Martin Macík presents Arnošt. It’s the new truck from the Big Shock team! Race for the 2022 Dakar Rally

Dakar rider Martin Macik has a new toy. His dad, the boss of the Big Shock team! Driving Martin Macík senior, he built him a new racing truck. Its name is Arnošt, according to the cabin it is an Iveco Powerstar, but the special construction was created on the basis of 20 years of design experience of Martin Macík Sr., and it printed the successes and the mistakes of previous generations of racing trucks built by Sedlčany mechanics.

The new truck is expected to become the team’s fastest, most agile and most durable car in the future. But now the main task is to destroy Arnošt and reveal his weaknesses. The Rally of Morocco in October will have ideal conditions for this mission. And the crew of Macík, Tomášek, Švanda is ready to put Arnošt in his body.

Why Arnost?

After the success of this year’s Dakar, the MM Technology workshops in Sedlčany were very busy, new mechanics arrived, foreign partners made offers of cooperation, and the development of the racing trucks could thus still progress a little. Preparations for the creation of the new team car took more than two years. Today, Iveco Powerstar leaves the garage for the first time and the mechanics of the team have the feeling of a job well done. Nobody from the Big Shock team! Racing will no longer say anything other than Arnošt to the new truck. “On January 10, during the Dakar 2020, I received a message from a fan of Eva. She wrote that her mother-in-law has 3 sons and they all watch Dakar. The eldest is called František , the middle is Karel and the youngest, her husband, is Arnošt. And she wondered if we already had a name for our next truck, and if we could consider Arnošt.” describes pilot Martin Macík and continues: “Later it turned out that dad’s very first fichtl was also called Arnošt. And the name of the new truck was decided.”

We work with the weight distribution and regulations for the World Cup

The basis of the new truck is the same as for its successful predecessor Karel, in which Martin Macík and his crew in Dakar 2021 took 4th position overall and won 3 stages. All proven parts of the car remain, automatic transmission, cabin, wheels, axles and engine. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. The storage of spare parts that we carry with us is different from before. We no longer have 4 separate tanks, but a main one. Part of the new modifications corresponds to the safety protocols and approvals of the FIA ​​World Cup, which will start next year with Dakar 2022. Therefore, the fire extinguishing system in the cabin, modifications to the steering wheel, fuel valves, spare tire storage and other details are also newly designed.” Martin Macík outlines the main, older differences from previous versions of the special.

How does a new racing truck build Macík?

Big shock! Racing is careful not to put to sleep the technical development necessary for success in Dakar. The construction of new cars within MM Technology is therefore an important part of the plans for the coming seasons. “Right now I’m thinking about what a car model that comes after Arnošt should look like.” says Martin Macík senior. Knowledge from completed races is continually reflected in new buildings. When the decision is made to build a new truck, you must first create a 3D model of the car and all its components on a computer. This creates assignments for individual parts, which are continuously improved based on testing and experience gained.


“We produce the whole truck in-house. Only the cab, axles, gearbox and engine are based on production parts, due to approvals, but we also modify and develop them. We produce ourselves- same about 90% of the parts, we are talking about more than 2000 components, about 16 companies cooperate with us in the production of individual parts, at least 12 people spend 7 months from morning to evening on the individual components and then assemble them. , brakes, springs, we do everything ourselves – manually. David Švanda completely prepares the electricity, I do all the air conditioning, “ describes Martin Macík senior. The new car is first driven on the road, then the team checks it out in the field. Finally, it’s shopping time. Arnošt is therefore awaiting the stress test of the Rallye du Maroc from October 7 to 13. Driver Martin Macík together with navigator František Tomášek and mechanic David Švanda will test a new truck for the first time at a fast pace. “It’s a completely new car, we have to test it completely. We take Rallye du Maroc as our Dakar training. But we believe that anything can happen. Arnošt will pass the greatest possible stress test in Morocco. We are looking forward to the next race, but at the same time we have to reveal the possible weaknesses of Arnošt, which is the main reason for this year’s participation, “ says pilot Martin Macík.

The big shock team! Racing has been striving for a long time to have two yellow and black trucks at the start of one of the next Dakars and to be able to support each other during the race. After Arnošt’s engine roars past Sedlčany’s workshop for the first time, the plan becomes increasingly realistic.

ARNOŠT – technical characteristics:

  • Designation: IVECO POWERSTAR
  • Engine: IVECO Slider 13
  • Volume: 12,998 cm³
  • Power: 745+ kW / 1000 + hp
  • Turn. torque: 5000+ Nm
  • Max. speed: 140 km/h (limited)
  • Transmission: Allison automatic
  • Axles: Raba
  • Shock absorbers: FRT
  • Tank capacity: 900 liters
  • Weight: 8500kg
  • Dimensions: 7000mm x 2550mm x 3300mm

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