John Paul’s Monitor: The Miracle of Life and the Culture of Death 14. 4. 2022 | Jean Paul

14. 4. 2022 / Jan Paul

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Anti-abortion propaganda is said to be spreading shamelessly in the Czech Republic, even for raped Ukrainian women… British letters introduce the text that Adela Horáková picked up from Facebook with a moving title, and I ask: that there is there shame in capitalism when for life will pay its own money advertising campaign? And what is wrong with the Movement for Life’s commitment to making life worth protecting in this country? Isn’t it shameless to call protecting the lives of unborn children and helping women who become pregnant unexpectedly anti-abortion propaganda? Non omne quod licet honestum est, anything permitted by law is not honest. Just because modern civilization allows abortions doesn’t mean it’s morally right, and the Movement for Life doesn’t take abortions for granted.


Anti-abortion propaganda spreads shamelessly in the Czech Republic, even for raped Ukrainians…

How did it start? The Movement for Life criticized that it allegedly reacted negatively to the attempt to send abortion pills to raped women in Ukraine, and suggested they send them stun guns and pepper spray instead. But that was only part of the truth. The Movement for Life also claimed this on social media, and I quote: We would really like to know how this will prevent further rapes. The real remedy for any woman who has experienced rape is not a pill, but quality psychological help. Yes, the ironic rumors that Ukrainian women should equip themselves with pepper spray are not very funny or considerate given the situation in which a defenseless woman comes face to face with an armed occupier, but the Movement for life has focused on psychological help, absolutely. within the framework of its own activities and objectives.

The problem is that, based on the ironic remarks that the Movement for Life removed from social networks, a targeted campaign was launched against him. I won’t speculate on whether the embryo is life or not, let everyone answer for themselves, but I do know one thing that the effort to protect the unborn child is not fanatical extremism , as Adéla Horáková, who views the Movement for Life campaign as manipulative, tries to tell us. , and deliberately points to Poland and the United States. Who is really manipulating here, and who wants to manipulate whom? Where are we when we claim the protection of human freedoms and that, on the other hand, we have the right to be born thanks to abortions? Is it humanism? How can we think that we have the right to kill the unborn child?

“You would have the impression from this photo (billboard, editor’s note) that it is a group of nice people who just want to help women in need. But the reality is different, the Movement for Life pushes for a total ban on abortion in the Czech Republic, with the benign exception of endangering a woman’s life,” writes Adéla Horáková. I wonder, how is it even possible that there is someone who is striving for something like this? What is he really allowing himself? Ms. Horáková does not seem to know at all that she lives in a society where there may still be attitudes opposed to hers. Moreover, if she was learning about the Movement for Life program, she couldn’t deliberately question their efforts, but it’s clear from her text that she doesn’t want to, because her effort is to maintain the status quo.

This text advocates the right to freedom of expression, the possibility of saying what people do not like. I am not pushing for a ban on abortion, bans are useless, above all I am defending the right of the citizen to a position opposed to that of Adéla Horáková, and I do not intend to accept that it be ostracized. I do not demand or promote fetal delivery in women who would put their lives at risk, such a decision is entirely up to the doctors and women involved, not the state, but I disagree that abortion-tolerant people, in the vast majority of out of convenience, they attacked those on the opposite side. Don’t we have a pluralist democratic society?

Adéla Horáková writes: “The influence of fanatical ultra-conservative organizations like the Movement for Life in the Czech Republic exists and grows. If we don’t quickly realize their activities and distance ourselves from them as a society, we too can read what we read about Poland – how women there are dying of sepsis because doctors are afraid to get abort. Classic manipulation: protect society, frighten – it will happen like in Poland – and write a fictional accusatory construction on this backdrop. Well, judge for yourself how the alleged fanaticism of the Movement for Life manifests itself, I quote their website (

“Who are we and what do we do? The For Life movement seeks to restore social respect for every unborn child. We see a way to help pregnant women and restore a man’s social responsibility to a woman and a child. We help pregnant women in unexpected ways. We remind men of their responsibility. We help women who feel compelled to have an abortion and those who have mental health problems after an abortion. We participate in education. and cooperate with legislative changes.” What does Ms. Horáková find fanatical about this programme?

And what he finds ultra-conservative is that, and I quote: “The Movement for Life offers free help to women who are expecting a child unexpectedly? When they feel compelled to have an abortion, when they consider the pros and cons of an abortion, when the social tools of the state do not help them, when an income is lacking for middle-income families expecting a third child, such as an annual mortgage or other investment payments, or when dealing with an artificial or spontaneous abortion? Do not such situations occur when a woman becomes pregnant and does not know how to go about it? Is this not a service rendered to man?

Are we already so bad at our perfect care of a person that it bothers me if someone wants to help other people? Or are women not human? These are perfectly legitimate logical questions. The Movement for Life does not receive any subsidies or subsidies from the state, church or foreign entities, it relies on the support of ordinary people, citizens of the Czech Republic, and thanks to their help it is financially independent. Why is the Movement for Life a thorn in the eyes of Adéla Horáková, when, according to her, “this beautiful celebration has no chance of success in our country, because nobody cares about abortions here?

Yes, I agree with Mrs Horáková, we need to wake up and not get caught up in demagoguery about how those who oppose abortion threaten women who have decided to have abortions, like the famous party and sophisticated times government called the fetus killing past. Johanna Nejedlová, an activist from the Czech Women’s Lobby, thinks that, and I quote: “Parents should be able to decide whether their parents will be. Who prevents them from choosing parenthood? Ah, unplanned parenthood, unwanted conception. How easy it is to reverse the norms, get rid of the personal liability of risk and shift it to daddy’s state, which will protect us by law and guarantee carefree gaming (smiles).

And when certain statesmen do not want to submit to our needs, we point the finger at them and list all those conservative or Christian politicians who prevent us from relieving ourselves of all responsibility in our decisions. “When we see the list of party candidates for the autumn elections, we can find supporters of the Movement for Life there. Of course, they are close to the Roman Catholic Church, ”did not forget to add in a militant way Adela Horáková in her text. Of course, that’s how it is, when the campaign is wide enough and deep enough. What to add? Is it just that man received the opportunity to live on Earth as a gift that he didn’t deserve, but wants the right to destroy her, is that okay?

According to his interpretation, no law can lead to the murder of a woman who risks carrying a fetus, but that does not mean that there cannot be people who do not want to accept an abortion because the child does not is not suitable. I’ve asked the question before: will anything happen when a person disappears from the face of the earth? Nothing will happen at all. In this endless infinity, nothing significant happens when people cease to exist. Nothing at all, we just won’t, and when people realize and feel it, the existence of man and life must be something very rare for this reason, which deserves not only respect but also protection. And when people reflect unnecessary abortions in this belief in the rarity of life, it is because there is no point in defending the birth of life. (smile).


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