Pekarova? Like Big. Learn from Orbán! Ukrainians and benefits. Cunek hard in her

“We will all be a bit poorer, we will all have problems. It is no different,” Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said against the backdrop of the impending war in Ukraine. And according to Čunek, this statement is true: “I am convinced that we should have lost weight during the covid, and thank God many citizens did not know each other very well if they had not been sick for a long time. But the long-term sick people see the financial problem, because even if they are employed, they have 60% of their salary, whereas in the covid a large part of the people received a full salary, but they could not do their job. We were already borrowing from the debt, and if there is another crisis, war, and we don’t want to take the money back, we need to know about it,” the people’s politician said. He also noted that the debt created so far was left to “our children, now we have to start saving”.


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He also commented on Parlamentní by the statement of the President of the Chamber, Markéta Pekarová Adamová. She told Právo that Hungary, led by Viktor Orbán, preferred cheap Russian gas to Ukrainian blood. She called the approach disgusting, saying it shouldn’t be ignored. “I will not comment on his individual statements, especially on Hungary, because it shows that such a young person with no life experience cannot hold such an important position. We have seen this on Gross (Stanislav, former prime minister and head of the CSSD, red note.) to the Austrian Prime MinisterSebastian Kurz, former Prime Minister, red note.) and it continues. It is enough to evolve towards certain functions and responsibilities. And she doesn’t belong there at all, it’s a purely political coincidence there, as if TOP 09 doesn’t have anyone else,” Jiří Čunek said.

Lack of experience Pekarová Adamová?

According to the senator, the boss of TOP 09 prefers to sit as President of the Chamber of Deputies without more responsibilities, unlike the post of Minister which is much more dramatic. “All the statements of Pekarová Adamová show that she did not grow up to these positions at all, and I would say that she entered politics without knowing life as such. As party president, she had to go to the government and take responsibility, but it would soon show how she was doing. She is smart enough to understand that she will not be able to work in the government, so it is better to speak from the position of the Speaker of the House and advise on how to deal with snow in Greenland,” the senator concluded.

According to him, the lack of experience will not only manifest itself in poor work, but naturally also because the young person is made up to provide for himself and his family. “It just occurred to us then in normal life, not in political life. As President of the Chamber of Deputies, Pekarová has ten percent worries for the Prime Minister, but the same salary. Everything it will also spoil and orient a person,” Čunek remarked.

Pirates leader Ivan Bartoš also spoke about the discussions and growing criticism from the opposition as the government of the five coalitions (ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09, STAN and Pirates) is old enough on its own citizens. in the current crisis. In an interview with Lidové noviny, he said: “We had to start the crisis management of the country due to the arrival of 300,000 people from Ukraine. Sometimes I hear that our government does not actually not enough for the citizens of the Czech Republic. But without a fundamental solution to the war in Ukraine, it would affect the citizens the most,” said Bartoš. Jiří Čunek is convinced that during the war so close and concerning the Slavs, people should be helped and accept them.

Senator: We produce the cheapest electricity in Europe and we have the most expensive

Immediately afterwards, however, he stressed the need to employ all Ukrainians able to work as soon as possible, not to feed them. “We must not teach them to take benefits and not work, that would kill us and end up killing us. They all need to be employed, and given that the Czech Republic lacks several hundred workers, the Ukrainians are certainly employable, even if someone stays,” he explained. They say they need to create space for them to have a place to live and work and to stay here too. “C This is a part in which the Czech Republic is obliged to help, and the vast majority of our citizens know that we have to help these people. But for us it can have great economic benefits in the future, if they stay and work,” he said.

He perceives energy as the second essential part. “There is still talk about how much money we spend or should give to someone, but the Czech Republic produces the cheapest electricity among European countries and at the same time we have the most expensive,” Cunek said, pointing out that the Czech Republic sells the electricity produced. on the German stock exchange in Leipzig, then buys back more expensively. “The government’s duty is not only to employ humanitarian jobs, but to make cheap Czech electricity cheaper for Czech citizens. It’s not just about individuals, but above all about industry. The government should and does not do such measures. It takes good care of the refugees, I would not blame them here except that it should be added in the refugee employment process, “he said, adding that the government should focus on where to get the money for the state.

“And the money is on the table, the government just has to stand up, which I would recommend Pekar Adam, even if she doesn’t understand it, to learn from Orbán. Not in discussions with the Russia, but in preventing the export of silver from Hungary, for example. And if we produce electricity at a lower cost, the price should be reasonable for our businesses and our citizens as well. This would greatly help the economy and citizens,” Jiří Čunek recommended.


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Leave room for the experts

In a tense situation, the government would not deal much with communication with the public. “The government always takes the steps it takes and, moreover, with the constantly tense situation in Ukraine, which unfortunately seems to be even more tense, in fact, it does not address communication as much, because the citizens understand it. But I think the government must prove to the population that it is also doing everything for our citizens. The example of electricity is clear. If it can do everything, the citizens will certainly be ready to suffer a lower standard of living because of the war. Moreover, when they see that all the refugees who are here and can work, then there will be no aversion to Ukrainians,” the people’s senator believes.

On the contrary, those who – even in the European Parliament – claim that we must immediately disconnect from Russian gas and oil, despite the warnings of economists, perceive them as having little focus on the issue. “Usually this is said by people who don’t understand these things at all and don’t even care what those who do understand these things say. I believe in giving space to real professionals in the energy. They need to explain what will happen if we don’t have Russian oil and gas,” said Jiří Čunek.

It is said that he is able to imagine that we can do without Russian oil more than gas, because it is better to import from other countries. “But it is necessary to show the citizens what will happen after the cut, what the steps will be. Then there will be a national consensus, but that the decision will not be in the hands of a few people who obviously do not understand the question and can’t even watch all the dangers of it. But if something happens, they will be the first to shout for someone to do something, whereas before they were shouting the opposite,” he thought.

Cunek: We do not accept dictation

Cunek is a member of the energy subcommittee, so they invited experts to the Senate, which the Czech Republic luckily has. And he knows the consequences of a quick disconnect from them. “Cutting the gas is not realistic. And it is no longer January.” To the objection of the editorial staff that the sale of the said electricity on the Leipzig Stock Exchange is part of the exchanges within the European Union and that stopping the sale would amount to holding head to the European Union, he replied that it was a matter of negotiation: “We are a member state and we do not accept any diktat. And the basis of the European Union is not the dictates of most countries or larger countries, but agreement and communication. And given the current situation, the government must try to do these things. If the average income of the Germans is three to four times higher than that of the Czechs, then the price per kilowatt hour means less burden for them and the government must perceive and negotiate the situation. Not only do they nod in Europe according to what suits whom. Citizens should get used to the fact that every European country first looks at its citizens, the benefits it brings to them,” said Jiří Čunek.

If government politicians don’t take similar action, it could all come down to them. “I’m confident the government can and can do it first, and that’s fair. And if she doesn’t, it’s all going to be hers. If voters see that someone they’ve chosen has something to do and don’t, then such a politician will hurt and lose his support. I think that’s clear,” the people’s senator added.

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author: Zuzana Koulova

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