 in extra time. Milan Fridrich scored four goals for us,” he immediately recalled. “And in Prague it was even worse. Nine minutes before the end, we were leading 8-3… And Tatran somehow equalized and turned around in extra time. Terror!”

Robenek will get rid of this memory years later. And he admits that his head flashed on Saturday during the Superfinals. “Unfortunately, that jumped out at me,” he smiles. “When we scored a goal at 2-3 quite early, I immediately remembered it. Fortunately, this team works differently. The girls were on a different level mentally. We can’t fully prepare for it, but we knew what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. It’s soothing to the female psyche. It was a lot of pressure, but I believed girls could handle it. My memories and previous preparation gave me a lot helped in that.”

He reluctantly admits that as a coach he might be even happier with the title than he would be as a player. “Beauty, I’m very happy for the girls. It deserves the hard work and the time they put into floorball. And I’m also happy for the people at the club who have built a huge background. Maybe many times we don’t even realize how good we are. And the fans were incredibly behind us. They created such a vibe and brought down an avalanche that none of us have ever experienced.”

It has been celebrated in Ostrava since the return on Saturday from Prague. “We are leaving for the third day in a row and we are preparing for the fourth day, the fifth day…” smiles Robenek. “Although the girls are not yet fully trained for the celebrations, they need to gain experience, but we are fighting.” “She slept on the pitch, but she smiled a lot. It was the best moment for me. All my girls were there. I take the players as a family, there was a little girl in the stands. Beauty!”

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