Pigs in a rendering plant. Nothing in the store! Strange purchases. Food manufacturer unveiled

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On What is Silent About, former Agrarian Chamber President Zdeněk Jandejsek described a bleak future in terms of rising prices and sufficient food. He complains that the government is playing politics in this regard without knowing the issue. According to him, food prices will increase by up to 100%. “It just came to our knowledge at the time. And companies are paying extra for it. They won’t be paying extra for it permanently,” he warned, adding that, for example, a lack of gas can destroy Czech poultry farms, but also pigs.”These people really don’t need to have anything in these stores unless they can,” he said. he declares.

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The description: Former President of the Agrarian Chamber and agricultural businessman, Zdeněk Jandejsek


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Jandejsek thinks Czech politicians are far from reality. “They don’t know the basics of what’s going on in production and how it’s going,” he said. He explained that the price of cereals intended for human consumption, but also those intended for animal feed, had increased. And up to 100%. “So the price for farmers and food producers can go up one hundred percent. Right now it’s already sixty percent. And companies are paying extra for that. They won’t pay extra for that. this permanently,” Jandejsek warned, adding that if there is no compensation, businesses will close.

If anything needs to be done about this, according to the former president of the Agrarian Chamber, it must be done quickly. It would be necessary to take stock of the amount of wheat needed to make bread and other pastries and subsequently to feed cattle and other livestock. “If that balance was done and wheat and especially other grains were locked in at that level so they wouldn’t go away, then I think the price hike could be reduced,” he suggested.

He criticizes the subsidy policy planned by the Czech government. “Basically, the money will go to those who do nothing, who do not produce,” he said, adding that so-called organic farming occupies 17% of the land, but generates 1% of the production. “It’s playing with people and having enough food,” he said, reminding her of how great farmers started in 1948. It’s just a little different now. “We have to eliminate them in order to depend on everyone and just not produce enough food for the people,” says Jandejsek, stating that this is the current policy of the five-party coalition.

If, on the other hand, nothing changes, prices will rise and rise rapidly. He said that traders are already going around businesses and buying wheat for export to Egypt or Algeria for 13 to 15 thousand. This can drive up feed prices up to three times. “It may be that if energy prices continue to hold and there is no gas, if there is no gas, it will end, with chickens and hens d “fattening with a loss of 100 million. Because 80% is built on gas. It will be a very serious situation. These people who are there have no idea how it works, “he further told the government .

He also talked about pigs having to drown against pigs, and again 80-90% of farms get hot. “Everything will go to the rendering plant, everything will be disposed of. These people really don’t need to have anything in these stores unless they can,” he warned.

And he also dealt with imports, where he mentioned that pig farms in Germany had been reduced by 20%. And it is also reduced in Spain, because the country does not have corn and sunflowers to feed Ukraine. “My colleague was now there for a meeting of the European Economic and Social Committee. Literally wrong steps and it looks very bad. It’s not a scare, I’m talking about the fact that we have taken steps that will lead to something,” added the businessman.

However, according to Jandejsk, the problem is not only with the Ukraine conflict, but with the Green Deal. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. It won’t be produced so much. Which is complete nonsense. We should be able to secure ourselves in staple food in our temperate zone,” he said. he says, adding that this was also the purpose of the food bill. “It just came to our knowledge at the time. We just wanted retail to buy from us what can be produced at reasonable prices,” he explained.

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