Henry VIII’s six-fingered wife in love. got rid of it in his own way. However, his execution did not go without royal disgrace

Although Anna Boleyn was born in a noble family, the royal family was still far from hers. Nevertheless, her father had relatively big plans with her, and this required a good upbringing and upbringing. After that, his parents sent him first to Holland and then to France. She was given a good foundation so that she could become a lady of the court and thus attain even higher realms than her own family could offer her. And the beautiful Anna, who had to disguise her mutilated hand all her life, on which she even had six fingers instead of five, was able to use it. But it soon turned out that it was not the happiest stage.

Professional court lady

She gained her first experience with the role of a court lady at the French court as the companion of Queen Claudia, but she soon returned home to England and, after unsuccessful engagements, returned to the royal company, this time alongside the wife of Henry VIII. Catherine of Aragon. The girl caused so much noise in the royal court that she and the king were soon to be the subject of discussion among the people.

The king found a simple solution

Henry literally fell head over heels in love with his wife’s court lady and decided to get rid of Catherine so he could marry his new love. But it wasn’t easy at all. Divorce was unacceptable to the church at the time. But Henry was king, so he solved it his way. He started his own church – isn’t that a brilliant idea? The marriage with Kateřina was annulled, and nothing stood in the way of his new marriage with Anna Boleyn. It should be noted that while Kateřina was probably disappointed, perhaps she knew how lucky she was. Getting rid of the wife in a peaceful way was not so obvious at that time in royal families. Anna Boleynová was convinced of this in a few years.

Waiting in vain for the heir to the throne

The main duty of the royal wife was to give birth to a husband from her husband and king. But Anna was unlucky. Henry waited with her for three years, but when the next king of England didn’t cry in the cradle after that, he decided the wait was long enough. Also, another beauty, Jane Seymour, appeared at court, and even then the king could not resist the temptations of the new lady. This time, however, he opted for a different solution than last time, unfortunately for Anna.

Driven process

If Anna knew what the end of her royal marriage would be, she would surely change her mind. After three years, the king who had just enjoyed such a situation decided to believe the news of the queen’s infidelity – even with his own brother and three other men. This offended him so much that he had no choice but to escort them both out of the world, even though Anna was the mother of his three-year-old daughter, the future Queen Elizabeth I. In order for the death sentence to be pronounced with certainty and the king to be free for another marriage, they also “inculcated” more fornication, witchcraft and preparation for the murder of the king himself. Then there could be no turning back.

The Five Highest Judgments

The verdict is in. At first, the four defendants stood under the gallows, and when the executioner was done with them, it was the queen’s turn. It was not a secret process, the king had to clean up in front of the people and prove that he had no other way left. And so Anna was supposed to confess to the Tower about her supposed sins, but as expected, she denied her guilt all the way. But she had to know that the verdict had been given before she was brought in. He must die – and he will die too.

Shame on the Queen’s Execution

If it was the king himself who had decided the fate of his second wife in advance, it was also he who had decided to offer her at least a quick death. To do this, he summoned a true Master Executioner, who made his trade with a sword and not an axe. A quick and powerful blow was enough and the decapitated body of the queen fell to the ground. This ended the Queen’s earthly afflictions, but other issues arose for those who witnessed the whole horrific event. In an effort to speed up the execution as much as possible and perhaps even partially conceal it, no one cared what would happen to Anna’s body when she was no longer alive. Nobody just thought to bring the coffin to the execution site. And so, the body of the executed first lady of the kingdom was finally buried next to her brother in an arc box, where her headless torso exactly matched.

It was a truly sad ending for a queen whose story began with great love.

Source: national archives, medium.com, en.wikipedia

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